Taryag-Test ® Now Available for Home Use (SATIRE)

By Yerachmiel Lopin and Enigma4u 

How often have you wondered

  • Does that potential shidduch carry any diseases or yichus defects?
  • Is that new produce item Ha’etz or Ha’adama?
  • Is my mezuzah kosher or silk screened in China?
  • Is that stain rechem or hemorrhoids?
  • Is that rash on my baby herpes from the mohel?
  • Can I fulfill mochoh timcheh on my goy neighbor because he is mamash Amalek?
  • Is my butcher pulling a Monsey Moshe Finkel?

Are you tired of shlepping your UGG’s to the Shatnez lab and the bedikah cloth to the rav? Are you losing sleep and time worrying about that proposed shidduch?

Introducing the Taryag Test mini-lab for your home. Using our patented Chareidi Advisor Testing Technology (CATT SCAN) it empowers the frum consumer to quickly resolve important halachic questions.

edisonbloodtestsimpleWith just a tiny drop of blood, or a microscopic sample of a fruit, or a tiny swatch of fabric, you can instantly get halachic answers based on scientific testing. Just place a tiny sample on its dedicated heter/issur detector and shoyn, you have your psak.

To make this suitable for all shittos, there are slider switches that go from mehudar to modern orthodox, Ashkenazi to Sephardi, and Satmar to Brisk. Kanoim can disable the modern orthodox option by bolting on the included machmir switch plate.

Taryag-Test has haskomos from leading poskim, and certification by Adwe Laboratories.

Our attractive case fits inside your seforim shank and is no larger than a standard Vilna Shas.

Our introductory price is just $1,216, a mere $2 per mitzvah. Buy it before Rosh Chodesh Nissan and you also get our patented Insect-Sense with a 1000x lens that can spot critters Yudel Shain doesn’t even know about.

 ACT NOW because not everybody can have a posek in their home.

Happy Purim

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