New Frum Follies Feature-Weekly Roundup of Published News Stories

One of my readers has stepped forward to help fill some of the gap arising from the sale of Failed Messiah. Among other things, the previous proprietor, Shmarya Rosenberg was an aggregator. He scoured the web and put up stories coming from other media, pasting most of the text and putting on headlines, prefaces and sometimes adding an observation or two.

Starting later today, and every weekend thereafter, the reader who prefers anonymity, will collate a listing of stories relating to child sex abuse in the orthodox world with links, and sometimes with brief excerpts.


5 thoughts on “New Frum Follies Feature-Weekly Roundup of Published News Stories

  1. So very glad to see that this important aspect of Failed Messiah will not disappear. But Rosenberg’s coverage of Chabad and Agudah was also very important, and I hope that you will eventually be able to encompass these topics as well.

    • Just to reiterate, this blog is primarily focused on sex abuse. I have and will continue to cover Chabad, Agudah, YU, Satmar and any other community where I am aware of sex abuse coverups. But I do not intend to broaden this blog to deal with all the other things covered by YU. But I encourage and challenge readers concerned for such coverage to step to the plate, pool their talents, or carve out niches, and start such coverage.

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