Rabbi Daniel Greer of New Haven Sued for Allegedly Raping a Yeshiva Boy

The New Haven Independent reported today (5/3/16):

A lawsuit filed Tuesday accuses Rabbi Daniel Greer —  who revived a declining neighborhood and has publicly crusaded against gay rights, prostitution, and coed university dorms   —  of repeatedly raping and molesting students at his yeshiva at Elm and Norton streets.

Greer, through his attorney, denied the allegations.

An attorney for Eliyahu Mirlis, the alleged victim, filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in New Haven.

The suit names Greer and the two schools he founded and runs   —  the Gan School, a mixed-gender elementary school; and the Yeshiva of New Haven, a boarding high school for boys   —  as defendants.

The case has already started fraying a tight-knit religious family community centered around the yeshiva, in the former Roger Sherman School building at 765 Elm St. Through a series of corporations, Greer and his family bought, renovated, and have since rented out some four dozen multi-family homes on surrounding blocks, many of them notable for their eight-foot-high stockade fences. Passionate minyanim, or prayer services, occur daily in the morning and evening on the second floor of the school, which has doubled as a small neighborhood synagogue.

Enrollment at the yeshiva dwindled to close to zero in recent months as word about the allegations spread through the Orthodox Jewish community. Officials resigned from the boards of the schools and the real estate corporations.

For the rest of this detailed article go here.

The Forward posted four days after the above article (without citing it). They did add on a few details about his orthodox affiliations.


7 thoughts on “Rabbi Daniel Greer of New Haven Sued for Allegedly Raping a Yeshiva Boy

  1. There was always something strange about him and the fact that he had goats and a small farm in his backyard in a residential area. No one has anything nice to say about him from neighbors

    • I agree with Fred about the fact that a person with unusual tendencies, such as keeping goats or other farm animals on one’s property, has nothing to do with someone being a sex offender, rapist, molester, pedophile, etc. Nor does nobody liking someone, or nobody having anything nice to say about someone, have anything to do with someone being a sex abuser. There are millions of grouchy, cantankerous, idiosyncratic, strange and unusual people who do strange and unusual things, and they are not sex abusers. Likewise, there are popular, well-liked, and admired individuals who have proven to be sex abusers. Judging someone to be or not be a sex abuser based on anything other than their actions in regard to sex abuse is wrong and potentially dangerous.

        • If there is a lawsuit being brought, and 10 years worth of rumors that he is a sexual abuser, there is in all likelihood some fire where there’s smoke.

          To clarify, my point was that just because someone is seen as “strange” or “eccentric” or “unusual” does not mean that he is a sexual predator. And that is a dangerous claim to start making, because anyone who is in the least bit different in any sort of way is suspect. And the opposite is also true, and equally as dangerous an assumption – just because someone seems like a “great guy” doesn’t mean he is not a sexual predator. I was referring to a person’s likeability, popularity and how much they are similar or different or perceived as such by the people around them. These things have nothing to do with a person being a sexual predator, as implied by the post I responded to above from 05/03/2016 at 7:27 pm. Saying “he was always strange” and that’s how you know he indeed is a sexual predator is mistaken. Plenty of strange people are harmless, and plenty of very likeable people are dangerous. That was my point.

  2. Having goats in his backyard may indicate strange tendencies- but the same is true about people from other countries- Greeks also sometimes keep goats on their property; so do some Lubovitchers who can’t get chalav Yisroel milk. That his neighbors don’t like him doesn’t support the accusations made against him either. For personal reasons, I’m quite skeptical of this case, and I hope it’s resolved quickly.

  3. why no follow up? devasting depostion transcripts have been released in which the details of the abuse has been revealed??

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