An Open Letter to the Young Israel of Staten Island about Litzman the Protector of Pedophile Leifer

In November, 2016, you hosted Israeli MK and Minister of Health, Rabbi Yaakov Litzman. According to Matzav,

Dr. Louis Emmer, President of the Young Israel welcomed Rabbi Litzman and told the audience, “Young Israel is proud to host Rabbi Litzman and that the Rabbi’s address demonstrates the close bond that Staten Island has with the State of Israel.”

COJO's Mirocznik & Pedo Protector Litzman

COJO’s Mirocznik & Pedo Protector Litzman

The other sponsor was the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island (COJO). Their president, Mendy Mirocznik, said,

Rabbi Litzman’s visit shows the positive American – Israeli relationship that encompasses humanitarian issues that will only further help both nations advance the quality of life for all people.

Seriously, the quality of life of both nations will improve when frum pedophiles stop escaping justice by travelling to Israel where Litzman helps them avoid extradition. It is an international chilul hashem. The Australian Prime Minister has directly protested the five years that Israel has still not acted on their extradition request for Malka Leifer. She faces 74 charges of molesting her teen students. Who but Litzman was manipulating his health ministry employees to falsely declare she was not healthy enough to face extradition hearings and is now on the verge of being indicted for his corruption of justice. But this is old news for Litzman. He did the same for Avrohom Mondrowitz, the worst known rapist of boys in the US frum community. In all likelihood, SI’s community includes one or more of Mondrowitz’s victims who number in the hundreds. Or one of your chevrei kadisha may have buried one of his victims who committed suicide.

Are you still proud to have hosted this disgusting protector of rapist pedophiles? Litzman can talk all he wants about health. But letting pedophiles roam shuls is just as bad for the health of children as over-consumption of  chulent and kugel or being unvaccinated.

It would be helpful to survivors and the cause of justice if you would now let the world know where you stand on giving a podium to a pedophile enabler.

Most of the world forgets why “Young” is part of your name. But I am sure you know that 100 years ago YI started as a youth alternative to shul corruption when it came to shabbos observance and the selling of kibudim to unworthy people. Surely aroiyos is even worse than shabbos violations. Surely, the honor of your pulpit should not go to those who defend it whether they are rich or politically powerful. Surely, in the best tradition of Young Israel your shul can be a leader again in defending the young. And surely COJO can protect its community instead of cocooning this cancerous health minister with kibudim.

In sorrow and anger,

Yerachmiel Lopin

7 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Young Israel of Staten Island about Litzman the Protector of Pedophile Leifer

      • The Y.I. of Staten Island is a very small shul as Young Israels in the NY/NJ-Tri-State area go. There are other, more substantial, Modern Orthodox organizations, as well as Young Israels, that have hosted Litzman. Why not go after the big fish instead of the tadpole?

        • COJO is not so small, nor is the Iggud Harabanim. Those two cosponsored. In fact they were probably the prime movers. So this report was worthwhile. If you can identify other places that hosted Litzman, I will gladly update my post to include them. Depending on their importance, I might even give them their own post.

    • Because Litzman’s role in protecting Leifer has now been more fully exposed. We have to make him persona non grata to protect children in the diaspora from pedophiles who run away to Israel.

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