Did Sauna Rabbi, Rosenblatt, Sanitize His History to Get New Job

jonathan rosenblatt 3

Jonathan Rosenblatt

In May I reported (5/30/16) that Jonathan Rosenblatt was working as a “spiritual and pyschological counselor” at Scarsdale Integrative Medicine.

He got this position after being forced out of his rabbinical position at the Riverdale Jewish Center because of his history of exploiting his mentoring role to have long nude gawking and displays with boys and young men.

The Riverdale Press reports, “The clinic did not respond to requests for comment for this article.”

However, the Riverdale Press did report the defense offered by Rosenblatt’s attorney, Meyer Koplow.

Rabbi Rosenblatt, over the years, did a lot of work at various hospices. At one of the hospices where he worked, he did a lot of work with one of the doctors in [Scarsdale Integrative Medicine]. When that doctor became aware that the rabbi was free of his responsibilities at the RJC, he reached out to the rabbi to ask whether he would be interested in doing counseling in this group practice he has……

According to Mr. Koplow, all ordained clergy members are also certified to offer spiritual counseling, and Scarsdale Integrative Medicine was aware of the controversy surrounding Rabbi Rosenblatt.

I wonder if they got the full story or some pablum about congregational politics. As Sura Jeselsohn said to the Riverdale Press, “I don’t know who this company is, but I’m sure they’re not putting out copies of the New York Times articles.”

One can only hope his bedside manner is more appropriate than his sauna shtick.

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