Jerry Brauner Will Go to Court on Probation Violation (2/23/16)

Jerry Brauner on stairwell

Jerry (Yechiel) Brauner in Congregation Shomer Shabbos positioned to grope kids passing by.

Last time I blogged about Jerry (Yechiel) Brauner, he got a super sweetheart no-jail deal on a sex offense, courtesy of the Brooklyn DA, Kenneth Thompson. He is a dangerous, uncontrollable, impulse-driven groper with a criminal record going back decades. Hanging out at that pedophile paradise, Congregation Shomer Shabbos in Boro Park, he even groped the genitals of men whose hands were occupied with holding Torah scrolls. And he does worse with minors. (update- A year ago, Shomer Shabbos finally kicked him out though other pervs are still welcome).

Sure enough, Brauner is due in court tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016, on a probation violation (Criminal Court, Division 2).

I expect he will get off with a slap on the wrist because the corruption of the office of the DA manifests itself as a peculiar inability to ever find ways to clamp down when it comes to orthodox Jewish sex offenders.

The DA may be obliging them but the greater shame falls on a community that uses its political muscle to protect sex offenders instead of protecting its members from sexual violations.

It is absurd to read of an obsession with modest clothing and sex segregation. What good is modest clothing when you can get away with groping over them or sticking your hands or worse under them?

Brauner Jerry probation violation court calendar for 2-23-16



41 thoughts on “Jerry Brauner Will Go to Court on Probation Violation (2/23/16)

  1. YL,
    much much more recently, at the molester’s shul,
    who was it who defiled not one , but two boys on same day, in the basement,
    Both caught on video.
    So many molesters to follow, so little time,
    who was it, for sure you know, more in past than this menuval,
    Btw, i would like to retroactively change all and any of my comments to use of word “menuval” and not the rashei teivot that are i understand highly objectionable, i am a reasonable person,
    5 t, et al, beg ignorance as to the enormous weight of the rashei tevot, emes,

    • Od yoter, for 5 towns,, you had 2 taanot negdi,.
      Re the use of the rashei tevot, please, aleph you realize of course that I am not frum, but have acccumulated bit of knowledge, I did not, did not, realize how terribly offensive the rashei tevot were, so I personally want to respond to you and beg slicha or mechila or whatever, pains me that I transgressed, I did not know just how awful teh rashei tevot are, or at least to someone with a background as you, or to all, did not understand the mishkal of those letters. Menuval is what i should have written, and it pains me that i struck a nerve in you, with your background, and i beg mechila,
      Second all speculations re behavior et al, are fair play, and i phrased mine in a very none intrusive way, as low key as possible, someone else speculated re the derriere, sorry i don’t agree,
      re than interpretation,
      I was super gentile with my psychoanalytic hypothesis and this is not a frum blog,
      Furthermore, I think from way back, you are a professional in associated field??
      For that speculation, in the very very sensitive, mild way in which I phrased it, I do not apologize. not for a moment,
      but 100 negative for me on number one, Ha’ikar, and i beg forgiveness re the rashei teivot, that’s what happens when a non-frum learns terminology online, Major error in mishkal of use of word or Rashei tevot, again, I beg forgiveness, you added that you are from family nitsolai shoah, even more so,
      otoh, menuvalim, well many on this blog have have experiences which might be compared to the Shoah, i know that that sound crazy to you,
      Read “Facing the Abusing God” a Theology of Protest, David Blumenthal 1993 . he compares the Jewish people post Shoah to an abused child,
      You hopefully have not had the double burden.
      So you see, the term menuval is a bit too mild, for some, but ,,,,ok, highly recommend the book even to frum.

  2. “Hanging out at that pedophile paradise, Congregation Shomer Shabbos in Boro Park. . .”

    I have said kaddish there a few times and never was aware of this reputation. I would more likely have said “schnorrer paradise.”

    Can you elaborate, please? This is a sincere question.

  3. Great point YL. This should be stressed more!: “It is absurd to read of an obsession with modest clothing and sex segregation. What good is modest clothing when you can get away with groping over them or sticking your hands or worse under them?”


    Nothing changes! All the “frum” news outlets reported about the attempted kidnapping when it happened on 2/15. At the time the police released a very fuzzy picture of the suspect Today the police released a crystal clear photo showing a “frum” looking Jew with a kippa and none of the “frum” outlets (Matzav, YWN. Failed Messiah) reported it. VIN initially reported it and then took it down. Business as usual, protecting the criminals at the expense of the victims and potential victims.

    Note, seven years ago Bernard Mutterpirl was sentenced to 9 years in prison for a similar crime against a Hispanic girl.

    • It is now up on Failed Messiah. They credit it to Vos Iz Neias (VIN) which is a major haredi newsight but still officially under a kol korheh ban. VIN has in the meantime taken it down.

      I assume someone cared enough to deal with possible Haredi embarrassment because this is a real danger in the present. But since even this sort of news is a hot potatoe, they wanted to minimize the flack by only having one site take the heat. Maybe VIN offloaded it. Maybe the new FM wanted it so it could show it was doing something besides warning about one Miami landlord with bedbugs. Either way, there it is: Haredi media, even when they finally do something only take the worst cases, only when there is an obvious and detectable immediate risk, only when the cops have already put out the story. They will probably take it down if the guy is caught. But that is only a guess and I would be delighted to be proven wrong.

      • I bet the girl’s family is already being pressured to drop the case altogether. The story has died once it was evident that the perp was haredi. If it were a black or hispanic perp his picture would be plastered all over Brooklyn and Shomrim would be scouting out every neighborhood.

    • Now the story has been dropped by FM and JP Updates has a new version.

      Man Wanted For Allegedly Attempted Kidnapping of Brooklyn Jewish Girl Turned Himself in to Police

      “Within a day after investigators released a clear photo of the man wanted in connection with an alleged attempted kidnapping of a 14-year-old Orthodox Jewish girl last week in the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn, the man turned himself in to police Tuesday afternoon and investigators cleared him of being a suspect, Two NYPD officials told JP.

      The man who is 17-years-old turned himself in with his attorney to detectives at the 61th Precinct and was interviewed, the boy didn’t cooperate with the Detectives and the girl gave up her story, and didn’t want police to file charges, the official said.

      As previously reported the alleged attempted kidnapping occurred on February 15 in late afternoon after the girl left her high school and was on her way home. The man approached her and then put his arm around her and tried to lure her. A teacher nearby witnessed what was happening and that scared the suspect into letting go of the girl. She then went home and told her parents, who contacted the police.

      After the man turned himself into police, Detectives re-interviewed the girl and she gave up new details that she didn’t say originally, NYPD and the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office decided not to file any charges.”

      I don’t know what to believe. It is sad that I can neither trust the Haredi media or the cops and the DA about this Brooklyn story.

      • You sound surprised. Was it any different with Mondrowitz, Kolko, Leizerowitz, Hafner, Reichman, or the hundreds of cases that Hikind heard about and filed away? Brooklyn is the safest place for child molesters to ply their trade, always was and always will be.

        • Not that safe for non-orthodox molesters. But while most communities demand more enforcment of the law against child molesters, the frum world flexes it political power to demand less.

  5. “The suspect is a white male, approximately 20 years old, 5’8″ tall, 150 lbs., with brown eyes, short black hair and medium complexion. He was last seen wearing a white-collared shirt, a black jacket, black pants and black shoes.”

    Wearing a yarmuka… ?

  6. Something very strange about this story. FM took down the post now as well. The initial fuzzy picture of the suspect that JP Updates posted on 2/18 is clearly not the same suspect that they posted yesterday. It would be strange for the NYPD to release one set of pictures of a suspect one day and then release another set of another suspect a few days later. Something tells me that this was a prank and that someone is out to get the poor guy that was pictured yesterday.

    • I have no inside dope yet. But it is strange. Maybe they discovered he is someone with a high level protector. Maybe they thought he was already out of the country and now they realize he could be vulnerable to actual arrest. Maybe he has been arrested and thus the immediate danger is over as far as they are concerned so why cause a chillul hashem. If the story actually came with police imprateur it is quite probably genuinely true that they have the pic of a valid public danger.

  7. As I suspected, the girl’s family was pressured to drop the case altogether. The story died once it was evident that the perp was haredi. The perp turned himself in today and was immediately released. Business as usual.

      • the guy in the distorted pictures looks cognitally “off” and is not wearing earbuds. The story also does not follow typical perp slime tactics. My guess- someone with a special needs brother is standing in and the girls family is willing to let it go.

        • I don’t see any obvious evidence of disability in either pic and the original unenhanced pic was of course weaker on details. i do not see how it follows that this is not a typical case of pressuring the vic into silence.

    • Yes, I hear that Brauner hangs at Sfardishe shul, along with alleged molester Shmuel Borger.

      Dislodging Thompson as DA is a way bigger discussion for another time. However, incumbent DAs in NYC (or most other places) rarely lose reelection. Iirc, Hynes was the first incumbent NYC DA to be voted out of office in 102 years.

  8. Attempted abduction case in Brooklyn falls apart after suspect, a man from a prominent Orthodox family, comes forward
    BY REUVEN BLAU, THOMAS TRACY NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, February 24, 2016, 12:10 PM A A A

    The suspect’s father is the principal of a yeshiva and his grandfather is an ‘influential rabbi.’
    The suspect’s father is the principal of a yeshiva and his grandfather is an ‘influential rabbi.’
    An investigation into an attempted abduction of a 14-year-old girl in Brooklyn fell apart after it was learned that the suspect comes from a prominent Orthodox family, law enforcement sources said Wednesday.

    The suspect, a 20-year-old Orthodox man, showed up at the 61st Precinct with his attorney Tuesday — a day after the NYPD released an enhanced photo of him as a suspect in the crime.

    But when investigators contacted the victim after the suspect came forward the family “stopped cooperating with the cops,” a police source said.

    The victim was with her mother when the suspect — initially described as a white or Hispanic man — approached her on E. 7th St. in Midwood about 4:30 p.m. Feb. 16.
    The victim was with her mother when the suspect — initially described as a white or Hispanic man — approached her on E. 7th St. in Midwood about 4:30 p.m. Feb. 16.
    A source with knowledge of the investigation said the girl changed her mind about talking to authorities after receiving pressure from the community.

    The suspect’s father is the principal of a yeshiva and his grandfather is an “influential rabbi,” the source said.

    The victim was with her mother when the suspect — initially described as a white or Hispanic man — approached her on E. 7th St. in Midwood about 4:30 p.m. Feb. 16.

    “Come here,” the man demanded of the teen.

    When the girl refused, he grabbed her by the shoulder and wouldn’t let go until the victim’s former teacher intervened, officials said.

    “The case and the investigation is closed,” an NYPD spokesman said Wednesday. “No one is charged.”

    Detectives made their decision after conferring with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, the spokesman said.

    With Rocco Parascandola, Christina Carrega-Woodby

  9. Any update on the case that the new FM was going to publicize? You said you have known about it for a while. Can you provide some more info?

    • It seems so far the sum total of their reporting has been stuff others covered such as the imprisonment of Yeshayahu Pinto for bribery. Other than that their only original exposes involves one landlord with bedbugs. What they promised they have not delivered and I doubt they will.

      • what did they promise and to whom?
        details not necessary.
        what is their motivation in keeping FM going,.
        motivation to out SR clear, anti ortho constant harranging and australia and australia chabad still who knows what further shmutz will come out of there, (as if there is not enough)..

        But it kills me, and I cannot even hypothesize a reason for anyone to keep the site going,
        why? voz, and ywn and zillion others,
        there must be some motivation here, that someone is hiding,
        and frankly, YL, it is inconceivable to me, that you don’t have a darn good theory, (or even more) RE WHY the new owners are keepiing this alive,
        for the time being,
        I’m a betting kind of guy, bet on that 6 months, year from now, FM does not exist, nor any scions, lol. until then?

        • Honestly, I really don’t know. I would speculate that they may want to save it to do some attack in some particular case involving sex abuse. It might even be motivated by a different agenda. If they want that platform they need to keep it alive. hence the stream of stories lifted from elsewhere. But then VIN started that way and has turned into the best news site targeted at the Chareidi world.

  10. As a victim of this fat ferd, I think he should be called Teflon Jerry since no charges ever seem to stick.

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