Parents of Third Boy Allege Abuse by Rabbi Krawatsky

In addition to the suit based on allegations of abuse I reported on in Feb, 2019, there is a third such suit against Rabbi Shmuel (Steven) Krawatsky (aka “Rabbi K). According to Baltimore’s Jewish Times,

The parents of a third boy have come forward to file a lawsuit against Rabbi Steven Krawatsky, Camp Shoresh in Frederick and its executive director Rabbi David Finkelstein. Filed April 4 in the Montgomery County Circuit Court, the suit alleges physical, sexual and emotional abuse by Krawatsky while the boy was attending Camp Shoresh in 2014 and 2015.

Shoresh, Inc., and Finkelstein are also named in the suit as being negligent in protecting the boy from the alleged abuse.

In the new suit, the parents of the then six-year-old boy allege Krawatsky “groomed” the boy leading up to abuse that included allegedly offering the boy money in exchange for sexual acts and “offensively and inappropriately” touching the boy, among other alleged abuse. Counts listed in the suit against Krawatsky allege battery, false imprisonment and assault.

According to the lawyer for the parents, Jonathan Little, the new suit “will very likely be tried together” with a previous suit brought in February 2019 by the parents of two other boys Krawatsky allegedly abused while attending Camp Shoresh in 2014 and 2015, and a victim-advocate blogger who broke the story of the alleged abuse in 2017.

In my opinion, the sexual abuse allegations against Krawatsky are true as are the allegations that Camp Shoresh made that abuse possible by neglectful oversight in general and of Krawatsky in particular. I know that Rabbi K has his partisans who insist otherwise. Now we are in the long wait so typical of most lawsuits in the US to find out how judges and juries will rule. I expect they will rule for the children and we will learn a lot more about problems with Rabbi K and Camp Shoresh.


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