My Email Exchange with R. Grossman’s Migdal Ohr

On Thursday (3/8/18) I wrote Info@MigdalOhr. org:

Subject: The Shonda [scandal] of Misplaced Mercy

Malka Leifer

Malka Leifer

The entire world was shocked by yesterday’s intervention in the court case of a molester of over ten heimish [orthodox] girls. Rav Grossman speaks of pity for Malka Leifer. Does Rav Grossman have so little interest in the metzius [substantive facts] of her crimes that he does not think of her victims who suffer terribly and even attempt suicide because Leifer seduced innocent girls into all sorts of maasei [acts of] Sodom?

Any man, even an adam choshuv [distinguished man] can make a mistake. But Rav Grossman does this over and over for molesters including Mordechai Elon, Eliezer Berland and Ben Zion Sobel. We are talking about people whose actions were condemned by gedolim [great Torah leaders] like Rav Eliezer Man Shach z”l, Rav Elya Svei z”l, and Rav Aaron Lichtenstein z”l.


I used to admire Rav Grossman but now I will warn everyone to avoid him and condemn him. There is a mageyfah [plague] of child sex abuse in frum kehilot [orthodox communities]. Where is his achrayis [responsibility] to fight it? Where is his attention to this terrible problem that hurts about one out of every five children?

Has the disco rabbi not learned by now that some of his lost children ended up that way because sex abuse? Does he not realize it also happens to frum [orthodox] children?


R. Motti Elon

I beg you, Rav Grossman. Please change your position, end this chilul hashem [desecration of G-d’s name], and fight for the children whose lives are destroyed by reshaim [evil people].

המרחם על אכזרים סופו שיתאכזר לרחמנים
[He who has mercy on the cruel will up being cruel to the merciful]

Yerachmiel Lopin

This morning (Mon, 3/12/18) they replied:

Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman informed the parties this morning, Monday 12/03, that he is unable to assist in Malka Leifer’s legal case.

Rabbi Yitzchak Dovid Grossman, Israel Prize recipient, has dedicated, and continues to dedicate, his life to assisting the disadvantaged, families at need, at-risk children and youth, rehabilitating newly repatriated inmates, and any other person in trouble, all of this out of a concern for the maintenance of a healthy society.

The Rabbi has responded to every plea of humanitarian assistance of any kind, and so he did when he was called upon to assist in the hearing on Malka Leifer’s matter.

 As the Rabbi discovered that the assistance he had agreed to provide as an alternative to arrest for the solution of the problem facing the court, has been interpreted as supporting an attempt to avoid trial, he decided that it would not be appropriate for him to be involved. Therefore, he has notified the parties that he unable to assist in the aforementioned matter.

 Rabbi Grossman has dedicated his life to protecting the weak, especially children, and sees child abuse as the worst of all injustices. The Rabbi recognizes the pain and suffering of the victims of sexual assault, and has treated them with dedication and care for many years.

Comment: If, as claimed here, Rabbi Grossman was misinformed, he owes it to the public to tell us who misinformed him. If the court, as claimed by Grossman in a public statement, he owes it to the public to state the name of the source and exactly what they said. If not them, he owes an apology for falsely claiming it was the court, and he should admit that he is unduly influenced by biased sources intent on protecting this monstrous abuser.

3 thoughts on “My Email Exchange with R. Grossman’s Migdal Ohr

  1. As these characters regularly do, he’s digging himself in deeper and deeper. Such a high-profile and experienced leader (when requesting donations) gets “mislead” in such a high-profile
    criminal case?
    Till a serious, convincing, believable, heartfelt apology by him for his despicable behavior, he should lose all public trust for his repeated, demonstrated lack of morality in these matters, compounded now by his claimed incompetence in being “mislead”…

    • Exactly right, and this should apply to all the Rabbinim especially those most powerful ones here in Israel. I have yet to find a single one who shows any interest to expose pedophlia and rescue the children.

      I have been trying for about 10 years now to find such a Rabbi, they are all in the cover up and lets shut up everyone who speaks out. Not all of them dont care, some are just cowards and dont want to lose their jobs .

  2. I too received the same message, here is my response.

    The first message I sent is this one and then they replied with same one you received
    On Fri, Mar 9, 2018 at 7:07 AM, Ruth Cohen Harif wrote:
    Rabbi Grossman your behaviour while predictable is totally disgraceful

    I live in Jerusalem and my area Nachlaot is full of pedopiles, over 200 mostly Haradi children have been raped and tortured in the biggest scandal we ever had in Israel,

    Now you can try to justify your vile actions to those overseas who do not realise how our so called legal system works, but we here, we know damn well what is going on.

    You have no right at all to walk into a court room, time after time after time, to save yet another pedophile and you dare to call yourself a man of God while you destroy children

    Yes I know why you do what you do and thank goodness the Jews of Australia are not going to keep quiet about this and you are not going to get away with this.



    this is the response to their email today

    5:24 PM (2 hours ago)
    to Migdal
    You can go on and on and on about the glorious Rabbi Grossman, wont change a thing. He only left the Leifer story because he had too and is desperately trying to do damage control.

    This man has a record of rushing to rescue high profile pedophiles here in Israel. Not interested in hearing anything about all the good deeds he does, they are cancelled out by his support for evil destructive men destroying our children. The Heavens are not fooled.

    Shame on all of you for covering up and covering up and covering up. will you also cover up when your own children and grandchildren are being tortured ?? Do you even care???

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