You Shall Know a Community by Its Sanctions

If a Hareidi reports sex abuse to the police or protective services, the usual consequences can include getting their children excluded from schools, being expelled from shuls, losing income that comes from the community, and being harmed at getting marriage matches for their extended family.

Right now a measles epidemic is growing in Rockland County because of many Haredim who are not vaccinated. Officially, most of the community leadership is calling for vaccination. The county has set up free vaccination clinics but they are barely being used.

If the Haredi leadership really cared about stopping the spread of measles they would use their usual sanctions to throw people out of school, shul, and income situations.

This epidemic isn’t just hurting the haredi world. Each infected member can spread the disease  to outsiders just by exhaling in a mall or library. The virus is airborne and lingers for 2 hours. What a chilul hashem.

But once again we see the priorities of many in the leadership. They are more concerned about protecting molesters than protecting children. They are not responsibly using their enormous powers to end this epidemic as quickly as possible. Sure they are asking people to vaccinate. But without sanctions that is often just PR for some of them. You know a community by its sanctions. In this case it is not a good look.

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