Israel’s Kosher Phones Are Treyf Because They Are Dangerous

Israel’s “kosher” phones block access to government information on precautions to avoid covid infection. In the past it was also reported that these phones blocked phone lines for help in dealing with sex abuse.

The rabbinical committee setting the policies for these phone plans is obviously out to lunch on life threatening situations that necessitate access to those sources of information.

As has often been said, being stringent on information access amounts to being dangerously lax on the Jewish law imperative to protect lives.

2 thoughts on “Israel’s Kosher Phones Are Treyf Because They Are Dangerous

  1. From the FB page of Shoshanna Keats-Jaskoll:

    Mazel Dalel, a 53 year old mother of nine from Bet Shemesh, died from corona over Shabbat.

    Eight Haredi cities and 15 Jerusalem neighborhoods are being placed under lockdown due to a rapid spread of COVID-19 in the ultra-Orthodox community.

    In Jerusalem, 74% of those infected live in the city’s ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods.

    Bnai Brak, Beitar, and Modiin Illit – all haredi, have high rates of infection.

    It is not the average Haredi who is to blame for this.

    I’ve written about the failure of leadership to protect the flock they so tightly cultivate, from the rebbes to Health Minister who failed his people miserably by pushing off the closure of institutions and not holding the community accountable when rules were broken.

    And while some finally realized that their arrogance was killing their community, others don’t care. A hotline with information on corona, dedicated to the haredi community was created by the Health Ministry. The “committee of rabbis” in charge of “kosher phones” has blocked it.

    “Kosher phones”, are phones that have no internet, social media or access to “inappropriate content”. Another scam perpetrated on the community, one to guilt them into joining yet another a false symbol of “frumkeit” and one that makes a few people very rich.

    In the past, hotlines for abuse victims, sexual and domestic, have been blocked from these phones. That means women, children, and men who are being abused cannot reach help.

    Now, the corona hotline has been blocked from these phones.

    The rabbis who have complete control over what people with kosher phones can access, have deemed the hotline of the Health Ministry specifically designed for the haredi community “not kosher.”

    With infection rates so high in this community, removing access to information is absolutely going to kill people.

    People come at me for criticizing the leadership of these communities, but this is abuse. This. Is. Abuse.

    The Ministry of Communications responded to an inquiry saying “our office does not get involved with the decisions of the rabbis to block numbers.”

    So, you tell me, how will they get this information if the government allows thugs to rule the community and doesn’t get involved?

    When this is all over, there is going to have to be a serious reckoning on how the government allows a few men to take so lightly the lives of thousands. God willing, the community itself will rise up and demand accountability and change.

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