Malka Leifer Is Evading Extradition and Is Freed from House Arrest

Malka Leifer

Malka Leifer

As police were closing in on this notorious molester of orthodox girls in Melbourne, her school board got her out of the country.

This   initiated a multi-year saga of justice denied now being played out in extradition process in Israel.

The downside of Theodore Herzl’s dream of a Jewish refuge is the sheltering of molesters who abscond justice in the diaspora.

Australia’s 9News reports:

Former Melbourne Jewish girls’ school principal and alleged pedophile Malka Leifer… will not face extradition to Victoria – where she faces prosecution for 74 sexual abuse offences against 10 girls at the Adass Israel School – until she has completed psychiatric treatment that could go on for years.

On Thursday, Jerusalem District Court judge Amnon Cohen ruled that Leifer would receive outpatient treatment in Jerusalem after a report from the district psychiatrist found she was not mentally fit to face an extradition trial.

Leifer’s treatment in a Jerusalem clinic would begin next week and would last initially for six months.

She would receive up to five treatments during that time until a committee would assess whether she is fit to stand trial.

The court ruled this process could go on for up to 10 years. If the committee continually finds she is unfit to stand trial she may evade her extradition trial indefinitely……

Jewish Community Watch representative Shana Aaronson was… worried Leifer may reoffend in Israel……”The thought they will put a predator right back into the community is insane.”

Several of Leifer’s victims are living in Israel……”It seems obvious that if Leifer is so unwell that she can’t even attend court, she needs to be in a psychiatric ward. And when she’s well enough, she should be brought before the court to face the long-overdue extradition hearing…… This will ensure both justice for the alleged victims and the safety of Israel’s children,” [Manny] Waks said.





2 thoughts on “Malka Leifer Is Evading Extradition and Is Freed from House Arrest

  1. This is exactly precisely what will shove the victims “off the derech,” although considering what is going on on the derech, I am shocked people are not jumping off of it wholesale. My new verb is idiot, as in idiots have to idiot. It may sound cute, but when they do, there are more often than not, dangerous consequences. Someone needs to sue the school authorities in AU now, and charge them with interfering in a criminal investigation and obstructing justice. Why is that not being done?

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