Convicted Molester Stefan Colmer in Brooklyn and Appearing with the Name, David Cohen

In June (6/8/16) I reported that Stefan Colmer, a convicted sex offender was banned by all orthodox synagogues in Passaic, New Jersey. (see Passaic’s Orthodox Rabbis Ban Child Molester Stefan Colmer from their Synagogues).

Stefan Colmer Sex Offender Registry Photo

Stefan Colmer Sex Offender Registry Photo

According to the sex offender registry he has changed his residence to a Boro Park  address, 1423 55th Street in Brooklyn, NY 11219. This happened sometime in the last seven weeks.

His employment is listed at 171 47th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11312 (Sunset Park).

He is registered as driving  a 2012 Silver Nissan Altima with a New Jersey license plate H89CKT.

JCW located a LinkedIn entry under Dovid Cohen It has Comer’s picture and lists job titles and coporations Colmer has listed in the past. The listing is for an “Electronics Support Manager/Product Developer” with two companies, Impecca LLC and Taryag Ventures, LLC. Since it is a different name with no reference to Colmer there is no way to be sure it was created by Colmer. But the possibility is concerning.

Stefan Colmer LinkedIn Business Card as Dovid Cohen from JCW site 7-29-16

Stefan Colmer LinkedIn alias as Dovid Cohen

It is against the law to harass Colmer or do anything violent against him and I am absolutely not encouraging that. If by some unlikely chance he has totally changed, good for him and us. But only a fool would rely on his having changed.

He is on the Sex Offender Registry precisely because he is considered likely to re-offend. So use this information to make it less likely.

If he does re-offend, it is my advice that you do not call rabbis. Do not call the Vaad Hatznius, Shomrim or the 66th police precinct in Boro Park which is mired in scandals over taking bribes from orthodox political players .


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Certainly don’t call Ohel Children’s Home for advice or help. They blew it last time when they were treating Colmer instead of his being turned over to the authorities. He then proceeded to molest again. He got access to children by being allowed to hang around the Mirer Yeshiva. The Yeshiva was naively depending on Ohel to be successfully managing his case. (See A Suspected Pedophile Eludes The System). This is only one of a number of cases where Ohel failed to protect children.

Call the sex crimes unit (formally called the Special Victims Unit) of the NYPD. In Brooklyn their phone number is (718) 2304416.

Stefan Colmer sex offender listing 7-29-16



5 thoughts on “Convicted Molester Stefan Colmer in Brooklyn and Appearing with the Name, David Cohen

    • Nah. Not if you can count convicted molesters who are not on the sex offender registry thanks to the Brooklyn DA. You can form many more minyanim if you count all the offenders who never got prosecuted because the minhag hamakom is to torment those who report child molesters.

  1. FYI:
    Impecca is the brand name for their own electronics division of a company called Z. Reiss & Company located on Brooklyn. They are electronics distributors.

  2. FYI:
    The Boro Park address as well as that employment address was on file in the registry before he tried moving back to Passaic. And I have personally seen him walking around in Boro Park in the last year or so.

    I have no clue if he actually lives at this address or not. But am 100 certain it was there before when I did research about him earlier last year.

  3. He just moved to Israel and lives now in Ramot neighborhood in Jerusalem. He followed a girl 2 days ago and tried to enter her house. Thank God that the mother was there

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