Satmar Issues Slick PR Statement about the Video of Rabbi Klein and the Child

A shocking video  is ricohcheting around the Internet which was reported by several media outlets. It shows the principal of the Satmar lower school in Kiryas Joel, NY, rocking a child squeezed between his legs against his groin while he is rhythmically moving in ways suggesting masturbation. The boy who appears to be about six years old struggles to get away during this video which runs for eleven minutes. The principal, Moshe Hirsch Klein, uses his hands to alternately caress the boy, stroke his back, and pull him in tighter as the boy repeatedly struggles to get away. See my previous posts, here and here, for more about this case which the police and DA are looking into.

The exhibit du jour is a press release issued today (5/10/16), doubtlessly written by a professional PR firm, claiming they of course care about and don’t tolerate sex abuse, and claiming they fully cooperate with the criminal justice system. Naturally they deny anything happened in this case and the principal is a great guy with an unblemished reputation.

But to really know their mentality consider a speech given by the grand rabbi of the village of KJ, Aron Teitelbaum, openly saying that the authorities were willing to look the other way about their failure to fulfill secular schooling requirements, but for some snitches. See Daily News. Sadly that is also true about sex abuse, as long as the offender is a fellow Hasid. This is because the community intimidates witnesses and delivers block votes which help determine who is elected DA.Faced with difficulty prosecuting cases and mindful of the block votes, DA’s in with large Hasidic block votes, such as Kings (Brooklyn), Rockland, and Orange, they just don’t do their darnedest to protect ultra orthodox children.

And now for your entertainment here is the press release.

UTA statement on video of Rabbi Klein on may 10 2016Hat Tip for flyer: Boorey Deutsch

22 thoughts on “Satmar Issues Slick PR Statement about the Video of Rabbi Klein and the Child

  1. This will go nowhere because the D.A. will never be granted permission by the Satmar authoritarians to interview the parents or the victim.
    The only way to possibly get testimony from the victim is by treating him as a minor who is being raised in a home rife with child abuse. Any parent that refuses to cooperate to indict this Rabbi for child molestation should be considered a child abuser themselves and have their children removed from their care.

  2. The letter is missing the most important point. Is the encounter appropriate or not.
    Notice they cleverly state it doesn’t rise to the level of criminal assault.
    Our question to UTA is simple. Acceptable or not.
    Does he go or not.

    • He was “Embracing the students who were sent to his office for behavioral issues.” And “While this type of restraint may be unacceptable to some viewers” we are special and we do things differently and just because you don’t do things like we do or because you think wearing fur hats in 90 degree weather is strange, doesn’t make our way of doing things wrong. In other words, we will defend this guy to the death because our social structure and control our masses depends on it. If our people who we keep in the dark start to believe that there are cracks in our veneer they will be tempted to pull back the curtain and realize that we are only manipulating them and controlling their entire lives for our own self aggrandizement and wealth.

  3. The last paragraph is the most enlightening one. Having already dismissed the most obvious interpretation of the events in the video as merely stemming from “media and critics of our community” they ramble on for a bit. Then they say what they’re really about: “Child abuse in any form is unacceptable” (but we’ve never admitted to its existence and we never will, plus we’ll never lay out a plan to combat it, but more importantly…) “we stand with our parents, students and staff at this time in defense of our institution and the reputation of our school principal” (and for that we sure do have a plan and we’re ready to spend as much as necessary to carry it out).

    • as much as it will cost, for that they have pidyon shvuyim.
      from which the funds will ever run out,
      priorities priorities,
      pashkevalim are cheap to print,
      and the chain phone calls, well,
      clear threats are not necessary,
      not to open up a can of worms, ( aka snakes)
      there are, as it were, several even far more pernicious cults, just a few,
      but not opening that off topic subject,
      one last thing, ani, l’daavoni, i was not involved at time of the inyan that two sons fought on the streets of bklyn,
      Sheesh, that must have been worth a great video, aka, film. wondering why there was none, or was there???

  4. The irony is that Satmar put themselves on a madraiga much higher than anyone else.
    What they are is a corrupt cult, led by an authoritarian leader who they worship as G-d.
    Our religion doesn’t deify men – no matter how much these deranged black-hatted ignoramii want it to be so,
    The Teitelbaum dynasty needs a good shot of bleach into the gene pool.

    • I agree with the first sentence. Even their zealots do not imagine their rebbe on the level of god. I have no reason to believe the problem is genetic or that bleach would be curative. I realize you are using hyperbole. But really, there are so many nasty things that can be said about them without overreaching.

    • Although slightly hyperbolic, you touch on bit of truth. Their gene pool is indeed becoming concentrated with those to whom appeals to reason fall on deaf ears. The smarter ones have gone off the derech and abandoned the cult, What you have left is a gene pool ossified to produce idiots.
      Is that the future of chasidic and chareidi Yiddishkeit?

      • I think there are plenty of intelligent folks in Satmar including both Zaali and Aron. What they have is a culture that rewards outrageous behavior and undermines seichel. It is true that simple inheritance is a lousy way to choose leaders, but in Satmar’s case it is because it does not select for social judgment and decency.

  5. They “stand with the parents and students”. Does that mean that the parents and students were questioned and they support this principal?
    We haven’t seen that yet. Oh how we wish someone would conduct an anonymous survey of parents who have seen the footage and print the results.

  6. “Embracing” and “While this type of restraint may be unacceptable to some viewers” ,
    they had to step in it.

  7. The parents are helpless. If they break ranks their children will be kicked out of school, the older children won’t get a shiduch, they will be ostracized and the holy rebbe may even put them in herem (excommunication…just like the Catholics.) They cannot speak out unless they are prepared to leave the community…and have a way to support themselves.

    • Even ignoring for the moment “small issues” of shidduchim and kids getting kicked out of school.
      omg, great, throw them all out,
      what will their rebbe do?
      ah, sell a luxury car, or a vacation home?
      how many of those does he have, i.e. how long can he live off of those?
      ALL BRAINWASHED followers,
      pull out, no tuition,
      Of course the issue of being educated for any secular job, does prevent a problem,
      Just how many job openings does B&H have?
      Jews are very creative,
      if even a tiny fraction of the energy put into financial scams, —-google satmars in prison,
      2008, Lasurim heck they don’t even know proper Hebrew,
      The 2008 scam, (or the one ended in 2008 when some were given early release). e.g. Chaim Hollender et al, Major brain was Mordechai Samet.
      Satmar geniuses abusing ERATE, The case blown open by Hela Winston and Julie Weiner,
      in 4 part article in Jewish Week,
      Heck, Satmar has some geniuses,
      when it comes to scams. Mordechai Samet and the team of naive guys he got to work for him,
      Let them use some of those smarts to get out of Kiryas Joel, and leave the chetsi rebbi alone with his multiple luxury cars and houses,
      Satmars and Twersky ( followers feel trapped,
      by their leader,
      They cannot sell their homes without his approval.
      Corruption raised to infinity,
      But the Yiddishe brain can overcome,
      But Satmars remain trapped, each afraid,
      Let them organize,
      Let them find a way to educate their children, so that they are not trapped, for generations,
      Same for the Skver followers, the followers of David Twersky they cannot daven at a different shul, amnam that the Twersky davens in his own quarters.
      His puppet was let out early??
      think i read, the arson. the kid who was svengalied by his rebbe
      was it Gribetz who got him out?
      undoubtedly, pidyon shvuyim.
      And get some donations from Lasurim, google it.
      Founded by Satmar Hollender brother of prisoner, lucky guy,
      Chaim is even luckier, ,,,,,as time will tell….

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