Joe Hynes, Why Are You Honoring Me? — From the Archives of 2013

Henna White, unidentified, & Joe Hynes

Henna White, Eli Poltorak (Chabad), & Joe Hynes

I first posted this in 2013. It comes to mind in some discussions about being controversial and making enemies. I have tried hard to earn my enemies for the right reasons and I believe I have. — Yerachmiel Lopin

 Joe, you are an important busy man and yet you have taken time out to honor me. Charles Joseph Hynes, you are District Attorney of Brooklyn and I am just a blogger. You have over a thousand employees and I am a one-man operation. You get covered by the New York Times;  so far, I have only had a few mentions in the mainstream media. Yet you have honored me.

Arthur Aidala

Arthur Aidala

I am surprised because I’ve been criticizing your office for four years. I have accused your Jewish liaison, Henna White, of covering up sex abuse. I accused you of colluding with your buddy, Arthur Aidala, to give Menachem Deutsch a sweetheart deal on serious molesting charges. I accused your Rackets Bureau chief, Michael Vecchione, of perjury, when he denied remembering the content of Lauren Hersh’s training session about Brady disclosure obligations.

Vecchione Stock 2aI confess; I am obnoxious to you. I call your Jewish liaison, Henna Whitewash, and I refer to Michael Vecchione as your “racketeer.” Just in the last year, I raked you over the coals with pejorative article titles such as:

Yet you honor me by taking me seriously, reading all my posts about your office, and even worrying about my deleterious influence on your impressionable staff. You have honored me, ABOVE ALL, by instructing your IT department to block my blog.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone cares about the things I write. You have convinced me that my sources in your office are correct. I am scaring you, Joe. Now everyone knows that you are panicking and resorting to desperate measures to control your restless natives. I expect the leaking to accelerate. Thank you, Joe.

Joe, you will not succeed in blocking my messages. You are not in North Korea or Iran. Your employees have home computers and smart phones. However, to spare your staff from squinting at tiny screens, I will try to schedule stories about the Kings County  District Attorney Office (KCDA) during evenings and weekends. Some breaking stories will go up during business hours. But all my posts about your office will be Tweeted with the hashtag #KCDA to facilitate following.

Joe, do you realize that by blocking sites, you are helping your opponents diagnose your vulnerabilities? Speaking of which, one source tells me that you have honored Scott H. Greenfield and blocked Simple Justice. I am guessing you are sensitive to most of the following posts (here, here, here, here, here, here, and here). Once again, Joe, thanks for revealing that you feel vulnerable to charges of prosecutorial misconduct including improper convictions and going easy on cops. Perhaps you are especially sensitive to reminders of your disastrous attempt to prosecute ex-FBI agent, Lindley DeVecchio.

frumfolliesiconHat Tip: to my sources at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office (KCDA). Guys, keep on leaking. Drip by drip we are going to expose misconduct  and counteract  the hype.


4 thoughts on “Joe Hynes, Why Are You Honoring Me? — From the Archives of 2013

  1. Great! Corrupt liars and scoundrels cannot handle the truth. When they are in positions of power and control they “Assur” the information, which just proves how threatened they feel by the idea that the public will learn the terrible truth about all their lies and bad behavior. Kuddos to Yerachmiel and the bloggers, leakers and whistleblowers who expose the truth for all to see. Thankfully we do not live in Iran or North Korea, even though many in positions of power would have us stay similarly in the dark.

    By the way, where did Henna White go after Hynes left office?

    • Henna White went to work for Touro College in ther Criminal Justice program. I think she does admin and recruitment/money hustling because I heard they did not want her teaching. But that was a long time ago I heard this around the time Thompson came to office.

    • As I wrote in my post, When Anti-Abuse Activisits Are Wrong, Yehuda Pogrow lacks the judgment to be relied on by survivors. I was as gentle as I could be about it and let him know that beforehand to no avail. he is very angry at me about that. I understand that.

      I am disappointed that Rabbi Eidensohn is using his blog to help Yehuda vent at the world in ways that are hurting Yehuda’s reputation. Yehuda is now saying that all the advocates/activists are repudiating him because we are all part of a giant, corrupt conspiracy. Frankly, I wish we all coordinated well enough to even be capable of a conspiracy. However, there are a number of good efforts and those i support are neither corrupt nor out to hurt victims, nor do they intentionally do that.

      This will all come back to haunt Yehuda when he comes to his senses. Nevertheless, I am not going to leave the uninitiated unaware of the germ of truth that metastasized into Yehuda’s insinuation that I was some criminal being investigated by the Brooklyn DA for nefarious deeds. Lest it seem like some self-serving after the fact rejoinder, I thought it best to put up a post from years ago which links to a number of my other articles so newbies could understand why the Brooklyn DA, Joe Hynes, loathed me. I did indeed post a number of investigative reports exposing his sweetheart deals for Haredi sex offenders, and some other criminal activity in the office.

      It is true that some in the Brooklyn criminal justice system leaked information to me. That could have been grounds to dismiss staff depending on who they were and what they shared. So Hynes was indeed trying to find my identity and my sources.

      That is pretty much all I have to say.

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