The Leifer Case Reveals the Depths of Israeli Corruption When It Comes to Child Rape

Once again, Malka Leifer is out of the court’s custody, and the three and half year battle to extradite her to Australia to be tried for molesting children suffered another setback.

This time, two factors converged. The court gave the defense more time because the psychiatric report deeming her fit for extradition hearings is still not signed. Meanwhile, a prominent rabbi pleaded mercy for her and promised to assure she will not flee. So she was released into his custody, without even waiting for a ruling on the matter by a higher court.

The rabbi, Yitzchok Grossman has made a career of defending sex offenders on the lam.


Rabbi Eliezer Berland fled from Israel to Morocco, then to Holland and then to the Republic of South Africa (with a few other stops on the way). Grossman went to South Africa to plea for his release from custody due to hardships. Thankfully Berland was not released, did get extradited, and served jail time for rape.

Why the hell should the court defer to Grossman? Why the hell was the court not cracking down on the psychiatrist who still had not signed the report? Why the hell was the court oblivious to the likelihood that Leifer was faking mental illness over the last years?

By now, I am unable to believe that we are dealing with mere incompetence. I am inclined to believe that Leifer’s defenders in the Haredi establishment (particularly the Ger Hasidic movement) have influenced and corrupted this process.

Every major Australian newspaper is running stories about this shocking development. Israel needs a reputation for operating under the rule of law, and being a sanctuary for persecuted jews, not a get out of jail card for child rapists.

I know that Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman is an esteemed figure. But at this moment, I have nothing but contempt for him. But Grossman is merely a player. The fullest condemnation must fall on the Israeli court system. It failed, again.

Perhaps it will eventually succeed in at least conducting an extradition hearing over three years since it was requested, and a decade after Leifer first fled Australia. But right now it has lost the right to claim our respect. Perhaps they can partially redeem themselves. Let us hope so.

3 thoughts on “The Leifer Case Reveals the Depths of Israeli Corruption When It Comes to Child Rape

  1. as we say in australia: you’ve nailed it!; nothing to add, except that grossman’s first names (y.d.) are the same as the infamous, late, chabad yeshivah centre melbourne’s y.d.groner, whose name featured so prominently & frequently in the royal commission in australia…

  2. Zephaniah Waks their is one more thing to add .. money money money that greases the filthy dirty palms of those who buy and sell justice to the highest bidder.

    What reputation did we ever have for justice for the innocent.. lets see terrorists are freed all the time to go out and kill again and anyone who expects this same legal system to protect children is out of their minds.

    Pedophilia was not even a crime until a few years ago when it was made one because of the awful Mondrowitz, my neighbour, and then it did not apply to him because of something called the grandfather clause. That means he can skunk around our area raping away and be protected and guess who protects him. why someone you mentioned here.. the cursed Rabbi of Gur who thinks he rules Israel.

    Yerachmiel we have to help people understand how insane our legal system is because it is so difficult for them to grasp the insanity here. A cursed powerful Rabbi either threatened or bribed the judge or whatever to do what was needed.

    By the way I went to the last court hearing of this witch woman who made jingling noises and shook and shake and quake show and the judge did not impress me at all as someone serious about justice. being very unIsraeli and polite here.


  3. I’m sure Grossman is a paid operative. He has it made in the shade. Looks like a real chareidi and works with very Israeli type kids and families, so he gets the job because he is an open minded chareidi. Etc. Etc. Wonder how much he got for this

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