Sex Abusing Rabbi Dovid Weinberger is back in the Five Towns

Rabbi Dovid Weinberger

Dovid Weinberger

Dovid Weinberger recently moved back into West Lawrence some two years after his abrupt departure from his position as rabbi of Congregation Shaaray Tefila in Lawrence, NY.

He quit in the wake of revelations that he was sexually exploiting women who sought his help for various kinds of counseling including marital counseling.

According to local sources some of the same rabbis who forced him to agree to quit the rabbinate, and publicly denounced him, are now divided about whether to advise their communities publicly.

In December 2013 he promised to stay totally out of the rabbinate when he signed the following statement:

To whom it may concern, I Rabbi Dovid Weinberger, formerly the Rabbi of Cong. Shaarei Tefilla of Lawrence, NY, do hereby acknowledge that I will retire from the Rabbinate effective immediately, and will never again serve in the capacity of Rov or Rabbi of any congregation or community, nor will I ever again be involved as a mechanech [teacher] in any venue of Chinuch [education].

He then reneged on the agreement and started talk of forming a new congregation in the area. This prompted many of the important local rabbis to issue the following statement in early 2014:

It is with great sadness that the following announcement is being made to alert our community to a serious concern of which many of members might not be aware.

Recently, RDW [Rabbi Dovid Weinberger], a rabbi, resigned from his position as a rabbi of a congregation [Shaaray Tefila, Lawrence, NY], educator of young women in our community, and counselor to many who sought his advice. Following that, we learned from professionals of a number of documented cases of his unfortunate and unacceptable behavior. It is the collective judgment of these professionals that this behavior may continue.

We therefore feel obligated to inform our community of this concern and advise that there be no interaction with this rabbi in any rabbinic, educational, counseling or private setting.

Weinberg then attempted an end run by getting Rabbi Yisroel Belsky to write a letter questioning the local rabbinical condemnation of Weinberg. In a rare show of rabbinical feistyness, local rabbis blocked scheduled fundraising events for Belsky’s Yeshivah Torah Vodaath. The Five Towns is one of the wealthiest orthodox areas in the country and it is estimated that this decision cost Torah Vodaath about $200,000. Belsky exited the controversy.

At this point I do not know more about Weinberger’s plans in moving back to the area. But in the past it was tied to an attempt to form a new congregation. I assume that is the current fear. I will report as I get more information.

108 thoughts on “Sex Abusing Rabbi Dovid Weinberger is back in the Five Towns

    • I would hope our community will make it so unbearable for him that he would go. Unfortunately he has two lap dogs that collect money for him. Thank gd there are some brave rabbis who announced his return during Neiila Yom Kippur. We must get him out. He is so narcissistic he will never go on his own unless we make it unbearable for him.

        • A big shule in far rockaway announced before neilah about how we cannot allow him in our shules. His wife is trying to get teaching job in our neighborhood. He’s hoping ppl will forget or hel ease himself back. Again unless we make it very difficult for him he will be back.

          • Since the public does not know what he did, what evidence exists, etc. it will be a bit difficult to convince everyone to keep their distance from him.

            • I agree that more specificity should be provided. He solicited sex in all forms including soliciting intercourse. He also had varying degrees of sex with both married and unmarried women.

            • If what YL says is correct, perhaps the best approach–theoretically–is to provide a ‘rabbi’ accused of such heinous acts with a hazmana to a beis din and require him to pay for the damage he has caused, which should amount to millions of dollars (for therapy, embarrassment, triggering divorces, etc.)

              I suspect, however, that this would require at least one victim to agree to having her story publicized.

              Predators–including the two-legged variety–prefer to operate in the shadows and fear light being shown upon them.

              Thanks to the internet, there is a reasonable chance that adulterers, including rabbis and other professionals who abuse their authority and power to prey on congregants, clients, patients, etc. will be exposed and will find it hard to continue to destroy the lives of others (aka soul murder, etc.)

              The problem of false accusation–by someone with borderline personality disorder, or an extortionist for example [yes, it has happened]– is always there, but if there are multiple accusers, each of whom stands to lose much by disclosing what happened, the chance of a conspiracy becomes almost negligible.

              Another problem is that our youth become disheartened and estranged — or worse – when they learn about the moral failures of our so-called rabbinic leaders (Freundel, for example).

              Thus, predators even when exposed online continue to wreak damage.

              May they burn in hell.

            • Exploiting women sexually while playing the role of mentor, educator and Rabbi…just like what Rabbi Yaakov Yagen did to me. May he burn in hell

      • Don’t know who any brave local rabbis are but gedolem have said leave him alone. He paid the price and has a right to move on

        • Who “paid the price and has a right to move on”?
          Which “gedolem” have said “leave him alone”?

          Let’s now consider a ‘hypothetical’ situation:
          If someone did vile acts involving multiple women — single and married — and was forced to leave his job and live in Jerusalem for two years, is that called paying the price? What about the price of individual therapy and marital therapy, which may be needed for years, and the broken marriages which result from adultery, or the ruination of young women’s trust in men?

          To be molested by your rabbi has to have long-lasting scars.

          I for one don’t think being ‘exiled’ to Jerusalem for two years and having to find a different line of work to be enough to warrant the “right to move on.”

          Maybe a heartfelt apology to one’s family, followed by a heartfelt, sincere public apology, and attempts to make amends (such as by offering to pay for therapy for at least one victim) should be considered before a community enables a predator to move on.

          • I have no particular knowledge of this specific situation. However, while I agree with 5T, those sound like paltry attempts, not that he has made any at all.
            Mechilah et al, requires, in my mind, far far more, than the minimum that 5T suggests, symbolic though they may be. and in the absence of which one can be certain that there has been no attempt at teshuvah.
            Frankly, It would take far far more for me to believe that someone had ‘paid his dues, done teshuvah, or any religious or secular repentance”.

            May they rot in hell. on a BBQ spit for 2000 years. btw, that is not an original image, but from some blog once.
            All molesters of any kind, CSA, children young women, married women, lo chashuv, although the lifetime damage varies not only from category to category, but , of course, from individual to individual, Some, for some reason, are far more resilient than others, despite traumatic events, and others jump off roofs, years later,
            do these bums ever see the results of their lusts???? may they rot in hell. or sooner.

    • in reply to yerachmiel:
      the guy is known, (how many edim are necessary?, not speaking legally here) to be a rats ass, , yet, various ortho 5 towns shuls accept him with open arms,

      I, not being from 5 towns, but having friends with many close relatives there,
      say, they watch the women who wear pants to tak out the garbage, they do, the schenim, emes, but with a minuval like this, suddenly yiddishkeit is defined differently.
      ba l’ha’ ki.

      and, lest i gloss over, who are these “married”? women who jump at opp to do it with this minuval. i mean, wth, does he have a rep that would bring women from all parts screaming to get a piece of the action? what is that rep, is it physionomcally based? inyan here, is what does this POS have sufficient to attract otherwise kosher women to cross the boundary?

  1. Most Rabbis in Lawrence/Far Rockaway signed an agreement not to participate in any Simcha or any other event that David Weinberger attends in a Rabbinic capacity (eg. gets a kibbud or speaks).

  2. Would everyone just relax, this man has no chance of opening up a shul or getting any other type of Rebbi/counselor position, especially not in this area. Let the man live his life, we’ve all made mistakes and done wrong things. It’s time to move on and forgive and forget, I’m NOT saying that he should ever be allowed to be in a Rabbinical position again, just that we don’t need to blog and post about every time we see him going to daven or buy groceries.

    • The problem is that it is amazing how often such people will have their defenders who claim the allegations are because of envy or slander or disturbed accusers. Then they can find a niche within which they are again trusted.

    • We are not the one’s in charge of providing forgiveness. Only the victims are able to do that. And they never can forget the damage that was done to them at the most vulnerable time in their lives. When predators return to the neighborhood that they committed their acts, they retraumatize the victims by their mere presence in public. The fact that he returns to the ‘scene of his crimes’ without embarrassment shows that he has no comprehension of the damage he has done. Forgiveness cannot happen without that.

    • my oh my, david, so very sensitive. are you a regular here?
      we sure as heck need to know if he is in a Rabbinical position again.
      somehow, somehow, with your analogies to buying groceries, I cannot help but believe, that you are not some uninterested party here.
      yeah, because of the groceries remark, you gave yourself away as not an “uninterested” party”

    • I was under the impression that in Yiddishkeit we don’t “forgive and forget.” Forgiveness is up to HaShem, AFTER the perpetrator of vile deeds has paid for his crimes, for embarrassment, cost of therapy, etc., and sincerely asked for forgiveness at least 3 times.

      With regard to forgetting, I would think it prudent that no one forget the acts of someone who may pose an ongoing danger to women–married or single–so that we don’t get lulled into a situation when further vile acts can occur.

    • “Let the man live his life, we’ve all made mistakes and done wrong things. It’s time to move on and forgive and forget…..”

      Oh, sure we’ve all done stupid things in the past. But, let me ask you Dovid, have you ever used your authority to the point of “sexually exploiting women who sought your help for various kinds of counseling including marital counseling?” That’s hitting way below the belt, don’t you think?

      Sure, who cares about the video of Weinberger picking lemons at the fruit counter? But, a lot of people should be made aware that this man is a predator who, given half an opportunity, is capable of committing the unspeakable. When it comes to a serious סכנה of someone such as Weinberger, there is never any time to “move on and forgive and forget.” After all, human lives hang in the balance.

      • It is not safe to have him around without others knowing his track record. He has never publicly admitted his misconduct or apologized. That leads some to still trust him. That is a dangerous situation

  3. I’m “impressed” that someone who allegedly solicited and engaged in sexual acts with unmarried and married women returning to that same community is able to walk the streets with impunity let alone be granted an honor.

    • It is not alleged. He has engaged in these acts. But the crime here is not the gilui arayos. We don’t have to out every person that engages in gilui arayos. His aveira is shfichus domim. He has literally ended the lives of innocent troubled women. It will take years of therapy without a guarantee of success for them to have a normal intimate relationship. Aside from the fact that their spiritual lives have been decimated by the the fact that the predator was a religious figure.

    • Perhaps that speaks volumes of the “gravity” of any misconduct. If he wasn’t being judged by a higher standard because of his position let’s just say no one would have batted an eye.

  4. He continues to traumatize merely by his presence. In addition to being a Rav of a 5T shul, he was the Rav of the Peninim Groups for Women, he gave counsel on Tznius issues. Think about that! He also taught HS Turks Halacha. Again, only females, He is a classic predator and the female community must be warned and on guard.

  5. How do you know that he didn’t do Teshuva over the past two years? To now live his life quietly and in peace.

    • I know for a fact that he has not apologized to some of his victims or sought to help them in their recovery. Teshuva is not an alibi. True teshuva includes staying away from roles and situations in which you either hurt your victims in the past or you are likely to hurt others in the future.

      • Not to defend Weinberger in any way, because there is no defending what he did. But he is currently not in a role nor in a situation where he hurt his victims nor is he in a role or situation where he can hurt others in the future. From what I heard, his reputation in the 5 Towns and Far Rockaway is deep in the toilet and never to recover. Only a year and a half ago a majority of community Rabbanim publically announced in their shul that he is not to be allowed any rabbinic, teaching or mentoring role, ever. Yeshiva of Far Rockaway hung a letter on it’s bulletin board stating such, which you posted on this blog. Then all those Rabbanim put their money where their mouth was by blocking fundraising connecting to a Brooklyn Rav who was defending Weinberger. He has not hung out a shingle and has not solicited any role similar to that which he so terribly and horrifically abused. He has been shamed and continues to be shamed.

        He abused his position of power and sexually abused women in the community. He was severely shamed for it. But at this point, short of tarring and feathering him, why deny his family which lives in the neighborhood the right to have their father near them? Sure, his victims deserve apologies, and he needs to do teshuvah in that way. But he is still a father and a husband and while he is not seeking out, functioning in, or claiming positions of power from which to commit the same crimes – as those crimes can only be committed from a position of power – continuing to run him out of town seems like mob justice to me.

        From what I have heard he has an unmarried child, a wife and married children in the neighborhood. His wife’s family, supportive friends and relatives are in the neighborhood. If he is not assuming or seeking any of the positions from which he could possibly reoffend, what is the purpose of running him out of town at this point? It will not help the victims get their apology any sooner. He has fallen into a pit of shame that nobody in his position can ever recover from, especially with a group of strong Rabbonim committed to making sure he doesn’t reoffend and is not protected by anyone in any other frum neighborhood, no matter how “choshuv” that defender. He lost his career, most of his friends, some of his family. He lost his respect, his prestige, his honor. He lost the trust of everyone he ever knew including an entire community. He practically wears a scarlet letter in the 5 Towns and Far Rockaway community. He cannot work in any capacity in which he worked and which is familiar to him. The man is finished. Are you going to seriously deny his family from having their father or from him from buying groceries or davening in shul?

        Let’s not confuse justice and mob vengeance. The victims are important. But the victims are not being revictimized by their suffering being denied. Their suffering was attended to by Weinberger’s removal from all positions of power and by his being publically shamed by all those currently in a position of power. There is no chance for the perpetrator to reoffend. If there are any legal cases they should be brought forth. But if there are none, let the man buy his groceries. He’s not going to hit on some frum Chana Esther at the checkout line. And if he does, it will not be from a position of authority or power, but rather from the pathetic place of any other loser who hits on a frum woman at the checkout line.

    • The convicted voyeur, Barry Fruendel, who has apparently never been accused of touching anyone inappropriately let alone engaging in the acts of which this person stands accused, published a public letter of apology.

      That might be a good start.

      • Agreed. Weinberger should issue a public letter of apology to his kehila, the 5Towns and Far Rockaway community and the Orthodox community at large. He owes that apology at the very least. It wont mean he did full teshuva, it wont mean he can be trusted in any of his previous roles in the future, but it would be a good start at beginning to make amends for the pain and suffering he has caused. And it goes without saying that he should issue private apologies to each of his victims through an intermediary and without contacting them directly.

  6. I imagine women who were victimized by a predator experiencing renewed trauma when that predator is spotted in their community. Returning to the scene of the crime compounds the pain and anguish caused.

  7. Does it really make sense that a man who victimized countless women would return to the community of his victimis? Does it reallymake sense that when found “guilty” of his “countless crimes and afforded the opportunity to leave quietly and with dignity he would forgo such an opportunity and remain in the community? For all we know there was no countless victims at all. There was one phone recording where unfortunately yes Rabbi Weinberger slipped and for that the Rabanim are right that he doesn’t deserve to serve as a Rabbi or in chinuch again. But to make him into a full fledged predator? There are people who daven in our shuls who have done far far worse.

    • The community Rabbonim were vocal and clear and publically told their entire kehillos that under no circumstances is he to be given an opportunity to teach, mentor or function as a rabbi in any capacity. He was publically shamed and left for almost 2 years. The LAST thing he did was leave with dignity and he was given NO such opportunity when he started trying to build his own shul. The Rabbonim are likely protecting the women Weinberger victimized by keeping the details secret. But if push comes to shove and their hands are forced by Weinberger or some supporters who attempt to reestablish him as a Rov, teacher or mentor in any way, they can easily publicize his crimes. And it’s not about people in shul doing worse sexually prohibited acts, it’s the fact that he abused his position of power to get what he wanted from these women. That is why he can never be in such a position again.

      If you are one of his supporters, forget about it. You are dreaming if you believe that the community Rabbonim will allow it to happen. They may be letting him walk down the street, go grocery shopping, and daven with a minyan. But they will never allow him to take up any position of power where he can use any sort of Torah authority – such as teaching, mentoring, or rabbanus – to take advantage of others again.

      • Will he be allowed aliyot (something denied to Meisels by some shuls in his neighborhood)?

        Will his remaining supporters start a counter rumor slandering his accusers? probably. Even Baruch Lanner has supporters after serving jail time for sexually assaulting underage teen girls.

  8. I wish the rabbis would hound child molesters and abusers as they are hounding him,that would make this world a much better place,but tragically the rabbis turn a blind eye when it comes to their own and that is truly evil.

    • SK, I’m confused…. You say that ‘the rabbis’ are not hounding predators as they are hounding him, but then say ‘the rabbis turn a blind eye when it comes to [one of] their own and that is truly evil.”

      But it is clear that the rabbis in Far Rockaway and the Five Towns have NOT turned a blind eye to one of their own; rather, he was forced to leave the rabbinate, teaching positions, and other positions he held, and he is being prevented from making a comeback.

      [Whether the rabbis should have initially have offered him the opportunity to go quietly–which thank G-d he messed up, enabling wide publicity of the accusations–is a question worth asking, at some other time.]

      • Out of the hundreds or thousands finally they ousted one of their own,besides in my oppinion molesting a child is much much worse then being sexually involved with an adult who should be mature enough to resist another adult in sexual matters.

  9. “The Rabbonim are likely protecting the women Weinberger victimized by keeping the details secret.”

    Or there are no victims and the reason he was ousted from his Rabbinical position & to ever serve again as a Rabbi or in a venue of chinnuch is because of one single phone conversation where he unfortunately slipped.

    That may be why he didn’t leave right away in the first place. That may be why Rabbi Belsky put out his letter. That may be why he has returned. Not to try to serve in any way as a Rabbi. Rather to live his life in peace near his children.

    A slip in a single phone conversation, the details of which of we do not know how graphic in nature they are, rightfully so doesn’t allow him to serve anymore as a Rov but it doesn’t make him a predator and dangerous.

      • I agree that his misconduct was not sufficiently exposed. The Rabbanim fell short on that and it may come back to bite them and they may need to expose more if he tries to slip back into any communal role or if his ever-in-denial supporters try propping him up. Rabbanim fell short on Meisels too. It seems to be a consistant problem, with rabbanim opting for “lashon naki” instead of spelling out the lurid details which would sound like a bad porn novel.

        The Rabbanim accomplished protecting the community in the short term, but if Weinberger or his supporters try inching him back into any sort of communal role or into any role involving teaching, mentoring, rabbanus, or working with frum women, they will have to again come out with a clear statement which they will. These Rabbanim were obviously not afraid to act in a decisive and strong manner, and act together as a unit, and they would so it again if need be.

    • Perhaps if “only” one rabbi would have gotten involved and made sure he was never to return to the rabbinate again, you could make that claim. But a group of neighborhood rabbanim ALL AGREED that he is a danger to serve in ANY capacity of teaching, mentoring, rabbanus, etc – I’m sorry – it had to have been more than just a bad phone call. And it’s one thing to trust one single rabbi who says “Trust me, this guy has to go.” It’s quite another to trust an entire group of Rabbanim who agree that what he did was so bad, they had to publically warn the community to stay away from him serving in any capacity of teaching, mentorship, or even just answering shaiylos. All the community Rabbonim got together and with one voice made a statement. Sorry, but your “slip in a single phone conversation” theory doesn’t hold water.

      • “But a group of neighborhood rabbanim ALL AGREED that he is a danger to serve in ANY capacity of teaching, mentoring, rabbanus, etc – I’m sorry – it had to have been more than just a bad phone call.”

        Why does it have to have been more than simply one recording of a phone call that prompted the Rabbanim to act the way they did. We all know in respect to matters of tznius how stringent and severe Rabbanim are. I don’t see how it had to have been more than anything but a simple recording of one phone conversation for the Rabbanim to come to a unanimous decision that Rabbi Weinberger isn’t fit to serve in any Rabbanic, counseling or teaching position. That still does not make him a dangerous man or a predator and I don’t think any Rav has said that. Just that Rabbi Weinberger isn’t fit to serve the klal anymore.

    • Peninim Groups for Women are chaburahs on Tznius. Dovid Weinberger WAS the halachic authority. Women from 5T and Far Rock asked him their Sheilas on Tznius. He edits safarim for the groups. He was the Tznius authority. That is reprehensible. It’s one thing what is done in your private life, no matter how wrong and despicable. It is quite another to ” POSE ” as the Tznius authority and lecture large groups of women on sleeve length, slits in skirts and high heels. He is dangerous.

      • He paskened for the mikvah. Is it true that he kept somewomen’s panties after paskening about marros?

    • He is a predator and dangerous. He held himself as an authority on Tznius. He wrote a Woman’s Siddur, he taught only High School girls. Typical predator behavior. Only surround himself with girl/woman functions and constituents.

  10. The question has has gone answered–probably because no one has dared ask his own shul rabbi this question–is quite simply, “What took you so long to act in the first place?” There were reports which went back for years.

    The 2nd question is why someone who is a predator is offered the chance to go quietly, ie without being exposed.

    Will the next [alleged] predator be treated with kid gloves, and allowed to ‘resign’ without the public being warned?

    • These are very good questions and they are reasonable questions for a community member to ask. Since you are a 5Towns Resident why don’t you ask your shul rabbi?

  11. David Weinbergers son was mechabed his father to speak in his shul in Inwood this past Shabbos. It was a Kiddush sponsored by his son in honor of the birth of his daughter. Since the Shul is a tenant of Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island, they were warned after the event that they would be evicted if this ever happened again.

    • If this is indeed true, it is good to know that Yeshiva Ketana was on top of this and nipped it in the bud.

      If this is indeed true, what happens when Dovid Weinberger’s son’s shul in Inwood is NO LONGER a tenant of Yeshiva Ketana? If the son in Inwood was willing to give his father a public pulpit at his shul in Inwood after the Rabbonim in the neighborhood collectively and clearly warned against, then this does not speak well for Weinberger’s son’s judgment as a Rov of a neighborhood Kehilla. I would be interested to know how the Inwood Kehilla felt about this event.

  12. Like father, like son? Has anyone been paying attention to the “interesting” shiurim being given there to women? We’ve seen this movie before.

  13. On the other hand, the fact that he returned, the fact that Rabbi Belsky put out a letter, the fact that no law suits or judicial action were taken against him, makes it likely that all it was a single unfortunate phone conversation which was recorded, which motivated the Rabbanim to their decision that Rabbi Weibberger could no longer serve as a Rav or in any Rabbinical position. If it was so black white that he is a danger to society why weren’t the police called? Why did Rabbi Belsky put out a letter? It seems that it was an issue that was more grey area and not black and white. An issue where Rabbi Weinberger could no longer serve as a Rav yes. But not an issue that the man is a sexual predator who posses a danger to society.

    • No police were called because the women were not minors. And it certainly was not one taped phone conversation that led the Rabbonim to their decision. Over ten documented cases of predatory behavior were used in their decision. Have a little faith that when all the Rabbonim in the same neighborhood come down on the same side of the issue, that they acted deliberately and prudently. Btw, Rabbi Belsky apologized to the Raabbonim for his initial letter, explaining that it was written based on the information presented to him at the time he wrote it that was later found to be false.

      • If Rabbi Belsky was willing to put out a letter in defense of Weinberger, then if he later found that information to be false he should have gone out of his way to publicize a written letter saying so, and not just privately apologize to the Rabbonim. Someone close with Rabbi Belsky may want to point this out to him. His letter is out there and people like D.A. can keep claiming Rabbi Belsky stands behind his first letter because there is no written letter showing otherwise.

        • You are right. Unfortunately, R. Belsky has a habit of defending rabbinical molesters including both R. Yehuda Kolko and then his nephew, Yosef Kolko. Yehuda and Yosef eventually pled guilty and yet Belsky still insists on their innocence.

  14. Some have posted here that he should issue a public apology as did Freundel. I don’t agree with this. I wouldn’t appreciate or want such an apology. It is nauseating and self serving and insincere. If he feels comfortable enough to deliver a speech at his son’s simcha, he is clearly not showing the needed measure of humility. Does he think anyone should listen to his divrei Torah or speeches? How could he have the audacity to think so? Only after a major display of true remorse and after his humility has been so established and maintained for a lengthy period of time will he maybe be worthy to issue any statement at all and with great trepidation. Before that happens, for him to assume that he deserves the respect of being heard in his request to turn the page, is nothing but a chutzpa.

  15. Some have posted here that he should issue a public apology as did Freundel. I don’t agree with this. I wouldn’t appreciate or want such an apology. It is nauseating and self serving and insincere. If he feels comfortable enough to deliver a speech at his son’s simcha, he is clearly not showing the needed measure of humility. Does he think anyone should listen to his divrei Torah or speeches? How could he have the audacity to think so? Only after a major display of true remorse and after his humility has been so established and maintained for a lengthy period of time will he maybe be worthy to issue any statement at all and with great trepidation. Before that happens, for him to assume that he deserves the respect of being heard in his request to turn the page, is nothing but a chutzpa.

  16. “The question has has gone answered–probably because no one has dared ask his own shul rabbi this question–is quite simply, “What took you so long to act in the first place?” There were reports which went back for years.

    The 2nd question is why someone who is a predator is offered the chance to go quietly, ie without being exposed.”

    The answer being that it is very probable that Rabbi Weinberger is not a sexual predator at all. Nor is he a danger to society. He is a man who unfortunately had a weak moment and in a single phone conversation messed up. All he is is a man who no longer can be trusted to serve in a Rabbinic position. He is not a predator or an adviser. He is not dangerous. He is a man who made a mistake and now wants to live his life in peace.

    That is why he was never exposed as a predator nor were the police called. That is why Rabbi Belsky put out his letter and why certain Rabbanim in the community approached Rabbi Belsky. Because they felt that, while Rabbi Weinberger certainly made a mistake, as the phone recording suggests, and he know longer could be fit to serve as a Rov, it doesn’t mean that his life has to “end”

    • You are confusing the timidity of rabbonim in shaming thier colleagues with proof that his actions weren’t frequent and substantial. You cannot conclude that since we know that rabbonim are biased towards covering up the misconduct of their colleagues.

    • D.A. – You keep repeating the same things, people answer you, and then you repeat them again.

      There is no law against clergy abuse for adults in the State of New York so there is no police report because it is not a crime. Additionally, even when there is rape (a crime) Frum adult women (married or unmarried) almost never willing to go to the police. Their reputations and standing in the frum world would be tarnished beyond repair and their shame and reputation wins over their pursuit of legal justice.

      As has been said over and over again, the community Rabbanim would not ALL agree to oust an established communal rabbi for ONE mistake. Nor would they ALL agree to warn the community about him.

      And nobody is saying his life needs to end.

      Are you going to continue repeating the same things in different sentence forms? Because I, for one, am tired of it.

  17. Can I pose a hypothetical example? Say a Rabbi was caught watching pornography on his computer. Do you not think the Rabbanim would convene and oust this Rabbi from his Rabbinic and teaching positions? Yet, that doesn’t make this person a sexual predator, an abuser, and someone who is dangerous to society. All it does is establish that this person is no longer fit to serve as a Rabbi, mentor, or teacher position.

    I beleive the same is with Rabbi Weinberger. The man unfortunately had a weak moment and fell as the phone recording suggests. Yet, while not being qualified anymore to be a Rov and teacher, he is no sexual predator or danger to a society.

    • Can I pose a hypothetical example…

      Say that in addition to watching pornography on his computer or saying disgusting, lurid and seductive comments on a recording, a Rabbi was caught having sex with or soliciting sex from your spouse or your young adult daughter / neice [18 years oid, so it’s technically not child abuse]

      Does this make this person a sexual predator, an abuser, and someone who is dangerous to society?

      Say it’s part of a pattern of predatory behavior established by a va’ad of rabbis, based on evidence provided by about a dozen different victims. Is that person a sexual predator or danger to society…

      Does his mere presence shopping, or sitting in a shul, not trigger panic attacks in victims?

      Is this not in many ways more grievous than an admitted voyeur (Barry Fruendel, who by the way–for whatever reason–issued a public apology)? Should we all just “relax” [as was recommended above] and”move on”?

      Do we have the right to demand this “turn the other cheek” and “let bygones be bygones” response of victims, their parents, their spouses, etc? If not even a penny was provided to even a single victim in need of therapy, should such a predator be permitted to return to the scene of the crime[s] without any repercussions? Is that what we should glean from your understanding of our religion and values?

      Finally: May there not be people who have narcissistic personality disorder and/or sociopathic tendencies who cannot be trusted to do the decades of spiritual work to even approach teshuva for a massive chillul HaShem involving outright ni’uf with niddas, not to mention married women?

      This is all just hypothetical, of course!

  18. Kind of amusing that someone posts the Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island “threatened” the Weinbergers. Because just like the Weinbergers are part of the Scheinberg family, so is the owner of the yeshiva. How do you think Weinberger Jr ended up there in Inwood to begin with? Not only that but one of Scheinberg talmid / molester Yehuda Kolko’s sons has been running the Motzai Shabbes sports program in the yeshiva.

    It has also been speculated if perhaps the unnamed shul that Weinberger Sr took his mistresses to for hanky panky is one of the shuls that Jr has the key to, either in Inwood, or the “W Shul” in Lawrence that Jr rents for a bais medrash level yeshiva he runs.

    Otherwise the Yeshiva Ketana of Long Island should stop perpetrating their scam of contacting people with false claims that they pledged money for the dinner. When YKLI picks an honoree they gather all the lists of the honoree’s shuls & other affiliations and after mailing invitations to all these people, many of whom don’t even know the honoree, they follow up with a perverse type of schnorring, pretending these people pledged a minimum of $360. Incredible chutzpa.

    • Frequent ploy. I have been contacted multiple times by “Jewish”: orgs, claiming that “you gave x number of dollars last year, can we assume you will give same amount this year?”” and i answer, frankly no, (unsaid “you lying sob’s) no, i never gave you a cent nor am i interested in your organization. The level of lies and depravity that supposedly orthodox Jews are willing to sink to.
      Once asked a Rabbi I was somewhat connected to, whether lying to collect money for a good cause was a mitzvah, or at least mekubal since the ultimate destination of the money was kivyachol for good cause.
      This Rabbi said, no it is never OK to lie to collect money
      Strange, since i knew that he and his chevrah did it all of the time. But, l’fachot, haya naim lishmoa a kosher “party line”.

  19. DW was reportedly sighted in Sulitz this past Shabbos (B 9, corner Roosevelt), sitting toward the front.

  20. God dammit! Can we hear the audio recording already!! It’s been 2 years and no one but a select few yentas know what the in the hell Weinberger did! The suspense is killing me!!

    • No, you cannot. Victims of sexual abuse are entitled to their privacy. The rabbis who viewed it also don’t want to embarrass the offender. Personally, I would be fine with releasing his side of the recorded activity.

      • Shining a bright light on those who prey in the dark is like a disinfectant. One wonders why there was even consideration by the Vaad as well as the leadership of ST to go along with a false narrative which would have enabled an alleged adulterer to resign and go on with his life, without having to compensate his victims in any way, and without warning the community of the possible danger posed to their wives and daughters.

        Hashem runs the world and as fate would have it a stupid decision led to widespread knowledge of the allegations.

        Would that there were more instances of rabbonim not refraining from informing the public of possible dangers to their loved ones.

        • I completely agree with you. They should have warned everybody when they learned about his misconduct. Nevertheless, this rabbinical condemnation in the 5T was a major advance over past handling of such cases.

  21. YL- that is just silly- they can disguise the victims voices and bleep out anything that points to their identities- we DO have the technology these days to make that happen don’t we? Its time the community is fully apprised of the details of his his depravity and to be able to see/hear the audio-visual recording. In addition, constantly claiming these women are victims and were molested makes it sound like they were 3 year old children. These were all grown women and while I agree they were victimized, nothing says that they have an absolute, total right to complete privacy, enshrined in the constitution.

    When a local guy from the neighborhood goes to a prostitute or does anything no-no sexually (not predatorily like weinberger, –just dirty and out of the confines of marriage) its known all over the community/world and no one is worried about his feelings, mindframe, psychology, or emotional well being-

    I just want to ask everyone their opinion- as grown women, why are these women entitled to a shield of privacy and protection that no man who commits a sexual misdeed would ever be afforded?? Lets assume for arguments sake some or all of these women were horny and just loved that long beard and couldnt resist- how is that, on its face different than a man who goes to a hooker because he can’t resist?

    You understand my point?

    • You actually move between two different points. You say the woman’s identity can be disguised. Then you say let the woman be exposed because it was consensual. You just seem to be wanting to humiliate the victims involved. By the way, while the victims in this case were women, in other cases they were males. Moreover, very few of the women with Weinberger were truly consensual cases there was enormous manipulation and abuse of his position. But even if there was consensual sex, that alone disqualifies a rabbi from his role. In contrast the sins of individuals which don’t hurt others should be kept private.

  22. YL no intention to humiliate the victims. I meant that we can disguise their identities while still hearing Weinberger and the general details. I then progressed on a logical train of thought that said “hey wait a minute why DO we need to shield their identities” based on what I stated earlier. So it was a progression rather than a 180 of my points. And yes the women are individuals and won’t hurt others like he will but they are not children to be coddled and protected by law. They made bad choices, grown up choices, and no amount of whining that they were victimized can ever totally absolve them of any responsibility.

    • I agree they made bad choices. But their choices don’t put others at risk. This site is not about exposing people just because they have shortcomings. The justification for sharing information is protecting others.

  23. It is a violation of professional ethics (which can lead to loss of a professional license) for someone who is in a position of power or authority or who is provided with intimate information from a client / patient to have a sexual relationship with that person.
    This is true for doctors, psychologists, and social workers, for example.
    Although it may not be illegal for a pulpit rabbi and teacher to have sexual relations with those who seek his counsel or are impressionable young students with perhaps a crush, it is immoral and reprehensible, especially when this involves a married woman and niddahs. These are among the most evil of sins.
    My knowledge of the facts in this case are quite limited, and I think more information in the future should be made public in such cases if doing so will help convince more people of the immorality of a supposed spiritual leader (provided in doing so greater harm is not done to victims).

  24. If the recordings are released it would be interesting to see who between the horndogs Weinberger & Tropper is panting like a canine “sweetie” and “I want to SHQUEEZE you” more times when wooing the women.

  25. Weinberger was spotted today in Monsey at Rockland kosher supermarket with wife and daughter was wearing his hat and tie,

  26. Should an alleged predator be discouraged from davening in a minyan at Sulitz in Far Rockaway, as he reportedly has been doing? One could argue that this is inappropriate.

    • why is he not allowed to daven in a shul? who is allowed to decide that ?
      besides the rav of the Sulitzer shul is aware of his presence and is fine with it!

  27. A certain individual was honored with hag’ba this past Shabbos morning at Sulitz / Rabbi Rubin’s shul.
    Could this have anything to do with the midrash about the 49 levels of tumah to which Yidden descended in Mitzrayim?

  28. Women (and in some cases their husbands) are traumatized when a certain “rabbi” is seen in Gourmet Glatt. This “rabbi” walks around without shame, without any apparent attempt to make amends. He davens and has gotten at least one kibbud.

    This is beyond chutzpah.

    • Chutzpah is the least of it. Those who know and enable this are, at this stage, the guilty ones.
      ole boys club. Male perverts and abusers are always protected by their chevrah. chas v’shalom their own xxxx might be disclosed.
      yeah, i know, priests, boy scout leaders, widespread, no way just ortho rabbis.
      at this stage, it would be noteworthy and valuable for this phenomenon to be analyzed statistically.
      There are those who claim that statistically, huge percent of males, when polled, admit that they would rape if they were positive never to be caught.
      Wish i remembered the source, but only few short days ago, late jan, 2016 it was published. I know, worthless, without the source..
      that being said, if one accepts the premise, the more chashuv the fxxxxx the greater the chance that he will never face justice, afilu if one or more brave souls were to step forward, the rebbeim is a boys club. never ever turn a member over.
      Still someone should do a doctoral thesis on statistics. Percent abusers/manipulators in the wide orthodox commmunity vs society at large.. They think their power gives them immunity.
      Furthermore, perhaps the profession “invites” them me’rov certainty that they will be protected.
      Asa side, lawyers tend to believe that the are above the law. heck, they have data.

      • You are incorrect. To their credit, with rare exception the rabbis acted decisively and as a group, and someone left, only to come back and walk the streets, daven in a local shul, and shop in stores such as Gourmet Glatt where women who were allegedly victimized feel victimized again.

        • WELL , if you do believe all of that (and i am not challenging, not being a player in this game).
          you must have some ideas re pitronot.
          getting rid of them from the community permanently?
          Perhaps you see this differently
          The hunters can remain hunters, and seriously perhaps permanently destroy the mental health and more of those that they have “played with”.

          how expletive nice to know that any of one’s actions are chaf m’pesha, will never be prosecuted.
          If we look at a long list of abusers, over last three years, just on FF, (a small subset, to be sure).

          statistically, what % ever met ANY NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES AT ALL?\

          nice gamble, and if worse comes to worse, there is graubard, and if not, pidyon shuyim.
          omg, this is a free for ALL.
          hey, mikveh, no mikveh,
          basement of abusers shul, , anywhere,
          video capture of event???
          Nothing matters,

          Some disgusted people with tools, perhaps, but epstein was screwed,
          because his motivation was money, and not tsedek,

          Replay epstein, with proper motivation, tsedek,
          please, just mere tsedek,
          Can we emerge with a very different outcome???
          we already know, that in Australia, this is absurd, never happen,
          but, can Tsedek come to US? can it????

  29. Another blog reported that when Weinberger visits his daughter in Monsey he prefers Rockland Kosher because it is a mostly chassidish crowd who does not recognize him and because they have all kinds of amenities in the same place including a liquor store, ice cream parlor & the restaurant that the Weinbergers enjoy fressing at as a family.

  30. on Feb 2 2016 Weinberger was eating in Monsey at the new bagel store on main street were auction mart used to be was there with his wife and daughter wearing suit and tie no hat,

  31. The new Monsey bagel store is Crave. It is directly across Main St from Rockland Kosher & because of the traffic grind in that area I would assume most of the patrons are also local chassidish people.

    The blog that mentioned Weinberger’s fressing habits is the one in Lakewood that often removes & sometimes reinstates entire threads. Rabbi Shain’s Yudelstake blog.

    If Weinberger is hanging around Monsey a lot lately he may be thinking again about re-establishing himself as a rabbi.

    One pervert who has definitely made moves in that direction is Nosson Dovid Rabinowich with his tours & Pesach hotel program which is why UOJ on his Facebook page has revived focusing attention on him.

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