There is an Epidemic of Assaults on the Intellectually Disabled

People who are Intellectually disabled are sexually assaulted at seven times the rate of others according to a survey of this population aged 12 and older. Yet they rarely report it and rarely get justice. These numbers are underestimates because of surveys do not cover people in institutions or group homes who are some of the most vulnerable.

They are not ideal witnesses to prosecutors and are easier to manipulate and intimidate into silence. That is exactly why they are favorite targets of abusers.

I have lost track of the number of times I have been told not to believe an abuse allegation because the accuser is intellectually handicapped, “not right in the head,” “in special ed,” or “not normal.”

Instead, I urge those hearing allegations to consider that accusations of abuse by the intellectually disabled are usually true and fit the profile of a highly abused group.



3 thoughts on “There is an Epidemic of Assaults on the Intellectually Disabled

  1. Yerachmiel, over the last 5 or so years that I am involved in this topic, I have indeed read of at least a good size handful of abused mentally handicapped. I do not remember (thank god ) who they were, but you know, and some had parents who were proactive, not that it ever helped them as nothing ever helps except Din V’cheshbon now in Israel going after the enablers,
    A brilliant creative idea, the menuvalim can no longer feel safe, that their communities will protect them for fear of spread of ……. bad commentary, (this is not written properly, senile moment or whatever , but i wanted to finish this comment),

    In 5 years or less, there are been i elu incidents, some i think that Lesher wrote about, some perhaps only you, some, I don’t know,
    But, not bad enough, not bad enough, but parents of mentally handicapped children have this to worry about, in addition to all that goes along with taking care of a handicapped child,
    granted, many and various degrees of handicapped mentally,

    ONE would think that the menuvalim the effers who go after the handicapped are so unsure of themselves, that they only feel safe going after a true true helpless victim,
    We need to root them out and wipe them out,
    be it JCW or i Israel now, Din v’Cheshbon,
    the lowest of the low abuse the handicapped, for they themselves, ka’nir’eh are so insecure,
    May they be caught and blasted off face of the earth, the most disgusting of molesters.
    Give me a shotgun and i will repair the problem..
    Just found out that where i live, guns are impossible to get permits for, but for shotguns (what are they?? those longish things)
    well to protect my kid (if i had a child with a disability) TG mine are not, and also older,
    i am hawk i would find no problem pressing the lever, i would not,
    If this comment does not meet societal demands, could you just delete last few sentences? eh?
    Now, that you bring it up, i remember reading several cases with super ortho families and of course, of course, nothing, for nothing is always nothing,

    May we start a Din v”Cheshbon here in US, these are as i understand it , all civil lawsuits,
    I believe that SOL has nothing to do with that,
    Am I correct.
    I have given massive money to a great org, (UH)
    am ready to do so for another cause.

  2. Why have you ignored the latest scandal in your own MO community?? JTA and Forward have written this week about the 30 yr (!!) history of abuse inflicted by Stanley Rosenfeld, convicted felon, who started out at SAR, was passed to RAMAZ, was passed to Westchester JH and passed to various temples in RI to abuse kids. Below article discussed the passaround and how wide spread it was know.
    Start working on your own MO house, instead of throwing stones at haredim all the time.

    • Wow. You think there is some sort of game where abuse inside one subgroup is OK and should not get attention if you can point to it happening anywhere else. The fact is that this blog is concerned with abuse anywhere. You stuffed your comment into an article about abuse involving the intellectually handicapped regardless of religion, or race. This blog has covered abuse at YU, by Jonathan Rosenblatt in MO Riverdale, among chasidim and litvaks, among ashkenazim and Sephardim. But your attempt to point fingers elsewhere, tells me you know there is a problem with abuse inside the Haredi world. You don’t even deny it. And your only solution is to say, let’s talk about abuse somewhere else. Really, don’t your children deserve better?

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