Passaic’s Orthodox Rabbis Ban Child Molester Stefan Colmer from their Synagogues

Stefan Colmer 2016

Stefan Colmer

The following email was just sent out to members of a large orthodox synagogue in Passaic, NJ, a sizable orthodox Jewish Community.

From: R. Y. Eisenman <
Subject: Important
Date: Tuesday, June 7, 2016, 10:02 PM

Please be aware that Stefan Colmer, whom I spoke publicly about a few years ago and who was subsequently arrested, convicted and imprisoned for sexually abusing minors, has moved back to his home on 38 John Street [Passaic, NJ].

Congregation Ahavas Israel, together with all the Shuls in the Passaic-Clifton area has prohibited him from entering our premises; he is also not allowed in any of the Yeshivas. Mr. Colmer’s picture and the details of his criminal record can be found here.

JFS [Jewish Family Services] will be hosting a forum within the next few days that will address concerns and appropriate steps on how to keep one’s children safe. The details will be communicated to you shortly.

Ron Yitzchok Eisenman, Rabbi
Congregation Ahavas Israel, Passaic, NJ
181 Van Houten Ave.
Passaic, NJ 07055




Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman

Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman

Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman

In 2009 I reported on an event conducted by R Eisenman:

To understand the importance of listening to survivors check out this mp3 of an evening devoted to the testimony of five survivors. It runs over 2 hours and will probably keep you riveted. The recording was first posted by theUnorthodoxJew and FailedMessiah right after Yom Kippur.  Listening to it moved me to start my blog before Sukkot.  Kudos to Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman of Congregation Ahavas Israel of Passaic for hosting the event and being a frum communal leader who is genuinely addressing the problem. A recent writeup of this event by the Jewish Week, continues their string of important stories about child molesting. Email them to thank them for their coverage.

In 2010 I posted this:

According to Chazal It Was Tamar Who Instituted the Geder of Yichud Through Her Screams After She Was Raped

Read this incredible Drashah, Still Screaming: Is Anyone Listening? by Rabbi Ron Yitzchok Eisenman of  Ahavas Israel in Passaic.  When anyone tells you that a proper bas yisroel would never testify about Nechemya Weberman consider Tamar who was raped by Amnon. she screamed. Chazal credit her with creating the geder of yichud. But I cannot do justice to the writing of R. Eisenman. Read it yourself and think about it.

Stefan Colmer

Stefan Colmer Sex Offender Registry Photo

Stefan Colmer Sex Offender Registry Photo

In 2012, the Failed Messiah blog reported:

Convicted Haredi Pedophile Back In Brooklyn

Stefan Colmer was in a treatment program run by Ohel for pedophiles but quit the program, and Ohel did not warn the community or tell police. Colmer abused more children, two of whom went to police. Colmer fled to Israel, was extradited, then convicted and sentenced to a 7 year prison term in 2009. Now Colmer has been conditionally released from prison after serving only 3 months more than his minimum 28 month sentence – and may be back in Ohel’s treatment program.

At present, according to his LinkedIn profile he works as an Electronics Support Manager/Product Developer at Impecca and Taryag Ventures in Brooklyn.



6 thoughts on “Passaic’s Orthodox Rabbis Ban Child Molester Stefan Colmer from their Synagogues

  1. Rabbi Eisenman has been a true role model to the orthodox community regarding abuse. I am glad the entirety of Passaic-Clifton, an increasingly growing yeshivish community, has agreed to do this (although I doubt any of them would have done anything if not for Rabbi Eisenman’s initiative).
    Waiting for other communities to follow suit.

    • Did the other shuls also send out an email about this or just theoretically agreed with Rabbi Eisenman when asked about it?

      • good question. I am not sure but my sense of RRYE is that he wouldn’t have spoken of other congregations unless they agreed. Will they be as diligent? Perhaps not. But just agreeing in principle encourages more community members to be part of collective policing.

  2. I personally saw most of the shuls in town sent out this email. Rabbi Heshie Hirth, dean of Yeshiva Ktana was the first to send out the email…and then each shul modified that email accordingly and sent it out.

  3. Stefan Colmer was guest at my שבת טיש here down the Jersey Shore many times as a teenager prior to it being discovered that he was a very dangerous pedophile. While brilliant with computers, he was completely incapable of learning from ספרים (no linguistic skills whatsoever and incredibly immature), and as a substitute became inordinately ‘Frum’ while simultaneously raping young boys.

    In truth, the Internet is an amazing tool from הקב״ה in order to safeguard our children from מנוולים such as Colmer. Rather than ילך למקום שאין מכירין אותו, he tries to move back into Passaic where his depravities are well known? Inconceivable!

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