Purim Can Be Risky

purim_binge_drinking_640_29Purim is fun. Purim is drinking. Purim has people coming and going in all sorts of places. Purim means too many kids who are not sufficiently supervised.

Purim is paradise [pardes and the English paradise are Persian words] for sex abusers. They themselves may be less inhibited while under the influence. Giving alcohol to younger boys can make them less resistant to influence and to abuse. Afterwards, the offender can claim it was silliness, not as claimed, abuse. I have heard too many stories of abuse that happened on Purim, typically involving older boys or young men with teens. Similar stories also happen other times of the year in Chabad with its ubiquitous vodka. That elixir of kiruv (outreach) knocks down boundaries and restraints.

Parents need to monitor settings where kids are, or be sure some other responsible adult is monitoring. They also need to regulate alcohol use. I am not puritanical about alcohol for under-age kids on Purim. But it becomes dangerous beyond limited quantities.

Alcohol kills in large enough quantities. Hatzolah organizations around the country report deaths and serious emergencies after Purim. Don’t let it happen to your kid.

Be funny, be smart, be happy afterwards.

Chag sameach! Happy Purim


3 thoughts on “Purim Can Be Risky

  1. How on target.
    I’ve seen guys, 50+ on the floor on Purim at Chabad. Me, well, something weird in my DNA, I can do a liter of Luksusowa in 24 hours (two days), and be totally fine, and also the next day, I should really ask a scientist about that. it is puzzling. Very.
    Seriously. So, one thing is sure, I will not be abused on Purim. , how comforting to contemplate.
    Maybe some primordial leftover from the brit milah, but for inexplicable reasons, I, in fact, never had one.
    Seriously. Someone should do a PHD thesis on correlation between amount of wine used at bris and subsequent impermeability to alcohol,
    This is the kind of sxxt that people write for phd dissertations. Number of pages is very important,
    Otherwise it’s a cheap phd.
    Sorry, I’ve gone a fair bit OT. But things seem a bit slow here…. so perhaps ??

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