Pogrow Ruling Translation & Hebrew Original

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rabbi Meir Pogrow

With the help of Heaven

Tuesday, Parshas Behaalosecha (Naso in the Diaspora), 8 Sivan, 5776 [6/14/16]


  • Rabbi Menachem Mendel HaKohen Shafran, Bnei Brak [Israel]
  • Rabbi Gershon ben R’ Avraham Yehudah HaLevi Bess, California
  • Rabbi Chaim Zev HaLevi Malinowitz, Jerusalem & Beit Shemesh

RE: Meir Pogrow ID: xxxxxxxx

After many rabbis and activists approached us about the devious behavior of the aforementioned [Meir Pogrow] over the course of years, and after we heard his version, and after we clarified what we clarified, we are issuing the following ruling.


1.It is forbidden for Meir Pogrow to have any dealings with women by any method; directly or indirectly, by speech or in writing, utilizing any electronic method of communication. This includes communication for the purposes of giving advice, training in learning or other matters, words of encouragement, rulings on halachic questions, and any type of contact whether for spiritual or mundane matters. “Women”, includes girls, unmarried or married, of any age, whether one-on-one or even with many women together.

2.We sternly warn women and girls to refrain from engaging in any form of contact with him whether only one-time or on a regular basis. Every encounter with him is strictly prohibited. This includes phone conversations or any form of written communication with him utilizing any type of electronic method of communication, one-on-one or many women together (even in a manner in which there is no prohibition of being alone with an unrelated male), or in public; every topic (is prohibited) whether consultations or talks, whether in regards to material or spiritual matters, or (philosophical) views. It is also forbidden for women to listen to his lectures or sermons, and they are obligated to distance themselves from being impacted or affected by him in any form or manner.


3.It is forbidden for women, including girls who are unmarried or married, to visit his website that we know of that goes by the name MasterTorah.


4.Amongst the testimonies that we heard, it became known to us that there is a woman in the U.S. who books meetings for him, long distance carpool travel, and entertainment in hotels, etc., and she functions as his agent for sin, and in this way they have knowingly (ensnared and) lowered girls into the lowest spiritual depths. We call out to the women of the Jewish people, women and girls, to distance themselves from anyone who will attempt to put them in contact with this woman, and certainly to stay away from this woman herself, and to report to the (email) address in number 5 regarding all the above.


We turn to the rabbis and activists of the U.S. to determine her identity and role, and handle it properly.


5.From what we have heard, we understand that there is much that we have not yet heard since it is the nature of those who have been victim to refrain from complaining. Consequently: we are announcing with this that anyone that has information or who feels a need to complain, that there is an opportunity to do so at the Maaneh Association at al@maaneh.org.


And may the Holy, Blessed be He, repair the breach in His nation.


  • Menachem Mendel HaKohen Shafran
  • Gershon ben R’ Avraham Yehuda HaLevi Bess
  • Chaim Zev ben Avraham Ahron HaLevi Malinowitz

Hat Tip: to my anonymous translator

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16 thoughts on “Pogrow Ruling Translation & Hebrew Original

  1. I can’t help but comment the following-
    Is this some kind of joke? “Rabbi” Malinowitz, you are a fool. I think many people who read my interaction with you about the Meisels case will laugh at you now.
    I spoke to you on the phone in an attempt to tell you my experiences with Elimelech Meisels…you cut me off, spoke over me, got angry, and told me you would not listen to a word I said (I was not Meisel’s victim, but witnessed him cross many boundaries and complained to at least 4 teachers in Pninim/ Chedvas Seminary). Yet now you are urging people to come forth and speak of their experiences with Pogrow.
    And why keep so much of his actions in hidden language? The communities have a right to know just a little more about how dangerous he is, instead of just reading your letter prohibiting interaction with him. Victims should be protected and not every detail needs to be known, but there’s no room for modesty in cases like this.
    You’re no tzaddik, Malinowtiz. You showed your true colors.
    And let me point out the fact that it says “over the course of years” it took you to take action on this sick guy.
    Don’t care what title you have. Don’t care if you run a well-known community in Israel. You have a tarnished character.
    This system is sick. Someone be brave enough and go to the right people…the police. Not a Bais Din that takes years in order to believe victims.

  2. “This system is sick. Someone be brave enough and go to the right people…the police. Not a Bais Din that takes years in order to believe victims.”

    It’s amusing how these rabbonim are now claiming hero status for doing something better-far-far-far-too-late-than-never…Are there really people out there who would ask & then believe the time-of-day from these characters without first clearly ascertaining that they had no reason to lie (or at best withhold or distort)?

    • Kudos for all the work you have done and continue to do. I understand you know more than me but isn’t it at least worth it for the rabbis to be proactive from now forward and be thanked for that instead of being bashed as to why they waited. I think it will only discourage them in the future.

      • Believe me Malinowitz doesn’t care about my opinion. If he did he would have handled the Meisels case differently. He didn’t even care about the Beit Din in Chicago whose work against Meisels he set out to subvert.

      • “instead of being bashed”. Yes, I am definitely challenging the bona fides of most of the rabbis in this type of situation…

  3. Maybe Malinowitz will put on a cape and parade around RBS as a hero?
    I have been asking around and I spoke to people who lodged complaints 12 years ago!!! He was dismissed from teaching positions just to be passed on to the next group of victims.

    I hope if there is a class action suit it is filed against all the mandated reporters who should have turned him into the police.

    From the language of the psak they seem to think he is very dangerous, well isn’t that what jail is for?

    Ma’ane doesn’t seem to be giving any answers or providing any service for the community.
    Why wasn’t this dangerous women’s name mentioned? Why should only women and girls stay away from him?

    Another epic failure!

    • Malinowitz and his shill organization Ma’ane are only out to protect their interests and those of the Haredi community. Ma’ane was created to bypass the authorities.
      Hopefully one day the sheeple will wake up and begin thinking on their own.

  4. I certainly applaud that this strongly warns women to avoid him — but to “forbid” them from even going to his website seems … well — demeaning to a woman’s individual judgment and intelligence.

    Is anyone else bothered by this? Or is it just Charedi Judasim as normal.

  5. Let’s see what happens now all you people claiming for him to be in jail. Now that the psak has come out let’s see if the police do anything. I guarantee you that NOTHiNG will happen. Will all you people then shut up ?

    • Mah inyan shmitah etzel har sinai; what has one thing got to do with another. It is difficult to get frum females to bring such cases to the authorities because the likes of Malinowitz punish anyone who is involved in going to the police. Everyone in Beit Shemesh remembers how a worthy tzedaka was kicked out of Malinowitz’s shul, because Malinowitz was angry that David Morris supported a victim going to the police.

      Besides, even if he is not criminally prosecuted, think of how much harm could have been avoided if warnings were issued much earlier. Instead, Malinowitz had Pogrow, harasha giving shiurim regularly, including to females. He always makes like he is so smart and yet he ignored warnings from others in Aish and ignored what he should have seen.

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  7. Deleted by YL for simply repeating prior points which were given extensive responses without in any way introducing new points or advancing the discussion. That is the internet equivalent of being a boor trying to hold the floor or shouting.

  8. We need cameras in every school from kindergarten until after yeshiva and seminary! Let’s put a stop to this once and forever!
    Would never get away with their behavior if they knew there were cameras watching!
    We must do this now before another
    Scandal unfolds!

    • You have copied over eevery single word of my article, a blatant violation of my intellectual property rights. Unless you comply with fair use and limit yourself to 150 words I will be compelled to file a DRDM which could have financial consequences and could even lead to the closure of your website. Please respect my rights and my hard work in producing this article. If you want original content, produce it yourself or pay me for it.

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