Brooklyn DA, Ken Thompson, Has a Courtroom Political Operative

Wayne Williams 1

Wayne Williams – If you see him attending a case in court, the political fix is probably being attempted.

The New York Daily News (6/15/16) reports, “Ex-staffer accuses Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson of promoting unqualified political operative.

According to the article, the DA promoted Wayne Williams to Deputy Chief of Staff even though he has no law degree.

Worse, Williams routinely shows up in court rooms to monitor ADAs, and to coach/coax them in their handling of cases.

This  reeks of politically motivated manipulation of cases  In a word, it reeks of fixing. But our ever so clever DA makes honest ADAs take the rap even if they are pressured to override their professional judgment. No wonder so many professionals have quit the office. No wonder the Haredi community has come to love Thompson.

For the first time in decades, the NYPD is shaking in its boots about being caught doing illegal favors for Haredim as top cops are losing their careers over such misconduct. But the Brooklyn DA is heading in the other direction, towards more politicization and fixing. If you are attending a court appearance of an ultra-orthodox case, look out for Wayne Williams.

Report his appearance to this blog or to others concerned with how the DA puts his thumb on the scales of justice to favor Haredim for their votes and campaign contributions.



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