Busting Some Myths About The Child Victims Act

By Asher Lovy from his blog, Hareini This is a great read if you want to educate yourself about SOL reform or want talking points to use with others– Yerachmiel Lopin

Agudath Yisrael of America, the Catholic Church, and Boy Scouts of America have been fighting fiercely against efforts to eliminate the criminal and civil statutes of limitations for child sexual abuse, and open a one year retroactive window for civil cases that have exceeded their statute of limitation, because they each know full well that for decades they’ve been responsible for the abuse of countless children, and the coverup of those crimes. It should be noted that an institution is only civilly liable for abuse that happens within the institution if they were complicit in covering it up, or were alerted to abuse and failed to act appropriately.
That means, contrary to what Agudath Israel of Americathe Catholic Church, and Boy Scouts of America want you to believe, that if abuse happened in an institution, and the teacher was suspended or fired pending a police investigation following an immediate report to authorities, the institution is not at all liable. Institutions are only liable if they were complicit in covering it up.

When Agudah, the Church, or the Boy Scouts tell you that they’re worried about going bankrupt if the Child Victims Act passes, what they’re effectively doing is acknowledging that they’re so sure they’yre liable for so much abuse, that if even a fraction of victims of the victims of the abuse they covered up come forward, they’re facing the threat of bankruptcy.
They’re essentially admitting guilt, and asking us not to care.
Here’s the problem:
1) How can you expect parents to trust your institutions if you’re admitting to them that abuse was covered up in the past, and you refuse to do anything to make reparation for that?
2) How can you expect parents to trust your institutions if you make it so devastatingly clear that you will always put your institutions’ interests before justice and their children’s safety?
3) To the institutions, the administrations, and the groups lobbying for their interests child sexual abuse might be “something that happened 40 years ago,” but to the survivors of the abuse they enabled and covered up, it’s their everyday reality. Abuse doesn’t cease to matter just because some time passed, certainly not to the victim. Especially when –
4) On average, it takes victims of child sexual abuse between 10-30 years to disclose. Having a statute of limitations on child sexual abuse, therefore, certainly one that closes on a survivor’s 23rd birthday, is nothing short of a categorical denial of justice. Consider this: One a survivor’s birthday, their abuser can literally walk into a police station, make a full confession in front of the entire police force, and then turn around and walk out a free man.
5a) Statistically speaking, child sexual abusers are repeat offenders. It’s rarely just once. A statute of limitations for child sexual abuse, therefore, limits law enforcement’s ability to prosecute, because they have to wait until a young enough victim who’s not only willing to disclose, but also willing to file an official complaint, comes forward. In the meantime, before such a victim comes forward, that abuser is free to keep abusing.
5b) Having a statute of limitations on child sexual abuse incentivises cover up, because it gives an end date, a goal, so to speak, to those who would cover child sexual abuse up. Keep the victims quiet and intimidated until they’re 23, and your institution is free of any responsibility. Passing the Child Victims Act would disincentivize cover up, because while institutional administrators and community leader may think they can easily keep survivors quiet until they’re 23, they’d be hard pressed to keep them quiet for their entire lives. At that point it’s easier to just address the problem than try to cover up for that long. The truth always comes out eventually.
6) Think about what the argument “We shouldn’t pass the Child Victims Act because it will bankrupt institutions for something that happened 40 years ago” means. It means that by all rights, that institution should have made restitution for its crimes 40 years ago. And for 40 years, instead of making restitution, it has been able to use that money instead to keep itself open, with the same administration that was responsible for covering up abuse in the first place. The argument is essentially, “We’ve gotten away with covering up sexual abuse for this long, we shouldn’t be held accountable anymore.” On the contrary. The fact that liable institutions have stayed open for as long as they have is compounding disgrace on disgrace, and should never be justification for denying justice to survivors of child sexual abuse.
7) The focus on institutions vis a vis the Child Victims Act deflects attention from the real problem. Most abuse is not committed in an institutional setting. Most abuse happens in the home, by a friend, a family friend, an acquaintance, or even a close relative. Those survivors should not be denied the justice they deserve just because institutions are scared of justice finally catching up to them, forcing them to reckon for crimes they thought they’d gotten away with. Particularly because –
8) Over lifetime, it costs, on average, between $300,000 and $1,000,000 to treat the effects of child sexual abuse related trauma. That’s money most survivors don’t have. For many, if not most survivors, the only hope they have of getting the treatment they need is by suing their abusers and the people and institutions responsible for enabling it for the money they need to cover the costs of treatment.
9) But it’s not just about money. It is unconstitutional to open a retroactive criminal statute of limitations window. That means, that barring civil action, there is no way to make an official record that someone is a child sexual abuser. That matters because, as noted earlier, most abusers have many more than one victim. Without the ability to sue these abusers after their criminal statutes of limitations have expired, there is no other way, legally, to identify and expose these abusers, and warn the community away from them. Without a retroactive civil statute of limitations window, countless abusers will continue to walk free, unidentified, anonymous to their future victims until it’s too late.
Early on in my work around sexual abuse, I was taught a very important lesson by a very great man: The second an institution becomes more important than the people it serves, it no longer deserves to exist.

8 thoughts on “Busting Some Myths About The Child Victims Act

  1. Look at comments from 2009-2013 in both news articles and blogs. Vicki Lopin and Yerachmiel Lopin are cross referencing each other A LOT. In fact, look closer at those comment sections and notice the same fake yeshivish lashon being employed by lots of fake names and poorly created, seemingly real Jewish names. Then look at the time stamps on those comments. Miss Polin is having lively animated and ugly debates with herself to sway and keep engaged the reader. If you cut and paste all those comments and analyze the vocabulary and writing style, you will find patterns of her characters. The frum guy, the modern guy, the ultra yeshivish guy…And in one comments, she actually has one character admit to being convinced and apologizes! What a joke.
    This outing is gonna be a scandal. This web site and it’s main character are toast.

    • Also, if you play my blog backwards on an old record player you will hear me confess to having been the second shooter on the grassy knoll at the Kennedy assassination from which I escaped on my flying saucer. I am also the gilgul of the chairman of the council of the elders of Zion.

      Wake up. Of course anti abuse activists talk to each other. We don’t always agree. Sometimes we disagree a lot. But to the extent that we share the same goals, we share and exchange information and ideas.

      Please come back. I love a good conspiracy theory, especially with a Chelm twist. You are making me feel like it is already rosh chodesh Adar.

      So feel free to start prepping by reading these fine specimens of Purim Torah:


      • Who is this guy , what an axxhxle.
        and Vicki LOPIN ???? someone appropriated your name? is that legit?
        Meleh an axxhxle but from a psychological point of view, he is in a very sick place.

        And for “righteous indignation”, get thee to a psych ward ASAP.

        YL, did you read his psychotic ranting a second time,?? this guy is in a scary place mentally,

        Full disclosure: i am not yeshiva guy or any other reincarnation of those who haunt him.

        “This outing is going to be a scandal “.
        No, mr righteous is going to be in a straight jacket, someone should call the local precinct now, he is a danger to himself and others.

        • He is typical of the Baltimore crowd at Suburban Orthodox Synagogue who are trying to intimidate anyone they can to preserve the reputation of a man fired from four different jobs with kids because of abuse allegations reported by 3 boys.

    • BTW, I forgot to give you a fuller list of my co-conspirators with whom I collaborated over the years. It is hard to remember all of them after 1200+ posts, eighteen thousand comments, millions of page views, FB open chats and Twitter exchanges. And that is just the open stuff. But as you know, conspiracies occur in the dark net. Nevertheless, in the interests of helping you formulate your conspiracy theories, I am giving you what I can remember off the top of my head, and by glancing at more recent public exchanges or commenting.

      I would like to include Yossi Gestetner, super Satmar Tweeter, and defender of all possible varieties of rape if committed by chasidim. We had heated Twitter exchanges during the Weberman trial, but alas he blocked me and caused all our exchanges to evaporate. But by all means contact him for the info and for advice on how to defend miscreants with claims of innocence. He is good, but you could do better if you are like most natives of Baltimore’s frum community.

      So below is a partial list for you to peruse to spin a conspiracy theory with a large cast. Full disclosure, I have agreed with some of these, disagreed with others, and yet had a mixed record with most. And also, I have not taken any money from anyone on this list, nor from anyone else to do my advocacy work. And I have no connection to the Koch brothers or George Soros.

      Speculate away.

      Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg of Williamsburg, Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald of Monsey, Rabbi Yankie Horowitz of Monsey, Dr. Benzion Twersky of Boro Park, Rabbie Feivie Mendlowitz of Los Angeles, Jewish Whistleblower, Harry Maryles of Chicago’s Emes Ve-Emunah blog, Dr.Paul Shaviv (former director of RAMAZ school), David Cheifetz, founder of Mi Li, Chaim Levin, Mrs. Sura Bendenheimer of Riverdale, Shmarya Rosenberg (formerly of Failed Messiah), Manny Waks of Kol V’Oz, Hannah Katsman of the blog, A Mother in Israel, Eric Aiken of ProtectJewishKids.com, the website DuzIzNeias, Rabbi Yosef Blau, Mrs. Pearl Engelman of Satmar-Williamsburg, http://chaptzem.blogspot.com/, Yehudis Goldsobel of Migdal Emunah (UK), Mordechai Twersky (Israel), JCW, Michael Powell New York Times, Mary Murphy WPIX news, Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn (DaatTorah.blogspot.com), Eli Verschleiser (whose wife Shani runs Magenu), Rabbi Ysoscher Katz YCT, Paul Berger (reporter at the Forward), Beth Mandel writer from DC, Frimet Goldberg of the Forward, Rachel Delia Benaim ( writer/reporter) and many more co-conspirators.

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