To Lead Services He Needed to See their Pubic Hairs

Rabbi Avrohom Shemesh of Ashdod (Israel) was arrested for fondling three boys in his ultra orthodox yeshiva. His ploy with these boys of bar-mitzvah age was claiming that they could only lead services if they were adults as evidenced by two pubic hairs. Once his inspections started he did a lot more than look and more often than once.

Besides being a pervert, he misrepresented Jewish law which long ago replaced inspection by simply assuming boys attained puberty at 13 and girls at 12. They did this because the alternative was immodest.


4 thoughts on “To Lead Services He Needed to See their Pubic Hairs

  1. To look on the bright side, it appears he was called out and hauled off after the third time. No doubt he will be appropriately shunned by his colleagues for misrepresenting Jewish law.

  2. “Rabbi Avrohom Shemesh of Ashdod (Israel) was arrested for fondling three boys in his ultra orthodox yeshiva.”

    Does ‘ultra orthodox’ mean over the top חרדי? There’s nothing surprising here except that anyone could be as obviously stupid as this Shemesh. It’s almost as if he wanted to be found out, don’t you think?

    How long till the deniers in the היימישער עולם designate פדיון שבווים campaigns for Shemesh, constantly screaming antisemitism? Isn’t that the usual by the book strategy- deny, deny, deny?

    The אמת is that the supposed מנהיגי הדור are as incapable of dealing with child molestation as they are of dealing with the Internet. They literally have no idea how to mitigate these factors, and are most desperately circling the wagons out of pure desperation. In the end, they are for the accused’s acquittal, regardless of how much damage might have been done, and vilifying those who suffered the most, thus enabling degenerates such as Shemesh to find new victims.

    You know, you’d think that in a true תורה world children would be considered the most valuable commodity anyone has. But, they aren’t! Protecting the money donated to מוסדות is דוחה any thought of child safety. Have we not turned into a serious דור תהפוכות?

    You don’t need to know ש”ס ופוסקים to realize that there is something amiss, and the supposed מנהיגי הדור have no idea how to handle it, resorting instead to lies, political leverage, and the inevitable cries of antisemitism.

    • I accept most of your characterization of ultra orthodox handling of abuse, but have no idea if it is applicable to this case.

      sometimes there is no money motive in protecting a molester, just a view to keeping all of their Jews out of jail.

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