Yaakov Bleich, Chief Rabbi of Ukraine

I am seeking information about Rabbi Yaakov Bleich regarding his activities in the Ukraine, the US, and elsewhere.

See my post: When Kiruv Gets Too Close and Turns into Abuse

3 thoughts on “Yaakov Bleich, Chief Rabbi of Ukraine

  1. still nothing here. and you will not have any, sorry to say. stoliners are trying their luck in getting reed of him, but it is not working well. there are no facts, and will not be any,because besides good things and helping people he did not do anything else.

    your blog is loosing all credit when you go after people like him. look for more credible stuff next time

    • All of the allegations I am depending on come from folks with no connection to Stolin. Stolin is not my problem. They knew of his misconduct for decades and did nothing. So I have no sympathy for them. They deserve to lose their properties. Just Bleich also does not deserve them.

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