At First I Didn’t Believe the Stories about Him

Guest post by an anonymous contributor

Shlomo Carlebach welcomed me in front of his musical performance saying Support Women Rabbis. I was mesmerized, encouraged, amazed by his kindness and stories of how he saved so many.

Yet I would hear women complain about being touched sexually. It didn’t happen to me so I didn’t believe it. My rabbinic teacher shared her story about being raped by him at 14. Still I was a Shlomo supporter until it happened to me – a man in a Jewish circle touched my thigh without my permission and no one cared because he was a charismatic Jewish musician brought in by Marc Gafni. Finally I understood the pain.

We should start a special fund that all money raised from singing Shlomo songs to be donated to the women who suffer today not merely from hearing Shlomo music but because we are complicit just as all those priests who molested the bodies of people’s whose souls were snatched. Shlomo was a soul snatcher and as good as he was to me does not negate the suffering that continues.

11 thoughts on “At First I Didn’t Believe the Stories about Him

  1. Um… can we hear more? This is the first the public has heard of a straight-up rape accusation, no?

  2. This is very old news. Look to Lilith Magazine in which Rabbi Goldie Milgram recounts her unwanted (as a 14 year old girl ) experience being grabbed for a sexual encounter with Shlomo in the home of her parents who let him stay overnight. This is one of many many many over the years. No consent is rape.

    • Your you tube about your horrifying experiences with Shlomo Carlebach and Marc Gafni is courageous. Your openness and honesty will influence others. I am an Orthodox rabbi whom you don’t know, though my name may have appeared on Gafni’s list of jealous people who were persecuting him. The Orthodox community is first beginning to acknowledge that there are (serial) abusers including rabbis who are Orthodox. Progress is rarely without setbacks and there are still too many cases of covering up.
      Continue your public speaking it has impact..

      • Wow, Rabbi Blau, thanks so much for your comment. It means so much me that you watched my story. You were such a key figure during that crazy time I was involved with Gafni — he constantly blamed you for ALL his troubles, and of course never took a shred of responsibility for anything (and still hasn’t to this day!).
        I’m so grateful for all the work you’ve done and continue to do to bring truth and justice to this dark arena. Change IS happening, although old paradigms die hard.
        If you’re interested, this is the original story I told about my time with Gafni:
        Feel free to share either of these videos with anyone you think might benefit from seeing them. Many blessings to you!

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