The Sauna Rabbi Is Now a Spiritual and Psychological Counselor

Jonathan Rosenblatt

Jonathan Rosenblatt

Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt, advertises himself as someone who provides “Spiritual and Psychological Counseling.” This is on the site of Scarsdale Integrative Medicine whose motto is “East and West Medicine for the Balance of Your Life.”

The good news is he is out of the rabbinate where he regularly exploited nude sauna and shower situations to “mentor” and “counsel” minors and young men while simultaneously gazing and displaying himself. Hopefully, the Scarsdale Center does not have a sauna.

It was wise of Rosenblatt to avoid mentioning his previous employer, the Riverdale Jewish Center. Anyone Googling that affiliation would have learned about his notoriety as the “Sauna Rabbi.”

I have no idea why he thinks his doctorate in British literature qualifies him for this work. But then he has a peer in Riverdale, Simcha Weinberg, with a similarly nebulous professional self description as a spiritual counselor who specializes in married women. Weinberg also avoids getting into the question of why he stopped working at the Lincoln Square Synagogue.


A lot of people would be better off if Rosenblatt stuck to teaching British literature or at least confined his counseling to women. Similarly, Weinberg would do himself and others some good confining himself to work that does not involve counseling women.

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One thought on “The Sauna Rabbi Is Now a Spiritual and Psychological Counselor

  1. How dare you speak or write such things about a Torah scholar who has selflessly devoted his life to helping people in so many ways!

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