Breaking- Berland Admits Forcible Rape of a Married Woman on Recording

800_r73zc9h8pkprpcfyjh4tzzu5f57ymhvs1Israel’s Mako news service posted a hetefore unrevealed old recording of Rabbi Eliezer Berland saying:

Totally, she was raped from beginning to end.

After, it she asked is it permitted, she asked after the first time I raped her if she is permitted to her husband [or whether she was an adulterous wife who had to be divorced].

Beyond any doubt she is permitted to her husband.

She did not understand what happened. She asked me, “What happened? What happened here?”

I told her, “You are not an adulterous wife; you are not an adulterous wife.”

Not once did she do this of her own will.

She understood it as a divine mission to be the wife of the rabbi.

Berland was recently extradited back to Israel from the Republic of South Africa after a three-year flight spree over multiple continents and countries including The Netherlands, Morocco, Zimbabwe and a few others. He headed the formerly respected Shavu Banim faction of the Breslov Hasidic group. He still has dozens if not hundreds of followers who insist on his innocence. I do not know if their blind faith will survive these revelations.

Hat Tips to: Hannah Katsman,  bloger  of A Mother In Israel who got it from Rivkah Sherr

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