The Definitive Case Against Using David Pelcovitz as an Expert on Child Sex Abuse

Anti-Abuse activist Asher Lovy posted, Dr. David Pelcovitz’s Troubling Track Record on Child Sexual Abuse on his blog, Hareini (9/26/19).


Asher Lovy

This is a must read, and I don’t say that often. This is the most complete documentation of why Pelcovitz should not be the go-to expert on child sex abuse. It is replete with links and documentation including a link to the 2014 article by David Cheifetz I was proud to post in Frum Follies about the outrageous letter Pelcovitz wrote on behalf of child porn offender and child molester, Evan Zauder.

Read Asher’s post, distribute it, bookmark it, and bring it to light every time an institution invites him to speak.

In the past I helped concerned parents dissuade schools from inviting him by sharing the info in private contacts. Now, you can just let Asher’s post do the job.

Asher, Thank you for enlarging our toolbox.

Click HERE for all other Frum Follies posts referencing Pelcovitz. They will present in reverse chronological order.

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