Rapist Mondrowitz Is Cozy In Jerusalem

Avrohom Mondrowitz Sabbath Shopping Fri 7-22-16 Jerusalem

Avrohom Mondrowitz

Thanks to the multiple failures of the Brooklyn District Attorney and the Israeli Courts, serial rapist Avrohom Mondrowitz evaded justice for raping boys in America.

In this picture you can see him on a Friday morning shopping jaunt in the Shuk Davidka area of Jerusalem sometime in July of this year (2016).

An Israeli source reacted sarcastically to this picture:

We all appreciate going to a store early, before it gets crowded. We especially appreciate it when child abusers who flee to Israel choose to do their erev shabbos shopping in our city.

I wish people would taunt Mondrowitz Y”S and shame him so he did not show his face in public. But then, why should he hide? He has the backing and protection of the powerful Ger/Gur Hasidic movement.

Israel promises to protect Jews around the world. But what’s about diaspora Jewish children? Don’t they deserve justice?

Can’t Israel deny citizenship to serial rapists? They do deny it to murderers. Why not soul murderers?

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3 thoughts on “Rapist Mondrowitz Is Cozy In Jerusalem

  1. There is something very sinister about the way the Israeli courts handle fugitive molesters and sex offenders that other countries are trying to have extradited. If it happened once, that’s bad enough, but you could chalk it up to simple chance legality. When it’s a PATTERN, as it has happened so many times that it almost seems a universal ruling that child rapists are welcomed into Israel with open arms by the legal system as fugitives of the law in other countries, it cannot be considered a coincidence. Odds should tell us there is a conscious effort behind this series of events.

    I have to wonder are there NAMBLA type people sitting in the Israeli Supreme Court? Is one of the Justices a molester? How could this happen otherwise, so many times?

    • You would need to have multiple people at every level in the Israeli court system who are child molesters or NAMBLA members. Much more likely is that the court system in the State of Israel is just as corrupt or indifferent as it is in third world countries and that the corruption or indifference of the courts is protecting the child molesters.

      Either way it is bringing extreme shame to the State of Israel. Those who care about Israel’s reputation should work on correcting this. It is only a matter of time before Israel’s enemies realize they can exploit this failure by publically shaming Israel in the face of Western countries. It is one thing if the religious Catholic Church protects its own priest child molesters. It is quite another if a corrupt court system in Israel protects child molesters. That is simply unacceptable in the Western world today. Israel needs to wake up and clean up its act when it comes to this issue. If it doesn’t take action for the sake of the lives of the children, it should at least care about its reputation in the Western world. A country’s reputation of being a protective haven for child rapists is viewed as utterly abhorrent in the Western democratic world today.

  2. I once saw him in Nachlaot- and i started yelling and screaming at him in english and hebrew that there walks a monster and serial rapist of children i chased him down an alley and only stopped until he was no longer in public- i was in yeshiva at the time and tried to get others to do the same.

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