The Snitching Double Standard: Covid-19 vs. Child Sex Abuse

Many prominent Haredi poskim have authorized reporting illegal minyanim to the police. They say nothing about needing to get the approval of a rabbi on a case-by-case basis.

This is very different from the standard for most Agudath Israel affiliated rabbis who still insist that one must consult with a rabbi before reporting child sex abuse to the authorities.

What does this say about the concern for children who down the line consequences of abuse can include overdoses, suicides, lifelong anguish, and diminished social and financial success?

Why are adult lives more highly valued?

When one talks of reporting a child abuser, an array of counter-considerations are offered. Maybe the report is false, maybe the offender repented and won’t do it again, maybe we can stop him from recidivism by warnings and supervision, and what’s about how reporting him (usually a guy) will affect his family. Nobody is raising that about reporting minyanim. Ask yourself why?

The next time someone rhapsodizes about children being so valued, ask them, if so, why not fully protect them?

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