Class Action Advances in Mikveh Peeper Case

Barry Freundel running photographers scrumAccording to a news report: “Class Case Arising From Rabbi’s Voyeuristic Acts Takes Giant Leap Forward — DC Superior Court Sets Deadlines For Discovery, Filing Of Consolidated Class Complaint And Class Certification Motion”

Barry Freundel is now serving a sentence for secretly recording women while they were naked in the ritual bath (mikveh or mikvah) used by married women and those going through conversion under his supervision. He also secretly recorded students at Towson University taking his classes on Jewish topics by convincing them to tour and try out the mikveh.

He is known to have dozens of victims and some of them are suing him, the synagogue and related ritual bath, and the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) which is faulted for its handling of investigations into his conduct.

Reading between the lines of this report, which seems to have been written by the law firm, they have moved a step closer to being approved for a class action which improves the position of the plaintiffs against the defendants.

If this case ends up in trial as a class action it may expose many institutional failings. But this will be a slow process with trial at least almost a year away if not more.

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Hat Tip: Joel Alan Katz


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