Motion to Dismisses Krawatsky Defamation Suit

scales of justice and childThe defendants filed today (4/2/18) for a dismissal of  the defamation suit of Baltimore Rabbi Shmuel (Steven) Krawatsky and his wife Shira against the Avrunins, activist Chaim Levin, and another couple who all accused R. Krawatsky of molesting young boys. 

They are requesting dismissal “with prejudice” meaning that Krawatsky cannot return and file again in federal court, though they could then in a Maryland court. Additionally, they are arguing that if the case is allowed to go forward it be moved to a different federal court which is more convenient for the Becker family who live in Potomac.

Most importantly, they argue that the case is shoddy in its lack of supporting particulars such who was threatened, how they allegedly conspired or aided and abetted. Additionally they challenge a libel claim based on a newspaper article when Krawatsky should be suing the newspaper, the Jewish Week rather than these three defendants.

The legal argumentation is dense, but one thing that does come through is that Krawatsky’s suit was shoddy and more likely a publicity stunt to bolster his reputation than anything with a real chance of prevailing. Now we must await a ruling which is likely several months off.

CORRECTION- An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated the suit was dismissed.

Krawatsky – Avrunin et al motion to dismiss fed defamation suit

The Baltimore Sun also reported this story: Families, activist sued by former Beth Tfiloh teacher file motion to dismiss

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One thought on “Motion to Dismisses Krawatsky Defamation Suit

  1. Beth Tfiloh solidified the merger with Winands and therefore has to sell the building. So why did they use a Christian realtor with a logo (Praise Buildings) with a cross on the sign? not so Orthodox!

    youre not supposed to use a realtor to sell a frum shul to a church.

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