Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi Removed from the Website of Council of European Rabbis

Something is brewing with the status of the Chief Rabbi of Ukraine, 55-year-old Yaakov Dov Bleich. Just this past Friday (3-29-19) he was a prominent figure in the Council of European Rabbis (CER) listed on their website as a member of their 6 member Executive Council, 12 member Presidium, and their 47 member Standing Committee.

CER Exec Council 3-29-19 11am EST


Not any more. He is off of those bodies with no announcements and no replacements as of Sunday, March 31, 2019. In fact his name is nowhere to be found on their website. All those 3 committees are now down one rabbi. Bleich is a man who happily accumulates titles so I can’t imagine he removed himself. Which means the CER probably removed or suspended him.

While some might say he was expelled there is no precedent for the CER to take such action. As a confederation they have till now always deferred to the decisions of the national communities to make such decisions. Only after a national group removes a rabbi do they then expel him as well from the CER. But on the other hand, how does one remove a chief rabbi who answers to nobody within his national community. I imagine that is a sticky issue for the CER and one that would require some significant process which we are likely in the middle of.

I believe it is related to allegations of sexual abuse of the sort I described in  “When Kiruv Gets Too Close and Turns into Abuse” (2/27/19).I have heard that Bleich is insisting he is being targeted because he has a property dispute with the Karlin-Stolin Hasidic group. He came to the Ukraine in the late 80’s as a shliach (emissary/outreach worker) of Stolin. But in recent years, strains developed to the point where they expelled him and won’t even let him pray in their synagogues.

Stolin let to CER re Bleich ver 2Stolin, a Hasidic group generally very averse to conflict nevertheless filed a formal complaint last summer (8-28-18) with the Conference of European Rabbis. They claim he stole their school buildings. But to the best of everyone’s knowledge the CER, as is usually its practice, took no sides and Stolin remains dissatisfied with the CER. The Stolin complaint was reported in the Haredi Hebrew language news blogs, Chadrei Charedim and Kikar Shabbat on September 7, 2018, complete with the complaint letter to the CER from the Stolin representative, Rabbi Yeshosua Brizel.

It seems we are dealing with a suspension rather than expulsion, and the CER will doubtlessly want to confirm and justify its extraordinary decision with proof that it is not intervening in a local dispute but is acting on the basis of confirmed allegations

ACTION: It is essential to provide the CER with as much testimony as possible from those affected by any alleged misconduct by Rabbi Bleich. If anyone wants help in bringing such information forward contact me in private and I will advise and assist them in bringing it forward.

As always, if you were the victim of a criminal assault, you do not need anyone’s permission to bring it to the police or the FBI. If it happened in the US, it is best to go the special victims unit (aka sex crimes unit) or the FBI. It falls in the jurisdiction of the FBI if it involved persons he brought from Ukraine to the US or the abuse involved interstate transportation such as between Monsey and NYC through New Jersey.

If you want support or advice feel free to contact me privately and I will keep all information in confidence and support your decision to either report it or not, based on your assessment of what is best for you.

I can be privately messaged on Facebook‘s Messenger. You can also contact me privately here on Frum Follies by leaving a comment. All my comments are moderated and no one else will see it if you ask me to keep it private. 


7 thoughts on “Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi Removed from the Website of Council of European Rabbis

  1. I have no particular affection for Rabbi Bleich, but it seems that your “belief” that what lies behind this is some sort of “sexual impropriety” is, at this point, pure speculation? I mean, from what you know, has anyone made an allegation of the sort against him?

    BTW, I definitely agree with you that “kiruv, gittin, and geirus” are areas whuch involve dealing with particularly vulnerable individuals. But as to this Rabbi Bleich… in the absence of us knowing of anyone making an allegation (and if you do have knowledge that allegations have been made, please share) it is entirely possible that this is merely an escalation of his battle with the Stoliners, and something has pushed the CAR to “take the Stoliners’ side”

    • I am not at liberty to share all I know from my sources. It is frustrating to me. I understand that the reader has to decide how much to trust my facts and my analysis. All I can say is my longtime readers know I have a good track record for accuracy and an excellent record for honesty, and a pretty good record at analyzing cases and the politics surrounding them.

  2. I call bluff on this. Not sure who your sources are and what they are saying, but I worked for a natural org in Ukraine for 9 years. Spent a ton of time in Kiev. No one ever accused him of anything and all of a sudden, this selfish group, who has had bad run ins with all other orgs out there (Chabad, Breslov etc) all of a sudden, they fight with Rav Bleich and he becomes an abuser?? Get real, if there is something, put it out there. Not that they are mutually exclusive, but he has helped thousands of people in close to 30 years. If he was taking advantage of anyone, as a pattern there should be MANY women coming forward and in the meantime all I hear is crickets. And that is with the Stoliners, asking, nay, begging and even willing to PAY for info!!! Lastly, my confidence in this guy, is based on the fact that a local Jewish reporter was offered $$$ to find shmutz. What does that tell you?


    After Yakov Bleich was kicked out of the Stolin shul in Monsey he prayed at Rabbi Kokis’ Khal Zichron Mordechai. He was a Hasid stuck going to a yeshivish (nusach Ashkenaz) shul.

    Not any more. Recently he has been spotted davening at Rabbi Yitzchok Sternberg’s Khal Mishkan Yosef.

  4. This speculation is more than 1.5 years old without anything to go on. Shame on you for slandering people without any concrete information.

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