Zvi Gluck of Amudim Advises Frum Organizations Not to Use Lawyers- SATIRE

In a stunning display of consistency, Zvi Gluck of Amudim declared that neither victims nor institutions should be informed of their legal options.

It only sets them up for secondary trauma. Child sex abuse victims get retraumatized when the courts do not deliver the desired results.

Institutions also should not deal with goyish courts even if subpoenaed. As we all know goyish courts are unfair.

I don’t want anyone, chas v’cholilah to think I favor sex abusing institutions whose benefactors also fund me just because of money or status. Ah pach on both of them.

I want to publicly declare I am totally opposed to Agudah or Torah Umesorah offering advice to yeshivas and camps about how to use lawyers to defend themselves.

I understand why we use goyish doctors (when frum ones aren’t available). Because after all Hashem is the rofeh kul basar and the doctor is just a shliach. But there is nothing in the Torah like that about lawyers.

We should take the same attitude with lawsuits with take with kollel learning. We should rely on bitochon, just as we ask survivors to rely on bitochon. That way nobody is traumatized.

After interviewing Zvi Gluck I tried calling Agudah and Torah Umesorah but their phone lines were jammed by anxious administrators asking for lawyer referrals. I tried doing a man or woman-in-the-street interview in Flatbush. But nobody could hear me over the shouting by Lipa Margulies over lawsuits against Torah Temimah alleging abuse by  Yehuda Kolko and Joel/Yoel Falk.

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