Breaking- Malka Leifer to Stay Locked Up

The extradition court decision to release Malka Leifer into house arrest under the custody of Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, Chief Rabbi of Migdal Ha’emek is now moot. The offer was made by Rabbi Grossman on Wednesday, March 7, 2018, and accepted by the extradition judge, Ran Vinoger, on the spot. However, it was put on hold by Supreme Court Justice George Karas’ injunction, pending review. Now the offer is withdrawn, eliminating that possibility.

The court, will now continue the three-year-long process of deciding on the Australian extradition request based on charges of 74 counts of abusing girls at the Adaas Yisroel school in Melbourne. It will now return to addressing her mental fitness to participate in the process. For over three years, the court has accepted her attorney’s claim that she suffered from mental illness that made it impossible. However, that claim was demolished by investigations showing she was faking illness and was quite able and active. Hearings will resume later in the month.

Below is the statement issued yesterday night (3/11/18) by Rabbi Grossman withdrawing his offer to host her under house arrest. 

Last night, I notified the courts that I am completely withdrawing my involvement in the case of Malka Leifer, and my recommendation that she be placed under house arrest with my supervision.

Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid GrossmanFor more than fifty years I have devoted myself to helping thousands of children who have been abandoned, orphaned or abused as well as those living in the forgotten margins of Israeli society. In addition, I have gone into the prisons to help those who need to be reached out to. My focus and the focus of Migdal Ohr will always be to help and heal Israeli society.

At times, I have been called upon by the courts and the Government to act as impartial mediator when no other alternative exists. This was the case with this last request. In these difficult and highly charged situations, I have had to find a balance between my life’s goals for Migdal Ohr and the needs of Israeli society.

I am very sensitive to the pain and plight of children and adults who are abused, as I see it every day in my work at Migdal Ohr.  It is regretful that the current turmoil has in any way called into question that mission and dedication.

Kudos to the activists, funders, and editorial writers who exerted the pressure on R. Grossman that got him to withdraw his offer, in spite of his past record of sheltering/defending other alleged or convicted sex abusers such as Rabbis Morcechai (Motti) Elon, Eliezer Berland, and Ben Zion Sobel.

10 thoughts on “Breaking- Malka Leifer to Stay Locked Up

  1. “I am very sensitive to the pain and plight of children and adults who are abused, as I see it every day in my work at Migdal Ohr. It is regretful that the current turmoil has in any way called into question that mission and dedication.”
    You have to note (but certainly not admire!) the balls of this guy…
    You seem to be the first breaking this story?

  2. Please understand this.
    When the nurenburg trial began.U had 3 judges.Every prisoner who was charged was assigned a lawyer to defend them.each of these lawyers were Jewish.Now it seems inconceivable that a Jewish person could choose to defend these nazi monsters who had been charged with Human butchery on an industrial scale.Yet is it not written in Torah that every Jew no matter the crime is entitled to a person who will defend them .As Henious and disgusting as malka is , she is still entitled to legal representation.
    And if that is rabbi gross let’s walk in his shoes before one condemns him.
    I have just re read the info about him.
    He is one of the few unique special human beings that have been given the unenviable task of trying to help those who in most people’s eyes are beyond redemption..

    I believe that given the severity of malka s crime.Im sure the rabbi prob changed his mind and let the authorities send her to prison rather ,where she will be safer.

    Apart from malka and a few others who have been charged with unspeakable crimes like rape and child abuse.
    I know rabbi gross is one of the few individuals who will help someone who has just finished a long prison sentence.

    • 2 months to come up with that brilliant comment? What about Grossman travelling overseas to help Berland, not once but twice?

    • Your comment about Nuremberg is irrelevant re having defense lawyers. No one is disputing her right to that. Though you are right in analogizing her to monsters. None of the Jewish lawyers at Nuremberg argued for house arrest.

      You are also ignoring the fact that Leifer used fraudulent claims about her mental health to escape justice. Nor are Israelis accused of mistreating Jewish defendants in jail. So why the need to move her to house arrest?

      Grossman claims he was asked by the court to offer up house arrest in his custody. He owes it to us to identify who told him that.

  3. Contact me

    I have been asked to help a former shabbos meal guest who was charged with statutory rape to be admitted to house arrest. The process was described to me by a lawyer, and is legally acceptable as an alternative to being held in prison before trial. He is presently held in detention with arabs, extremely vulnerable to abuse and rape himself. This is not regular jail, but detention.
    It was represented to me that Rabbi Grossman has set up houses with supervision in the frum community for this very cause.
    From the article it seems that this was the issue – putting this person into house arrest instead of having her with arabs. Would this be a bad idea?

    • Why on Earth would you save such an aweful person from prison??? So what if Arabs rape her … She should know what it feels like. Same goes for all make rapists. F*ck them. They didn’t treat their victims with dignity so they have no right to be spared from pain.

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