Rabbi Yaakov Bleich Denies Moving $100 Million Through Lithuanian Bank

According to the business magazine, Barrons,

Yaakov Dov Bleich, a New York rabbi, was surprised to hear recently that for nearly a decade more than $100 million had been debited and credited to an account under his name via a company in the British Virgin Islands. He says he had never heard of the company or of the Lithuanian bank that handled the transfers. “I wish it was me,” he said when told by Barron’s of the transactions. “I wish I had $100 million.”

The records of a small Lithuanian bank that was closed by regulators in 2013 are drawing attention to a Russian investment bank, raising questions about the flow of money between the bank, the investment bank, and their clients. The transfers under the same name as Rabbi Bleich are just a small piece of the puzzle.

Though complicated, the story of how money moved around the globe offers a tantalizing peek into how Russia’s elite operated through various financial systems and entities. The investment bank, Troika Dialog, served as a private wealth manager for well-to-do Russians and others. Some of its transactions are coming to light after records and emails from the Lithuanian bank were obtained by an international group of journalists and the Lithuanian website 15min.It.

The data represent one of the largest-ever releases of secret banking records, encompassing more than 1.3 million transactions. A not-for-profit news organization called the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) coordinated an investigation by two dozen media partners across the globe, including Barron’s, with additional records on offshore companies provided by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

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10 thoughts on “Rabbi Yaakov Bleich Denies Moving $100 Million Through Lithuanian Bank

  1. Any relation to R J David Bleich of YU and director of the sex abuser daniel Greers “yeshiva” in New Haven (see 990 forms which listed him for years and maybe still do)

  2. Interesting Yerachmiel stills uses the title Rabbi?!?!? Isn’t he accused if inappropriate relation with…..

    • In my opinion Bleich is scum not worthy of being a janitor in a toilet in Sodom. However, he uses that title, he has smichah, and when others search for articles about him online they often include rabbi. So I always use “rabbi” at least once in an article and in the tags so the post will be found.

  3. Early Hanukkah for you

    The YU rabbi and rabbi bleich are 2nd or 3rd cousins-confirmed by his close relative. Both rabbi’s are not close.

    You wondered why bleich was removed by the union of European rabbis organization. The reason was that bleich and Eckstein were very good friends. Eckstein’s huge budget from the Christian Jewish charity kept him in high regard. Bleich and Ekstein were boys so he was protected.

    A large part of bleichs income come from moving money for people. He would receive a certain percentage. Because he has a large charity in Ukraine and connection with the oligarch owned banks he’s able to help people move money around the world. His organization isn’t rich so he makes his income running the dry cleaners.

    If you don’t like the rabbi focus on true things like the funny money. Anyone you know who has business in Ukraine uses rabbi bleich for money transferring and if they say not they still are they just aren’t aware
    The sex pest things I have researched and not found anything yet.

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