Call Toronto Police with Info about Alleged Child Abuser, Phillip Kravetsky

Toronto Police Tweeted on 3/15/18:

Phillip Kravetsky, 51 charged: If you have any info about man employed as family counsellor charged in ongoing sexual assault investigation relating to children in Toronto call police 416-808-2922 or remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477

On his LinkedIn listing, Phillip C Kravetsky is described as a psychotherapist/mediator and “Owner at Durham Region Family Law Support Services” in Toronto.

According to a news report

Police say they were called to investigate after a child was reportedly sexually assaulted at an address in the area of Bathurst Street and Lawrence Avenue.

Investigators did not say when the alleged incident took place or the age of the victim.

5 thoughts on “Call Toronto Police with Info about Alleged Child Abuser, Phillip Kravetsky

  1. This abomination, Phillip Kravetsky, was forced on us by the courts. The Attorney General Mandatory Mediation program still lists him and still imposes him on innocent families. What does it take to have a child sex abuser struck from being a court appointed family mediator.

    • At this point he is only charged, not convicted, and even that only was announced yesterday (3/15/18). I assume any individual assigned him as mediator could use the arrest as grounds to have him removed from any specific case. But I am only guessing since I have no knowledge of Canadian and Ontario law and court procedures.

  2. The rest of the story…… The “victim” is a kid who crawled up on his lap in shul – as is quite normal for children to do – with many others around.
    Days later after after learning about Stranger Danger in school, the child mentioned being inappropriately touched on top/outside of clothing.
    Immediately upon playing a voicemail from the local police, he drove straight to the station on his own volition. Not a behaviour of a guilty party.
    Last fact – there are no other allegations (or even rumors or conjecture) against this suspect; an item that is invariably always part and parcel of a valid case such as this.

    Note by blog master– I have edited your name because Truth Seeker is already the regularly used pen name of another commenter and blog contributor. –Yerachmiel Lopin

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