Sex Offender Yoel Oberlander is Arrested Again

Yoel Oberlander 6

Yoel Oberlander

In 2002 Yoel Oberlander of Monsey was convicted of kidnapping and sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl. Thanks to Hasidic influence —  excessive improper influence — with the Rockland County prosecutor he got off without being sentenced to a single day in prison, just 6 years of probation and lifetime placement on the sex offender registry.

He went on to work as a delivery driver for Golden Taste, a kosher food products distributor. In 2012, while visiting the Bobov (48) Camp Shalva he took a detour into a bunk after lights out and fondled some kids. Bobov decided to deny anything happened but was willing to press charges for trespassing. So he did not get any jail time or another sex offense on his record.

On May 29, 2016 he repeatedly placed his hands on the thigh and breast of a female sleeping next to him on a flight back from Israel. Today (6/17/16) he was ordered held by the Federal Court for the district covering Newark Airport where his flight landed. (See here, and here)

Who knows how many other offenses he committed because of the lax treatment he was accorded?

For more on Frum Follies about Yoel Oberlander, click HERE.



11 thoughts on “Sex Offender Yoel Oberlander is Arrested Again

  1. Sad, but not surprising. Any insight on why they picked today to arrest him after waiting nearly 3 weeks to make the case?

  2. OBERLANDER is just another example of lax molester punishments, crimes, coming back to bite the community in the face.

    ARE THERE IN FACT any charedim who care (even if they have no children or grandchildren, etc or any relative who might get negative feedback?

    is there one expletive charedi , afilu bli personal repercussions who gives a er uh, shxx???

    for the shabbos police, not to worry, this is being transmitted via JUPITER.

      • …or perhaps if chassidish attitudes toward sex were less repressive, these molesters might have healthier, consensual sex.

        • I am not persuaded by your argument. Hollywood has very permissive attitudes about sex and we still have plenty of child sex abuse. Ditto for athletes. What is true is that children are more vulnerable because they don’t get basic sex education, which can be done in ways that respect orthodox values.

        • I don’t know where you are familiar with but our Chabad House is absolutely NOT antisex nor does it encourage repressing your sexual desires. We do, however, learn that marriage is the proper setting for sexual relations and not just giving out your body to anyone. Woman are taught to dress nicely as well as cleanliness, etc. and we are aware of Victoria Secrets etc (on line for those too shy). There are idiots in all groups, but don’t blame Chabad at all! The Rebbe z”l was a great Tzadik and taught and/or encouraged women and men to be good to eachother and to keep a marriage lively.

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