From the Archives: Another Modesty Zealot Bites the Dust (updated 9:45 pm, EST)

Nechemya Weberman in Kings County Supreme Court on 3-25-11 (photo credit Joseph Diangello)

Nechemya Weberman in Kings County Supreme Court on 3-25-11 (photo credit Joseph Diangello)

A little over five years ago on 2/24/11 I broke this story about Weberman. After a tumultuous trial, covered by all the major national and international media, he was convicted on 59 counts and sentenced to 103 years. He is now in jail and will probably die there. His arrest was not news, but I was the first to identify his role in the Williamsburg Modesty Committee the day after his arrest. It was that role that gave him cover and access to his victims and made it possible for him to intimidate them.

At the time I posted I had no idea of the extent his misconduct under the cover of his modesty committee. It involved dozens of victims. Nor did I know how much it would consume my blogging through his trial. It provoked major public demonstrations against him, something unprecedented. He was the first Haredi abuse trial where there was massive courtroom attendance by supporters of the victim. I am very proud of my extensive blogging including some of the best pieces I wrote and some superb guest posts. See especially, She Knew She Was in Trouble When Weberman Closed the Bedroom Door , Who Will Watch the Watchers?, An Introduction to the Nechemya Weberman Trial for Those New To the Case on the Eve of the Trial,  Reflections on the Weberman Trial at the End of Its First Five Days, and How an Entire Community Of Sheep Were Deceived By Weberman! – Guest Post by Pearl Engelman.

According to the NY Post, Nechemya Weberman was arraigned last night on charges of  raping a 12 year old girl.  Weberman is one of the most active members of the Williamsburg Vaad Hatzniyus (modesty committee). This makes you wonder about our so-called modesty guardians and zealots.

Shimon Weiser is another proud Williamsburg modesty zealot who has taken on the task of censoring others. His dishonest tactics include using the name Rabbi Binyomin Brown when he calls around to harass those advertising in Vos Iz Neies (VIN), the orthodox news web site which he was instrumental in banning.

David Niederman is the most important Satmar Williamsburg power broker. Niederman is very close to Nechemya Weberman and others in the Williamsburg Vaad Hatznius. He, along with the Vaad Hatznius allowed Rabbi Reichman to continue teaching at Satmar in spite of persuasive allegations that Reichman molested boys in the Satmar yeshiva, United Talmudical Academy (UTA). Shimon Weiser’s brother, Moshe Weiser, is one of the men Niederman uses to liaison between the Williamsburg Hasidic community and the police. Moshe Weiser was one of the founders of the Williamsburg Shomrim patrol service.

Nechemya Weberman, Moshe Weiser, Shimon Weiser and David Niederman are all part of a circle of tznius zealots who preach stricter standards of sexual modesty  and advocate banning VIN because it reports on convicted sex offenders. At the same time these tznius zealot are busy covering up sex abuse in their own backyard. They are a bunch of hypocrites. Weiser and his gang should stop promoting censorship in the name of modesty and concentrate on keeping their own Williamsburg  zealots on the straight and narrow.

Incidentally, Nechemya Weberman while in Satmar, is the nephew of the now ailing Rabbi Meir Weberman who heads the hasidic group, The Malachim (the angels). They were formed by a breakaway group of Torah Vodath students in the interwar period and are the first hasidic group formed by Americanized kids moving to Hasidism. Meir’s son, Mordechai (William) Weberman was one of the Hasidim who went to Teheran’s holocaust revisionist conference at the invitation of  Iranian President Mahhmoud Ahmadinejad. I have  no reason to believe that Nechemyah approved of his cousin’s travels. In fact Satmar and the Edah Hacharedis condemned them. But it sure looks like Nechemya and his cousin, Mordechai, are not angels.

Nechemya Weberman was represented at arraignment  by George Farkas. Farkas also represented four followers of Zalman Leib Teitelbaum who attacked two Aroni followers in a shul control battle. The police were ready to testify to the assualt. However, the DA accepted a plea deal on Dec. 12, 2005 of misdemeanor assault.  Each of the four (Abraham Braun, 39, Abraham Mendlowitz, 28, Chaim Roth, 35, and Lipa Krausz, 38) was sentenced to 500 hours of community service. Their victims were Jacob Brach and Leon Teitelebaum.


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