QOTD: Apologies Are Not Enough

QOTD = Quote of the Day

scales of justice and childAt times,[Fr. James] Connell said, he’s received the impression that some bishops believe that by apologizing to abuse survivors they have fulfilled what is expected. That’s not the case, Connell said, explaining if he gets into a car accident, he can say sorry and the other driver can forgive him, but there’s still the matter of fixing the car. In the case of clergy sexual abuse, the bishops must take steps to repair the harm done by clergy, religious orders and the church, he said.

It takes seconds to apologize; it might take years to repair the damage. And reparation is called for in justice,” he said.

from: “Catholic Whistleblowers requests Vatican investigation of flaws in US bishops’ sex abuse policiesNational Catholic Reporter, 1/19/16

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