What’s Happening to the Failed Messiah Blog?

After 12 years of vigorous and acerbic muckraking of the orthodox world, Shmarya Rosenberg called it quits and sold Failed Messiah (FM) to Diversified Holdings.

A source tells me the new owners are two orthodox business people, one from the midwest, probably Chicago, and the other from the west coast, probably Los Angeles. The Only Simchas website claims the buyer is Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz (SYR). I am guessing they are right. I speculate that one other likely buyer is Morris Esformes, a very successful Chicago area nursing home operator. They are both the kinds of philanthropists who would buy an entity for some goal other than profit. Esformes was willing to buy all of Rabbi Elimelech Meisels’ seminaries at a loss to get him out and clean up the sex abuse scandal. He withdrew because the conditions for the sale would have blocked him from cleaning up the place. If the buyer is from Cleveland, my best guess is that is Mendy Klein, who has thrown himself into work against sex abuse but wants to do it within the framework of the orthodox establishment. He has committed a million dollars to the cause and I could easily see him spending more than that.

Last year I noticed something uncharacteristic for the vitriolic Shmarya Rosenberg involving his coverage of Rechnitz. He backtracked on his usual style and an earlier post. In October 2014 he ran the headline “Major Haredi Philanthropist Accused of Being “Serial Violator” Of Nursing Home Regulations, Laws.” He then pasted in an article from the MarinJ.com website with the allegations.

For good measure he threw in derogatory (but true) information about Rechnitz’s father-in-law, the late R. Yisroel Belsky:

Rechnitz … a son-in-law of haredi Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, the rosh yeshiva of Torah Vodaas who has been accused of repeatedly protecting haredi pedophiles. Belsky is also allegedly linked to the Jewish divorce electric cattle prod extortion scandal.

But then in November he offered up a defense against those allegations in his post: “Haredi Mega-Donor’s Nursing Homes May Be Better Run And More Transparent Than Report Claimed.” He proceeded to paste in an extended defense written by Rechnitz’s attorney and closed with a note:

I’ve seen some of this data and other evidence, and from that I think Rechnitz is largely, maybe even completely, correct.

Rechnitz was attacked in 2015 by the Sacramento Bee. This time Shmarya didn’t even paste the full allegations and pretty much went straight for the Rechnitz rejoinder. Uncharacteristically for Shmarya, the post was titled: “Newpaper Exposé Of Haredi Mega-Donor’s Nursing Homes Was “Hit” Piece That Distorted The Facts, Spokesman Claims.” Neither of these more positive articles included any reference to R. Belsky.

Some people speculated he was bought off, others that he was threatened. Very few thought he was persuaded. I have known him to be persuaded and change his coverage but it was rare for him to be so positive even when he changed the substance of his position and coverage.

So why did he sell his site? It was widely known he was in dire financial straits. It is possible that the purchase offer carrot was coupled with threats of lawsuits of one sort or another. His site is unlikely to be profitable. So he did not have many choices of buyers. Apparently, these buyers have promised to continue running articles about sex abuse though they also promise to be more positive about the orthodox community. Who knows what they mean or whether they will keep their promises. Thus far, we have only this vague statement of the intentions of the new owners.

Dear Readers,

You are probably wondering what the future holds for “Failed Messiah”?

Who are the new owners?

We are a group of people dedicated to protecting the reputation of the Orthodox Jewish community.

A community that keeps to our tradition, and sets our standards high to protect the sanctity of G-d’s name. This can be accomplished in two ways.

Firstly, we will present articles and conversations that speak to what Hashem truly wants from us.

Secondly, we will continue to pursue and expose people that create a desecration of G-d’s name.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Shmarya Rosenberg tremendous success on his new endeavor in combating poverty issues. We would also like to recognize his efforts in building up this web site.

While some may not agree with his approach, he was able to bring many taboo issues to the forefront of the community, particularly in the area of child abuse, forcing the community to address them. For this the community owes him a debt of gratitude.

We agree firmly that all posters shall be given the opportunity to speak their mind.  We ask that it be done without abusive language or  language that degenerates specific races or behavior.

To support this we ask that commenters refrain from using multiple names to please pick your handle or name and stick with it !

Please rest assured that in the future, your confidentiality will be guarded and maintained.


Diversified Holdings

What is notable is their special focus on sex abuse as the only specific area of coverage they praised and and committed to continue. I hope that the promise is kept in a significant manner.

In the meantime they put up their first new story, “Miami Prosecutors: Murdered Rabbi Raksin DNA Inside Getaway SUV.” It is a word-for-word copy of the same article with a different title posted a day earlier by Miami-CBS. Shmarya pasted heavily but he would acknowledge his source though often burying the reference. I would advise the new owners to at least do that. Otherwise the joke will be that they bought the name and the <CTRL>-V command.

Thus far I have focused on the transition, as best I understand it at this point. But this is a milestone for blogging about the orthodox world. It reveals the power of money and the sad fact that the burden of exposing problems falls on a group of us who are uncompensated and routinely reviled and insulted.

Shmarya Rosenberg was no saint. He was angry, nasty, impatient, and fueled by hostility to much that characterized the orthodox world. But I believe he tried to be accurate and usually succeeded. There is a lot of scandal that is covered up in the orthodox world which needs to be changed. He contributed to that and worked himself to the bone for twelve years doing the work of two or three people under constant severe economic strain. I personally was inspired to start blogging by his coverage of sex abuse (along with the blogging of UOJ). During my early period he generously mentored me and for that I am grateful, whatever strains may have later developed. On the balance, I think the world is much better for his efforts, and certainly, the cause of truth was often served. Thank you, Shmarya and good luck going forward.

176 thoughts on “What’s Happening to the Failed Messiah Blog?

  1. I have been told by people who did not like him that FM was THE place to see what was REALLY going on in the Ultra-Orthodox world. I have always found him to be fair and honest. A sad day.

    • Is he safe and sound/alive? everyone asking about failed messiah but does any know about How He is? Bless his soul! But yes he did every singel person a big favourites by telling everything.good work done by a good man. baruch hashem

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. If you’re right about his coverage of Rechnitz in recent months, then this muckraker was definitely no saint. In fact, if he could be bought off, his entire foundation becomes rotten to the core.

    Of course, it was clear he was a bitter man with an ax to grind, and boy did he grind it. But, I always have gotten a chuckle that the post pasted at the top of his site was always the one with his hand out, asking for money. Poor boy. Maybe now he can try to get a real life…instead of spending his trying to tear other people’s lives down.

    • His agenda is as clear as yours. The only difference his intentions were to protect the weak and innocent whereas yours are to protect the powerful predatory and perverted. I hope you can live with yourself you sick ****

      • I guess I hit a nerve, Mr T? What was it I said that caused you to start foaming at the mouth?

        In any event, maybe at some point he was about ‘protecting the weak and innocent’, I don’t know. But there are no superheroes in real life, and his belief that he was one went to his head a long time ago.

        Hey, don’t feel bad. Even Bar Kochba had a chance…until the power went to his head also. The difference is, some followers of his were big enough to call him out on his misdeeds. I guess many of little Shmarya’s followers might not be on that level.

        • I think the point is that he did very good reporting. It’s not about the domain name ‘failedmessiah’, it’s the level of work he did which was good work and which had a following.

          But I think if he could pull in 40-50k a year doing it then he’d stick with it. And I’m kind of surprised that with donations, advertisements, etc…

          • I disagree that the failedmessiah.com had good reporting. It had poor second-rate etc. reporting, like lousy graphics, and most anything that goyin do much better. I participated once in a discussion, in which the so called experts twisted the facts, and presented untrue conclusions. And you call this good reporting? What a joke!

            • yeah, I don’t quite understand why if this was Rosenberg’s entire occupation he did not make the site nicer

              The stories though was info I did not see anywhere else, on the whole I got sick of it and I think it got to the point that anytime an orthodox person committed a crime he’d report it, as oppossed to only reporting systematic/institutional corruption. But there were still a lot of good stories and what he did did take a lot of effort, I also think it’s something he, or anyone else could do part time though

  3. Within minutes of posting comments at FM today my posts no longer showed……Deleted??….Removed??….

    I was a regular contributor both with comments and tips to the blog in relation to Chabad cover ups in Australia….

    For the record….I offered to take over or buy FM from Shmarya…..He never replied to my email….Now I know why….

    • When did you make the offer and how much did you offer.

      Regarding comments declined by the new FM, feel free to paste them here. I have commenting guidelines which you should read and i don’t allow curse words, but almost all content is OK.

    • Aussie – Now that Shmarya’s gone, you can open up your own blog and be sure that if you post a link here with your blog info you’ll get all the traffic that FM got.

      There’s a big empty void out there with Shmarya gone.

    • My posts too were deleted within minutes of having been posted. No bad language in them, just concern expressed over the future of the blog – and a note to someone expressing my opinion that I thought (and still think) it was time for Shmarya to go. He’d clearly gone past the point of healthy discussion and his cause (exposing the ugly side of the frum world) was simply too important to stay in the hands of someone incapable of civil discourse – and incapable of admitting he might be wrong on an issue,

  4. Here is a copy of what I wrote to him the day he posted that it’s closing….

    “Hi Shmarya…

    If your interested I’d love to take the blog over and keep it going….If your interested to sell it lets talk….

    Let me know…. ”

    We had dozens of emails back and forth over past 2-3 years so he knew it was really from me…..

    My post there was informing readers and questioning why a 2nd letter sent by Yehuda Krinsky to the Trustees of Melbourne Yeshivah which was a backpedal of the first letter was not posted…..
    The comments count goes up by the hour there but no new comments show….My guess is that comments are being moderated there….

    In case you haven’t all seen the 2nd letter….I assume a link to Manny Waks blog is ok…(??)….


    • Links are always OK as long as they are not spam. Occasionally, the auto spam screener will assume that many links are spam. But not often. I am amazed at how accurate the spam filter is.

      I am going to hold off on judging the new blog owners. To be fair they seem to have started without being ready and I would not make assumptions about non-posting reflecting their ultimate direction.

    • If the rumors are correct (and let’s face it – rumors rarely are) Shmarya got a lot of cash to sell out. A lot more cash than you would have offered.

      Frankly, I rather think I would have enjoyed a blog moderated by you. If you ever decide to make the plunge – let us know.

      • Rebitzman,

        I’m responding to a message you left me on the former FM site. You referred to the sale price of that website.

        How much did Shmarya get? Any idea of the other terms of the deal?

          • Extremely difficult there is anyone who is less than a billionaire who would piss away $200 K on closing down Failed Messiah. No matter what contract was signed it is quite possible that someone who was not a party to it may choose to continue the “work” and open a similar website.

  5. “It reveals the power of money and the sad fact that the burden of exposing problems falls on a group of us who are uncompensated and routinely reviled and insulted.”

    This indeed is a sad fact. If there is someone wealthy who has an interest in continuing the kind of reporting that Failed Messiah did, this would be the time to set it up. There is a large void now.

    Shmarya’s ending his blogging is a victory for those in power in the frum world who routinely cover up all the problems in order to maintain their power and in order to give the illusion that the frum world is a paragon of holiness.

    At the same time Shmarya’s work was a testament to how much one man can accomplish on a shoestring budget, from his mother’s basement. There is no doubt that Shmarya made a huge impact. He inspired positive changes, opened people’s eyes, caused pressure to come down on those who abused their power, spoke the truth when all other frum news sources lied or avoided the truth, informed all of us who would have been in the dark with only propaganda to inform us. And who can even measure the amount of freedom and emotional validation he gave to the myriad victims of the lies of powerful rabbis and “askanim” who were covering up rabbinic abuse of power and rabbinically sanctioned destruction of people’s lives.

    The impact that one man dedicated to a mission can have on the world today, through digital technology, is simply astounding.

      • Interestingly, if people actually took the time the look him up they would know that he doesn’t live in his mother’s basement. He lives in an apartment in Minnesota.

  6. @Seriously?….

    Thanks for the kind words and I am considering opening my own blog…..I now wish I’d have done it 2 years ago when it was suggested to me….

    The story with Chabad in Australia is far from over……The Royal Commission findings are yet to be released….Will be interesting to see how the findings address the sudden amnesia that many who were forced to appear suffered….

    Also there are/were/is other Gov departments running their own investigations and at least one that I know of has completed their investigation and is ready to pounce…..No info will be released by them nor will action be taken until after the royal commission is done….

    BTW…for those not in Australia…..The first letter from Krinsky got good coverage in the mainstream media here….Both on radio and in the country’s most read newspaper the HeraldSun….

    • Aussie – do it. Or work with others to divide the work geographically or by topic. But I think it should all be in one place and I suggest Chafraud’s site. It’s too much for one person. I very, very briefly started a FB page and I received too many messages almost immediately.

      Maybe a conference call with Chafraud, yidscreed, Aussie, FF and a few trusted others to start the ball rolling.

      Shmarya/FM was a once in a lifetime endeavor. His “issues” can never be replicated and each and every one of us were titillated by the vitriol.

    • We don’t a hero…All we need is a few good men…(And woman)….

      My favorite quote…..

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

  7. It looks like the censorship has already begun. I pasted this article to FM and it was immediately removed. Unfortunately these half-wits don;t realise that things always come out in the end.

  8. I also commented that Frum Follies has an article about the sale of Failed Messiah in either the “Dear Readers” article or their first News posting since purchasing FM and added that I thought that they’re reading Frum Follies, because they’ve already credited their news source, CBS 4 Miami, just moments after Frum Follies posted about the sale of FM, this article, so it appears that they already know to keep checking this blog constantly as to what’s being said about FM. My comment, too, was deleted, although it followed all of FM’s posting rules. Truly pathetic. It appears to me that the new owners & moderators do NOT want FM commenters to come over here to the Frum Follies blog and continue where the FM blog left off. That would mean another blog that they’d need to buy off and weren’t prepared to do, financially.

      • Random musings, questions.
        Are they truly buying the tradename? retaining the name? Will that alienate the aussie crowd, and their Kxxxxxx non yichus chevrah in US?

      • With the demise of our “beloved” FM, which covered a far larger swathe of criminality in the orthodox world, well beyond CSA, (child sexual abuse), will FF decide to expand to include the financial fraud, corruption, shenanigans, foyleshtikim in the orthodox (heavily rabbinic world)?
        To be sure, financial corruption has no particular affinity for country or origin, but, based on reporting from FM, one might get the impression that it is quite a bit more prevalent in eretz hakodesh, than even here in US, (Met council, Stark, vakadomeh not withstanding),
        OR will FF continue to concentrate predominantly on CSA, the topic which is his forte, par excellence?

      • Did any of us ever think that Shmarya would sell us out??….Sell our personal information??…..Sell out the email addresses, names and contact information of those like me who provided him with all those scoops and all the breaking news long b4 it made the mainstream media if at all??….

        Money makes a man do things he normally wouldn’t do…..

        I bet if I took a ham sandwich and enough gelt to 770, someone eventually would take the gelt and eat the sandwich……They would of course make sure nobody could see them doing it but they would take the gelt….

          • I have very great doubts that Shmarya would ever sell the names and email addresses of the people who gave him scoops. For one thing, it would pretty much finish his career as a journalist, and we know he fancies himself one. For another, he would inspire at least SOME people to sue him. Whether or not such a suit has a basis in law sufficient to survive a motion to dismiss irrelevant. The fact is, it will cost money to defend.

            One of the things that saved Rosenberg from many a lawsuit that was surely contemplated in the past is that–if rumors were true–he was judgment proof. That’s no longer the case.

          • You didn’t have to put email address when u commented??…I know that I did….
            And with the fm is closing post they got a couple hundred of us to put our email address all on one page nice and neat so they don’t have to go searching hundreds of threads to get the list….

            You stick with your “we don’t know for sure” and “lets wait and see” bs but I have seen more than enough proof to know whats happened….

          • He didn’t have to sell that information. Most of it was attached to our posts along with our IP addresses. On more than one occasion I assisted Shmarya in chasing down a particularly threatening poster through their IP address.

  9. This entire affair is rather strange from a business standpoint. If the anonymous purchaser’s goal was to shut up Shmarya, that would certainly require a lengthy contract with numerous restrictions.

    While Shmarya might have been willing to sell his URL and content, would he agree to muzzle himself? The man does love his byline. And if he’s allowed to write on another website, then what is to prevent him from writing the same sorts of things that angered those who objected to FM?

    The more restrictions that are made on him, the higher his price would go. And if I were the attorney for the purchasers, not only would I insist on a non-disparagement clause, I would insist on him being completely muzzled from any subject I didn’t like.

    That would seem to be completely unpalatable for the Shmarya we know. Unless, of course, the amount of money is so high, that he could be persuaded.

    How much money would that have to be? One hundred thousand dollars? What is that after taxes, anyway? More than $100,000? You have to be really rich to spend that kind of money to make someone shut up. Is there such a person?

    If there is, then look for the archives of FM to disappear. It makes no sense that he or she would allow them to stay up.


    [Please forgive the mis-posting earlier. I’m not very familiar with WordPress and it’s giving me a few hiccups.]

      • It would be very hard to draft a non-compete clause that would still allow someone to continue writing, just not about his favorite subjects, that he would be willing to sign and would be enforceable.

        [Saving a slot] Does Frumfollies review all comments before they are posted?

        • Yes. All comments on Frum Follies are read by me, and me alone, before they are approved. Until about a year ago most comments were allowed through without moderation. I try to do it every few hours but sometimes it can take up to a day and in rare cases a few days.

          I will delete comments with obscene or foul language, rambling rants, stuff hopelessly off topic, or mindless repetition of the same point made previously. I am interested in a broad open discussion conducted in such a matter that is useful and interesting to readers. Controversy is fine. I relish it. Tedious flaming is not OK

          • This is your “house,” YL, and you can make the rules. From a marketing standpoint, however, moderating comments only AFTER they are posted, as Shmarya did, makes a site more friendly to the users.

            It also makes the discussions move a lot quicker. Honestly, the layout here is making this very difficult to follow since comments are not laid out chronologically. Again, your right is to do it any way you want. I’m merely saying that if anyone wants to capture the FM audience making things OPERATE in a similar way to FM is a good idea.

            • I am stuck with the layout provided by my free wordpress account.

              I realize the tradeoff between quick and quality exchange. I have had too much mischief from not moderating before comments appear. In the past, some of that mischief has included damaging information about victims who are bringing criminal charges. It doesn’t help to delete it hours after it appears. I can try and will to moderate more often to speed up the turnaround.

            • YL,

              I wanted to reply to your reply to my comment above. (Thanks, BTW.) Unfortunately, there was no Reply button below your post.

              Is this a bug?

            • No. There is a limit to how many levels down an exchange would go. When you reach that limit, just go up a level and be clear in your opening to who/what you are responding.

            • YL has been operating this site for many years and we’ve managed with the limited but free layout which WordPress offers him. A layout like FM would cost a monthly fee, and I don’t think we should be asking YL to do that.

              Additionally, I can’t speak for YL, but can’t imagine that he wants to operate as FM did. It is a 24/6 thankless job which pays nothing (unless someone is willing to buy you out after 12 years) with nothing but complaints and vitriol thrown at you. Even the ad revenue FM received was minimal because almost no one wants to advertise on a website viewed as “muckraking.” It is considered “toxic” and advertisers run from that association.

              That YL has blogged for as long as he has is only testament to his passion and commitment to helping and protecting victims of child and rabbinic sex abuse in the Orthodox world. He has been willing to give many hours of his time for the sake of helping others, and he must also have a very thick skin, because running a blog like this cannot be done without one. Most people cannot do this kind of work, and even fewer can do it for a prolonged period of time without burning out. Shmarya was an extremely out of the ordinary exception. There is not likely to be another Shmarya in this generation (for better or for worse), and I would guess it will be another 20 years before we see a website like Failed Messiah again. Of course I would be glad to be proven wrong.

      • I am no lawyer, but understand that a non-compete clause is extraordinarily difficult to enforce – especially in circumstances where no money is being made.

        And even if it was enforceable – there are more ways to set up a website under a proxy name and operate it from a phoney IP than you or I can count.

        Shmarya can be back online tomorrow if he likes – I suspect he wants a break. Feel strongly that he needs one.

        • They probably have something they are holding over his head which would prevent him from starting up again. Even if they “only” threatened him with nuisance lawsuits that will take up his time and money. That’s a very real threat and a big hassle. I don’t think he will be back at blogging soon, if ever. We would recognize his writing style (“toddle off little man”), and they would recognize it as well. They could identify him without his IP address and name, and then threaten him with whatever they have over him. It would probably not be worth his while to ever get back to blogging in a similar vein to FM.

            • “Standard?” That’s absurd. All contract provisions are negotiable and there is nothing “standard” with the sale of a website.

            • I suspect he may have wanted to the use the terms “typical” or “common.” But of course that only applies when both parties have equal bargaining power.

            • I suspect he may have wanted to the use the terms “typical” or “common.” But of course that only applies when both parties have equal bargaining power.

            • I am a lawyer, and every state’s laws on covenants not to compete are different. Still, the purpose in most states from the law I have seen is to protect business interests, not muzzle someone. My guess is he is receiving monthly or yearly payments which can be cancelled at any time if he violates whatever the spirit of their deal. At least that is what I would do if I was the purchaser’s attorney, among other things. Also, everyone keeps mentioning how it would require one or two really rich people to buy him out. Not necessarily. A donation of 1,000 by hundreds of people could quickly close the site. I was actually quite surprised it lasted as long as it did.

            • Mr. Zoberg,

              Welcome. There are other lawyers here as well.

              You are right that restrictive covenants and other similar provisions are viewed differently depending upon the jurisdiction.

              I must respectfully disagree with the rest of your post. While your hypothetical position on behalf of the purchaser is sound FROM THAT STANDPOINT, a buyer’s attorney would be crazy to agree to what you propose.

              Look at the facts. The purchaser wants to buy the website because he hates the seller and everything about the seller. If I represented the seller in such a scenario, I would demand all the cash upfront. Why should Shmarya “buy a lawsuit” as we say here in New York.

              By the way, if anyone had undertaken a crowdfunding approach to buying out FM, we surely would have heard something by now.

          • Wiggles, standard as to time frames not content. And the buy/sell of a website is more common than you think, in my jurisdiction anyway. It’s a business.

            • dh,

              Are you an attorney? I don’t recall you ever saying so, but maybe I missed it.

            • Thanks for the welcome Wigmore. God bless the internet where we can argue where we don’t really disagree. I agree that the seller would not want such a deal, but when the buyer has all the leverage, people make the best deal they can. Also, I think that there are exit ramps between crowd funding and one person funding. Quiet collections in shuls (especially those that honor the Asifa) probably would not be well known by those of us who consider posting here. Anyway, only hashem knows!

  10. I just put this up in response to Shmarya’s farewell post. I suppose I’ll see whether it vanishes too. There have been problems with Typepad before where posts would vanish; I took that up with them and it stopped happening.

    “I posted earlier – a simple post, complimentary to Shmarya and wishing him well. It has vanished. I guess time will tell whether that sort of thing is a glitch with Typepad or whether new broom is sweeping extremely clean. While I’m glad to see the blog will remain up and the old material available at least for awhile I wonder what’s going on.”

    • SML, a lot of the posts are appearing on a second page after the post numbers hit 100+
      There are a couple of tiny chevrons that will take you to the next page, but you’ll nee to hunt for them.

  11. Hע did such a great job reporting about the Orthodox community but he sometimes lost credibility and focus by advocating unrelated issues such as the African immigrants who crossed the border to Israel or bashing Netanyahu for unrelated government policies.

      • Is the issue of child sex abuse one of your “interests”??….
        I found your site by accident much in the same way I found fm….
        Are you intersted in filling some of the void left with fm gone??….

        Just to be upfront and honest here….
        I am giving serious consideration to doing something myself now that fm is gone….If I do it would be an open fb group….that way there would never be a data base to sell as only fb admin would have access to personal information like ip’s….
        I welcome any opinions on this idea….

        • FF is primarily focused on child sex abuse in the orthodox world and has been since I started in 2009.

          The FB format is good. You may want to mirror your content on a blog because while FB is good for quick interaction, it gets very hard for others to find material as time passes. We lose too much history about specific culprits.

        • I am 3-4 year follower of FF. I do not have FB account (I assume that you mean facebook).
          no intention, don’t get me started,
          If that is your intention, then you have totally lost me, but, heck, I am only one reader/donor.

  12. I hope we will soon find out what this new fm is made up of but i have a bad feeling that it will not amount to anything.

  13. YL

    The demise of FM increases the pressure on you. You are the only remaining outlet for info about abuse.

    BTW– where were you for 3-4 months? No posts?

    • No. it increases the pressure on everyone who cares about abuse. The lot of you should stop behaving like passive consumers of a free service. I burned out and needed to tend to livelihood. I can’t do it alone. Let’s start thinking harder about how we can crowdsource solutions along the lines of suggestions by Wigmore and others.

      I feel pressure, but there is something presumptuous about people telling me what I have to do. Some of you bemoaning the loss of failed messiah might have kept Shmarya in business by generously donating.

      • Some of us did donate…….regularly, and for our contributions we were rewarded with abuse when we had the temerity to call him on a POV where is was simply and verifiably wrong. But we still donated – right up to the end.

        That said – a voluntary “pay for play” model was never really an effective business plan.

        • I suppose not however I wonder how he managed for so long? He had to be living on something. That aside, 12 years of blogging is a long time. I think the average level of discourse there had dropped over the past couple of years, though. Some of the Haredi trolls the blog attracted were over the top.

          • I became frum in 1978. I thought all frumies were tzaddikim . With a few years I saw my folly. After awhile more, I saw that many observant Jews were ordinary people, but followed a lifestyle of their parents or friends. After a few more years, I discovered that some frumies harbored bitterness and even hatred towards other frum people. Some were called Shmaya, and others had different names.

            • Scott, I believe the reason a person becomes frum is to have a relationship with G-d and to live by His Torah. Pay no attention to people who are less than perfect and be the best you can be.

          • Agreed, SML – even though their “attacks” we’re essentially of the same script over and over and over……it had to get old.

      • I doubt it.
        He was abusive to his commentor base,
        Perhaps a half dozen or so, he didn’t annihilate,
        OTOH, if you, YL, had attempted to set up a blog site supported by faithful followers, and over time, od yoter, hopefully,
        that had a far higher possibility of working,
        Am I the only one who advocated for such a move?
        And would have been willing to give, overall, or for various specific causes, as I volunteered in past, but somehow, nothing ever came to fruition,
        Hey I have not yet spent all of that unspent funds yet,
        I am open to many different ideas.
        Too many cooks, is lousy idea,
        Coordination , administration,, never will happen, sounds like a corporation which aspires to being bought out, or going public on NYSE,
        Only partially kidding,
        Something much smaller,
        Handful of people, with guidance from YL,
        or?? but much smaller base, much smaller, anything larger becomes a corporation, mired in communication issues, et al.

        I’m in for the long run, i may not continue to follow the heavy flow of comments such as we’ve had last few days, but YL knows who I am,

  14. Aussie – You may want to consider starting a committee to run a new FM website. Funds should be raised, a small staff of one or two part-time people should be hired, and volunteers for moderating or other necessary functions should be coordinated. This way, no one person would be giving it his all 24/6 which is prone to burnout as we have seen with a number of bloggers who tried this. The experiences of a number of bloggers over the past 10 years has shown us what doesn’t work – one person running a blog on his own. Why not try something that hasn’t been done before which has more of a chance for success? A group effort, well-funded, a paid staff, multiple volunteers who commit to certain time slots or certain responsibilities. Have a board with online real-time meetings and vote on issues that come up. With technology as it is today, people from all over the world can run it jointly with an elected coordinator and other elected responsible positions. Think about it.

    • I would be glad to assist such an effort in a consultative role. We need to broaden the base rather than expect any single entity to do it all. We need collaboration among concerned actors, not competition for exclusivity.

      • amazing that amongst all of the comments, practically no one, mentioned the hideous comments of SR to commenters, disgusting, and violating his own rules over and over,
        That being said, i do believe that his reporting was on a high level, and “mostly” not influenced by his super anti charedi mentality, He seemed to be able to draw the line, journalistically speaking,
        His msg board was vile, and mostly due to his own negative contributions, not due to the tons of anti-charedim who he attracted, his responses to commenters was vile and very very inappropriate,
        I’d like to add, that net-net probably most read only the articles, which were mostly on a high level, and despite his extreme hatred of charedim, still he managed to maintain integrity,
        still, why has no one mentioned his disgusting responses on his msg board,
        I was revolted, yet, drawn , since quite a few commenters were quite knowledgeable, yiddishkeit wise,
        Why does no one mention that he was vile on the msg board, violating just about every rule he himself set ???? I am repeating myself,
        Amazing, again, not to detract from the reporting itself,

      • I was also thinking about the idea of a forum….this would allow it to be more organized….a folder for chabad australia….a folder for haredi stuff in israel….an9ther folder for pedophiles in america and so on…

        My biggest hesitation in doing anything is firstly the work load that I would have to do myself and the other reason being my limited knowledge of the tech side….

        I love the idea of a group effort as suggested by “seriously”…..

    • way way too complicated, will not happen,
      Seriously, seriously, i have followed many of your comments and hold you in very high esteem, i do,
      small number of committed people with at least small number with disposable cash, The real time workers need to be highly committed and knowledgeable, NLOL, not sure that I fit any of those molds, but i would do my darndest to apply for one or more of those roles,
      To work, fewer the better, but also geographically connected, and either “trust fund babies’
      or hedge fund inheritors,, also should be consideration of salaries for active participants without either of the two above “maalot”, Seriously, seriously, Lots of issues to be ironed out,
      but I cannot see starting up an international corporation, internet or not,
      If YL could do it alone, certainly 5 people or so, could keep it going.
      Would it still be 99% CSA?

    • What do you mean? that one person running a blog alone for 10 years doesn’t work?? YL ran an unbelievably high quality blog, evidently single-handedly (??) or close, for 10 years?
      I’m just quoting re 10 years,
      yes, expect burnout if working alone,
      But to say that it doesn’t work is a major putdown of the extraordinary quality of the blog that YL has produced, evidently alone,
      i should add, that I have only been following these blogs for perhaps 4 years, heck, date it from the disgusting Manis Freedman debacle.

      FF has been an extraordinary success, re quality, re information,
      It was never intended to be a start-up that some megacorp would buy for 50 million,

      • I’m not talking about a startup or a corporation to be sold. But I am talking about organizing a group of disparate people who on their own are limited in their time and resources. Grouped together, I feel more can be accomplished. Not as a company to be sold, rather as a mission to be accomplished, rather than attempted and abandoned due to burnout. Yerachmiel himself has said that at times he has burned out, and needed a break and he has “only” been covering ONE issue in the myriad issues of scandal and misbehavior which plague the Orthodox world. I am in no way saying that a one-man blog does not work when covering one issue. That is misconstruing what I said. Perhaps one person can have a blog covering one issue, another covering another issue, etc. My point is that it’s not a one-man job to cover ALL Orthodox misbehavior on a daily basis 24/6. If you’ve only been reading these blogs for 4 years or so, you missed a number of years before that of bloggers starting these types of blogs and then burning out and leaving. That is a pity. And rather than having numerous people trying to run their own blogs and tiring out quickly, forming a collective, sharing situation, where no one person is in charge, where there are checks and balances to power, and where the bad behavior or burn out of one person does not bring the entire blog and mission to a halt. It’s the analogy of the rope being strong because it is united together, whereas a few individual strands do not have the same amount of strength on their own. THAT was my idea. No corporation. No corporate entity. No fortune 500 company. And an agreement by all on board not to sell out, ever.

        However, as Yerachmiel mentioned earlier:

        “We need to broaden the base rather than expect any single entity to do it all. We need collaboration among concerned actors, not competition for exclusivity.”

        This is a good point. One entity may not be a good idea for this reason. There should certainly be an understanding between blogs that collaboration is a key element. Competition for exclusivity, whether by a group-effort blog or a one-man blog, is something that all who are committed to this type of coverage need to understand will only hurt the mission, not help it.

        My idea of a united group was not intended to be to the exclusion of or to compete with others. It is rather an idea of a way of grouping limited resources of time, as most, if not all who want to get involved do not want to quit their day jobs. There are a number of people who have expressed an interest in contributing some time and effort, each one having a limited amount of time to give to a blog. Pooling all of that time together would seem to be able to create a thriving blog. However, that requires coordination. It also requires using a democratic process. Hence an entity. Or, perhaps having separate blogs, each committed to a different aspect of Orthodox misbehavior is the way to go. I don’t know. This is mostly uncharted territory. We can only hope learn from past mistakes. We are but pioneers in a brave, new world.

        • Nobody wants a corporation or anything…..But it would be foolish to set something up which is owned and controlled by any one person….Even myself being that one person…

          A blog or forum or whatever owned by a group would ensure that there would not be a repeat of what Shmarya did which is to sell the data base with the personal information of posters…

          For this reason if just one person did start something I would not contribute any scoops….I would remain just a reader….and maybe occasionally post an opinion….

          • Aussie – “what Shmarya did which is to sell the data base with the personal information of posters” It’s difficult for me to believe that Shmarya did this.

            • We simply do not know those particulars of the deal. It is disconcerting. If the deal excluded that info, much suspicion could have been avoided through a disclosure of the details. Even now, a disclosure of much more of the details is important of the new proprietors want to be trusted and if Shmarya wants to rehabilitate his image among those who suspect he sold them out.

            • Nah, Shmarya never cared what ppl thought about him. It’s unreasonable to think he will now.

              The new owners don’t care if they are trusted by former FM devotees.

              The former FM audience will not be interested in what it will become, nor will it be the target audience. No one will get the scoop tips as did Shmarya because he earned them.

              We loved the muckraking. The sordid truth. The raw emotion. We loved his struggle. We were a part of something. That cannot be rehabilitated or started anew.

  15. I posted the following at FM a short while ago since I didn’t have a WordPress account. They deleted it.

    Now I have a WordPress account.
    Uhm… and a nifty new WP blog to save my deleted FM post… for posterity… or whatever.

    Here is the post:


    I want to start a new blog on a dedicated server where it is not subject to takedown because Facebook feels it’s not appropriate or somebody convinces them to do so. I’m not really a FB user, so I likely would not participate on a blog there.

    Hopefully the former FM readership will help me in sourcing stories and some fact checking since I really can’t dedicate my life to it. I have a couple of original content stories to start off with, but to play it safe I prefer to aggregate news from the web to start. I have enough blog reading experience to at least make a go of it.

    If you’re willing to do so, I would really appreciate your input on stories coming out of Australia. I would be more than willing to report on the Chabad Yeshiva Centre scandal and former Adass Israel School principal Malka Leifer.

    I have a name picked out and will register it this week when I can be sure I am doing it correctly. Server space is not expensive and blog software is easily obtained. As administrator I would give posting and moderation privileges to a few trusted contributors as the software allows. Preparing the new blog will take longer than the new FM owners claim it will take them to start posting. Hopefully they will be able to prove they can handle sharing the (too often ugly) truth and my efforts will not be needed. But if they fail to do so, I’m prepared to put forth some effort to protest and combat the censorship through buyout and alleged threats.

    No telling if it will be successful. But the sad alternative is to sit by and do nothing. Anyway, I’m willing to try (with help).

    • Have you folks looked into the possibility of a Delphi forum? Simple set up, free membership (if you don’t mind advertisements)… Just a suggestion if you’re serious about taking on where Shmayra left off…

    • Chafrauddepravitch or whatever,
      I for one, am pleased to see that you are willing to forego a FB based blog,
      Over my dead gufa,,,, would i get into FB,
      I am seriously hoping that some of you get to a point where you are more or less, at the minimum,
      reproducing YL’s anti CSA blog.
      That would be dai b’maspik li,
      then the acquirers of FM can do what they bloody want,

  16. I would subscribe, same as with several newspapers I take currently. I’m neither close enough to nor knowledgeable enough about the material to do more than that.

  17. What is not discussed here, is the accuracy level of his reports.
    ThIs was a terrible problem. not only did he love to report on all issues. but he rather distorted or changed things (besides for all the mere allegations).

    this article is a typical one, where he ends off with made up claims which have no basis in reality. any person who knows the facts, would have thought this is crazy, and it is an evil contrived made up issue.


    He first brings up the issue of lubavitch controlling things.

    the idiot quoted, obviously does not rabbi wiener. rabbi wiener may be part of the lubavitch community, but that is where it begins and ends. he is no representative of them, in regards of his public position and affiliations, he acts like a regular person representing all.

    then shmarya makes up an outrageous claim, about chareidim trying to control all, how wieners organization is controlled by chareidim, and in general how this will cause non chareidim not to get help.

    now anybody who knows any of the facts there, would laugh, like no tomorrow.

    wiener is a person who is an angel in a body of flesh an blood. the fact that he runs the organization is not a testament of chareidi control, rather of their meritoriousness. he happens to be highly competent. this is the reason he was asked to take on the job. in addition, wiener has never ever made a distinction of ones level of observance, and has served all with tons of dedication over the many years. this is not only a joke, but a sick despicable smear.

    this is a typical example, where shmaryo would take a good person and lie about the case, to make it look bad.

    and then you guys claim that shmaryo was the honest one?!?!?!?!

    • N Z,
      i used to scan his stuff from time to time, erev shabbos was a good time,
      lo chashuv, I never did the research to wipe him out,
      but some of you, aussies and new zealanders,
      i did notice the comments, i would bet whatever,
      that you guys/gals were following his um, um, um stuff.
      I myself am not investigative reporter, nor involved in any of the stories reported on in last 100 years, so i was not one with info to challenge him, and chas v;shalom, everyone knows what he would have answered me, vile put downs, best case, move along little whatever, SR had huge huge problem, huge massive psychological issues, judged simply by his response to commentors who challenged him
      ‘I’m glad you spoke up, too many positive descriptions here, and furthermore,
      lamrot the disgusting revelation of posters names/emails, et al
      what is the big effin deal?
      For sure, they will all flee from this new site, for sure, Methinks that it will fall on it’s face,
      but let’s wait and see.
      sr will need to find another outlet for his hatred.
      it is not only chabad based, he , well, hope he finds a good therapist,

  18. Well, after posting the comment on FM that I originally intended to place here, as mentioned above, it was deleted. I opened up a WP account to place it here as originally intended. Thank you for approving it, YL.

    So now I have this new blog that I really didn’t intend to have, Annoyed by the cagey blogosphere newbies at FM and their trigger happy delete fingers, I decided to post about my comment which was deleted from Failedmessiah.

    Mentioning my blog post on FM got me banned by the owners who claim “we are not looking to censor anyone.” Heh, those guys are worse than the haredi modesty squads that Shmarya used to write about. Seems they have a very big fear of new blogs coming up to fill the empty space Shmarya left behind. Terrified of competition perhaps? Did they really think that buying out one blog was going to stop similar material from reaching the greater worldwide web? Unbelievable.

    Of course I blogged about the second deleted post and my subsequent banning from the site. Perhaps I should thank the new owners of FM for putting me in the blogging business tonight (but I think not).

    They probably bought more than they bargained for.
    Wasn’t it a form of censorship that inspired Shmarya to start his blog in the first place (something about his letter to MMS regarding Ethiopian Jews being intentionally misdirected)?

    • chafraud,
      without having been witness, for i elu years,
      i believe that you are correct, per all that i have read, ocd like, that scottie’s hatred started with the Ethiopian Jewish story.
      I won’t comment on that,
      since i am not baki maspik, and anyway, it’s not documented, His blog developed.
      As a HUGE ASIDE, I only from time to time, read the comments, really, randomly,
      but lately it seemed that most of the dozen or so recurrent posters names had disappeared, replaced by new names. granted again, i was not a great follower, BUT, I could rattle off the 12 or so most prolific posters, most seemed to disappear as of several weeks ago, suddenly new names, lots, and i sort of wondered to myself.
      over 2-3 years i might have commented half dozen times or less.

      I am indeed wondering, beyond the HUGE HUGE BETRAYAL OF PRIVACY, CONFIDENTIALITY,
      why the former commenters would be upset,
      even the guy he was molested……
      ok decades ago.
      and, FURTHERMORE, why would new buyers want to expose the core base of posters?
      scare all of them away, perhaps lawsuits, i haven’t a clue,
      but what possible motivation to expose perhaps a dozen regular commenters???
      OK, i know that i’m missing something here, na l’hasbir someone.

      • In the Frum world, fear of one’s reputation keeps everyone in line. Additionally, everyone is afraid for Shidduchim for their children, siblings, grandchildren. It is scandalous if one is found to do something that is frowned upon. Unfortunately, being jailed for financial fraud is not frowned upon. But leaving comments on a website that publicizes Frum people who act unethically, like Failed Messiah was, is frowned upon. The motivation of the new owners to expose someone is to instill fear in the masses, so that in the future people will be even more afraid to comment on any future blog that exposes Frum unethical behavior. This will detract from those types of websites, and would promote the stated goal of the new owners of Failed Messiah who declared that they wanted to “protect the reputation of Orthodoxy.”

  19. I have been wondering if it’s possible that the new owner of FM will rename it the “Sixth Chelek”??……
    No secret who the owner of the Fifth Chelek was…..

    Did the timing of the sale of FM have anything to do with it being a month after the passing of a well known member of the Melbourne Jewish community which was covered well by mainstream media here in Australia??….
    Those in Australia would know that the person spoken about in this story below was a huge financial contributor to Chabad in Melbourne…..

    Things that make you go hhhmmmmm……


  20. After a week the question on my mind is: Why is FailedMessaiah.com still online?

    The prevailing view here and elsewhere is that someone bought the site (along with the owner) to shut down the news and comments. If so, mission accomplished.

    What’s the point in keeping it up?

    If the new owners turn it into a supposedly Orthodox Jewish “good news-only” website, who will read it? That market is already covered.

  21. Shmarya wasn’t bought. What, you think he was because he’s not working 15 hours a day for our amusement while living at the poverty level and being threatened and attacked constantly? Because he was the first to explode open these ultra deviants, he should hang around so we have something to do while we’re on “Hold” at the office? That is a repulsive remark, Wiggles.

    • As my blubber said in Yiddish, “ruch manus”, let’s feel sorry for the guy ”

      He preferred to do this, not for noble reasons..

    • dh,

      I’m sorry you are offended but this is simply a form of English usage. Shmarya sold his URL, his website and apparently his right to speak about it.

      The purchasers who acquired these things can unquestionably be said to have “bought” them.

      What is truly “repulsive” is the behavior of the new owners. Your beef is with them, not me.

        • I’m sorry again but you are way to coy with me. Please be clearer. I’ll say it again, he sold his URL, website and its contents and it is safe to assume also agreed to a non-disparagement clause. That’s all I mean.

          In case you missed my question earlier (this layout is a bit confusing), I’ll ask you again: are you an attorney?

        • Please elaborate and tell us how you know this. There is nothing about him that the average person knows that would lead someone to believe he was above selling out.

          He was generally nasty, self righteous, and mean spirited. He also was a good writer. Show us why he wouldn’t be capable of selling out.

          • You watch a guy for ten years, under constant demand and pressure, you see by the time stamp on his posts that he’s working around the clock, you check and verify, you research, you get to know a guy.

            I know someone who is one of the three greatest people I have known and earned my respect forever. That individual was nasty, self righteous, and mean spirited. Plus the added burden of being irritating and opinionated;, a few organic issues as well. Also gentle, generous, kind, sensitive, trustworthy and brilliant. So what?

            Not a single one of us had any expectation of privacy with FM. He was hacked, wasn’t he? What if he dropped dead and anyone got ahold of the data? I do not for a second believe that Shmarya would knowingly sell us out. If anyone doesn’t then don’t post anywhere ever again.

    • Had he just closed like he first said he was doing that would have been fine….But he didn’t do that did he??….
      Shmarya took the gelt….And I have reasonable reason to suspect that he is not the only one…..

      • I was not aware that he said he was shutting down his site. Who else do you suspect “took the gelt”?

        The man started a blog, had sensational notoriety and respect from human rights abuse ppl, was despised by many. He built it up into a business that was monetarily valued by morons and he sold it to them. What is the problem. He didn’t sell them his computer, or the notices the publisher gets that shows IP addresses.

        If we gave a crap we would have supported him more.

        • We don’t know whether he sold the IP and email addresses. If he didn’t sell them he should have said that. Instead he speaks of the buyer’s assurances they will respect the confidentiality of identifying info. That implies they have that info.

          • You’re right. I went back and looked and here is what he said “They’ve promised to guard your confidentiality as I did, at least with regard to whatever you posted before this.”. There is probably a mutual confidentiality agreement. If they are in breach (and how would we know?) then he can talk too.

            • DH – There is probably no way to ever prove if the new owners of FM use our email addresses in some way which can hurt us. In the Frum world there are many ways to hurt people and their reputations other than the typical ways. Why would anyone have suspected that Shmarya would sell his blog with all of our email addresses on it? And why would anyone use a non-existent email address if they trusted him? We think of using non-existant email addresses when answering a Sweepstakes, Survey, or other such creepy things where it is common knowledge that they mine and sell email addresses. But Shmarya’s blog which rails against unethical behavior in the frum world? Most people trust the police and wouldn’t suspect them of using their position to put us in harm’s way. In this way I feel Shmarya betrayed us. He was the ethics police of the Frum world. We expected more from him. He sold our identifying information to Haredim with what on a practical level amounts to nothing more than a spit-handshake promise that our privacy and that which we trusted him with, will be protected. It is in this way that I feel he “sold us out.”

          • It is his once in a lifetime kitty. I doubt he will want to deplete it on a lawsuit. But now we are speculating about a man who defies conventional calculations of financial interest vs anger and conviction.

          • Here’s the thing……..

            Anyone with half a brain or the ability to Google can find out who I am. Seriously, how many rebbitzen are there in Green Bay, Wisconsin?

            Fact is, when you play on the Internet, you are not anonymous – period. I will grant you that it is possible to make yourself harder to find (unrelated alias – TOR browser……) but you can be tracked. Even IF the new owners were to want to sell our email addresses. Who the heck would want to buy them? If the rumors as to who bought the site (pulled from thin air as near as I can determine) are true – maybe they will hold them until we are in one of their eldercare facilities then BAM – serve us treif meals?

            Seriously, if they can come up with a product that would appeal to a large percentage of FM readers – hit me with the SPAM!

        • On this blog(Frum Frollies) only Yerachmiel can see my IP and the email address I used when I post…..This is because he is the administrator/owner of this blog…
          Yerachmiel can also go back to a thread from last year and see the IP and email address of anyone who posted because he is the Admin/owner….

          You and I do not have access to this information….Only Yerachmiel does…

          Same with FM….The new admin(owners) are the only one who can see the IP and email address of anyone who posted there….

          When he passed/sold the blog to the new Admin/owner with it he passed/sold the IP and email address of every one of us who posted there…
          The only way to sell the blog and NOT also sell the IP and email addresses of those who posted comments would have been to delete all comments…

          Hope this explains it better….

          • I can delete email addresses without losing the comment. I just experimented and did that. However, my software does not allow me to delete IPs. I don’t know how Typepad works. I only know how to do it manually, one at a time, but there may be ways to automate the deletion process.

          • You are correct – but to be perfectly fair, most used fake email or gmail (not traceable without a warrant) and an IP search generally can’t take you to someone’s doorway (unless you have some stupid skills or expensive toys).

            • Many use real emails with frum follies. Why wouldn’t they with FM.

              IPs often indicate location. Lets say someone says I work for chabad and my boss did x. In an out of way locale the IP alone cane be enough to narrow down the author to one of very few suspects. IPs can be matched up. Lets say a Mark Horowitz writes some comments openly with his name and email and others (much more dangerous to his standing) with the pseudonym Moshe Hockfleish. Match up the IPs and the identity of Hockfleish is disclosed.

              Now IPs can also be matched up with other databases. what’s if one of the buyers owns a business with many customers (e.g B&H photo) or a popular website in the haredi world that demands real tested emails before allowing commenting. Match the IPs between the two websites and the identy of the IP is revealed unless it is a computer or office with many users.

        • “What is the problem. He didn’t sell them his computer, or the notices the publisher gets that shows IP addresses.”

          How do you know what was sold or not?

          “If we gave a crap we would have supported him more.”

          If he gave a crap, he would not have insulted his loyal supporters. Once you were the recipient of his bile and invective, invariably unprovoked, any thought of supporting him with a contribution went out the window.

          • You have obviously never bought or sold a domain…..There are thousands of sites bought and sold daily…..It’s a huge business….

            When you sell a domain whatever is on it goes with it automatically….
            If you visit a domain who is site and enter the URL for FM you will see that it was changed to Ron Pearl and to 9900 W. Sample Road Coral Springs Florida ….
            Change was made 4th Feb….

            This is a “virtual addresses” and costs a few dollars a week and allow you to use an address which gives the impression that you actually have an office there…Which of course you don’t…
            Online ponzi schemes use these virtual offices all the time to fool people…..(fighting online scams is my hobby)….

            The new owner of FM is paying $85 per month to use this address….For a few dollars more they will even answer the phone in any name you want….

            Don’t believe me??…..Get your own virtual office at the same address….

            Want one in London??….

            How about Sydney Australia??…

            • With all due respect to your expertise and your knowledge dump, your key point is just a few words, “When you sell a domain whatever is on it goes with it automatically….”

              None of the other detail speaks to that point. It is a blizzard of interesting detail. But back to your main contention. Even if the typical pattern is to include all incidental info, e.g., IP/email, etc nothing makes it automatic.

              Specific deals can differ. there is a reason for using attorneys rather than just copying some standard form off the internet.

          • Wigmore, re “any thought of supporting him once you were the the recipient of his bile and invective invariably unprovoked, any thought of supporting him with a contribution went out the window”::

            indeed, AMEN. hateful, mean spirited. reading his stuff, was one thing, trying to interact with others, on msg board, well SR, blatantly violated every one of his rules, posted right there online,
            Sick pathological hater,
            Sorry that he had bad experience,
            Everyone has bad experiences.

            • Thank you. But if you are going to quote me, please do so accurately. The words I posted were:

              “Once you were the recipient of his bile and invective, invariably unprovoked, any thought of supporting him with a contribution went out the window.”

            • @Wigmore, 2/10 at 3:15 below, no response button: so here:
              well I’ll be darned, did I forget a comma? or is it time for new glasses. Please explicate,

            • Chasdan,

              Responding to your message below, you misquoted me. Perhaps that was a “cut and paste” error but the words you have in quotation marks are not exactly what I said.

  22. Apropos to nothing, but if FM were still open, I would quote this great comment from YWN’s Coffee Room:

    “As an aside, I find it despicable that when it comes to exposing bad behavior – molesters and other serious offenses, people suddenly are concerned about the “lashon hara” aspect. When a store suddenly loses hechsher, which is sometimes only caused by non-payment or getting a different agency, there is no fear of taking out FULL PAGE ads in several newspapers to inform the public. WOW! Talk about mistaken priorities!”

    I agree with him completely as I suspect most here would as well.

  23. This is a lil off topic but there is a new development in the matters of Chabad in Australia….
    The part about Jewish Care Victoria is just typical of the conflict of interest that exists in the Melbourne Jewish community and within Chabad…..
    It is also further proof that little to nothing has really changed in regards to Chabad in Australia….It’s just same old, same old…

    On a personal note…..One of these days the penny will drop and my local Chabad Rabbi who stops by my store as he passes through town will understand why I no longer say yes to his request for me to put on tephilin…..When he asks why, I reply that I’m just not interested anymore….
    The following link is some of the reason why….


  24. As it were, a chabad rabbi commented to me, re the situation in Australia, “they never got the email that this is no longer the wild west”.
    Hey, not so damning, but wth, this was a decent chabad rabbi, as in “semicha”. et AL, and decent postions, respected,

    FURTHERMORE, as i sort of got to understand some of this over time, the relatives (sons-in-law)?? sent threatening emails to tons of chabad rabbis, , anyone whom they thought was connected to CSA etc, even parenthetically,
    FACT. Highly threatening emails. this was a while ago, a year ago? more or less.
    Power and Money and Threats, Chabad Australia, wow, may this rich family and all of the scions et al,, be wiped off the face,
    These emails went out to anyone at all, who might have been tangentially connected to JCW, for sure anyone connected to JCW but even others, suspected of being sympathetic to CSA in any way whatsoever. YSZ chabad australia,

    They disgrace the name of Chabad.

  25. As an avid reader of failedmessiah, and sometimes commenter and emailer I think there should be some continuation of the broader reporting and aggregating work. To spread the load I was thinking of something along the lines of a subreddit, or multiple subreddits each devoted to a specific issue or geographic location that crosspost to a main reddit if someone wants everything.

    Aussie, how does this idea sound?

    • My pet hate at fm was that threads got buried within a day or so…..like i said earlier a forum would allow each topic to be in its own section…

      Biggest problem for me is that I can’t do it alone and I simply don’t know who I can trust….

      After being insulted and attacked by the owner here of this blog for my post exposing the deception of the new fm owner with regards to the registration of the domain name I’m not even sure I can trust him….
      I sure am glad I used a disposable gmail addy here….<(-_-)>

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