Warning- Ritual Bath Child Rapist Dascalowitz Is Out and Probably Roaming in BP and Beyond

Meir Dascalowitz Sex Registry pic 2016Meir Dascalowitz completed a 5-year prison sentence and is now living in Boro Park according to his sex offender registry record (see at end of article).

In seven years of blogging about sex abuse I have learned about many offenders. Dasclaowitz stands out as one of the most unstoppable, repeat sex offenders I have ever encountered. I do not believe he can stop himself even if he tries.

Over the years his usual approach was to anally rape boys ranging from ages ten to late teens usually at a mikveh (ritual bath). Sometimes he met them in the mikveh. I heard of one case where he approached a boy on the sidwalk and asked him to watch his wallet while he was in the mikveh. He then raped the boy. That fast and that simple!


Yaakov Weiss

The District Attorney should have structured his plea bargain to include a long probation period following prison when he was not allowed to enter a mikveh. If they had done that, he could be charged with violating probation just for entering a mikveh and locked up again.

The Albany DA imposed such conditions on Yaakov Weiss, the son-in-law of Sholom Rubashkin, who molested boys in a mikveh (See document here).

Meir Dascalowitz 2014 mug shotIn truth, boys should not be allowed into a mikveh unless there are strictly enforced protocols for ensuring their safety through proper supervision. But the fact is that there are many mikvaot, that either do not have such policies or do not enforce them.

Hence this warning. Every single mikveh should be alerted to the dangers posed by Meir Dascalowitz and should keep him out. Please make copies of this post or of his sex offender registry record and post it and distribute it wherever you can anywhere in the NY metropolitan area.

Approach the management of any mikveh in your area, or at least ones to which you have a connection, and insist they be proactive so a place intended for holiness does not turn into device for the rape of innocent children.

Dascalowitz now lives at 820 39th Street, Brooklyn , NY 11232.


Be particularly vigilant in distributing this information to his neighbors. But he has roamed across neighborhoods in the past. So do not get complacent about assuming boys are safe elsewhere. Don’t just worry about him inside a mikveh. In the past he has lured kids walking by on the street.


Brooklyn: 718 230 4416

It is against the law to harass him or do anything violent against him and I am absolutely not encouraging that. If by some unlikely chance he has totally changed, good for him and us. But only a fool would rely on his having changed.

He is on the Sex Offender Registry precisely because he is considered likely to re-offend. So use this information to make it less likely.


When he does re-offend, do not call the rabbis. They let him roam for years and did their best to inhibit his prosecution.

Do not call the Vaad Hatznius, Shomrim or the local police precincts in Boro Park or Williamsburg. They all failed in the past.

Call the sex crimes unit (formally called the Special Victims Unit) of the NYPD. In Brooklyn their phone number is (718) 2304416.

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Meir Dascalowitz Sex Registry listing as of July 2016


9 thoughts on “Warning- Ritual Bath Child Rapist Dascalowitz Is Out and Probably Roaming in BP and Beyond

  1. I feel bad for the Italian kids who live in neighborhoods surrounding Borough Park. I wonder if they’re at risk as well?

  2. Posters need to be made in Yiddish for people to read them in Boro Park. But the “vaad hatzniyus” the “askanim” and the “loshon hora police” will probably tear them down. Maybe a billboard will be harder to tear down.

  3. Can you name some of his biggest defenders and apologists? In my mind they are as guilty as Dascalowitz himself.

    • Pupa Rebbe of Williamsburg, the Munkatcher Rebbe, and the Novominsker Rebbe all played roles in defending him or deterring additional victims from coming forward which would have lead to a much longer sentence. The Bobov Beis Medrish in Williamsburg threw the father out of their shul after he pressed charges against Dascalowitz for abusing his son who was a minor at the time.

  4. Dascalowitz now lives at 820 39th Street, Brooklyn , NY 11232,This address that you gave is near where i live i looked at it was there and it is a chineese hotel in sunset park.

  5. I just read in kikar Shabbos internet site that 77 Jewish young people committed suicide since last rosh hashana!
    That is nine months ago… There must be an abuse connection!
    It is getting out of hand and it must be stopped!
    Yerachmiel Lopin- thank you for being a hero in our frum world to raise awareness and start putting a stop to this devastating phenomenon!

    • It is always a mistake to try and attribute a suicide to any one thing. But we know that people sexually abused as children are much more likely to commit suicide later in life. In some cases I knew of, sex abuse sure seemed like one major factor.

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