Mondrowitz Sued along with Ger Yeshiva in Brooklyn for Sex Assault

Avrohom Mondrowitz escaped to Israel and beat back extradition on charges of sodomizing boys. Mondrowitz was a frum radio personality who falsely claimed to have smichah and a doctorate in clinical psychology. Relying on frum referrals he “counseled” and sodomized many boys. Eventually he non-Jewish victims came forward but he escaped to Israel back in 2006 before his arrest warrant could be executed.

Because Israel won’t extradite him there is no way to bring him back to face criminal charges. But thanks to the New York State Child Victims Act, Chaim Zuckerman, another of his victims will get his day in court. The Ger yeshiva, Yeshiva & Mesivta Bais Yisroel, where Mondrowitz was used as a counselor is included in the lawsuit. They were directly responsible for enabling the abuse by Zuckerman, who chose to use his name for a report in the New York Jewish Week. The events leading up to the abuse was Zuckerman seeing Mondrowitz bent over a boy with both their pants down. Zuckerman reported this to the principal who it turns out is also an alleged abuser who fled to Israel. Rabbi Avrohom Leizerowitz, the principal chastised the boy and forced him to enter counseling with Mondrowitz who sodomized him. Eventually Zuckerman was kicked out this and other yeshivas run by Ger and ended up on the streets.

Some people worry about punishing schools with lawsuits for events in the past for which the current administration may bear no direct responsibility. I would argue that even so, it is a past debt owed. But in the case of Ger, protecting child molesters is part and parcel of their culture. Their designated member of Knesset in Israel, then Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, was deeply involved in fraudulent manipulation to obstruct the extradition of serial child molester Malka Leifer, and help to other sex offenders. So I have not an iota of sympathy for their whining about the costs. More importantly, the abuse traumatized Zuckerman, derailed his normal progress and no doubt still costs him in emotional burdens.

One other thing worth noting. Ohel Children’s home, which has been sued by another abuse survivor was making referrals to Avrohom Mondrowitz.

8 thoughts on “Mondrowitz Sued along with Ger Yeshiva in Brooklyn for Sex Assault

  1. And I will justify their whining: all those you mention in your loshon hora/motsi shem ra piece have 1,000,000% done tshuva, because they are all such great guys, they must have, & anyway, we (the institutions), didn’t see, hear or know anything, or if we did, we have completely forgotten everything, & if necessary, Litzman will arrange the required psychiatric evidence to prove what we claim.
    Have I missed anything out?

  2. Just horrid. Thank you for keeping this in the public eye – much more needs to be done to protect these children. I think most non-orthodox Jews don’t even know about it. I presented this problem to a regional Hadassah meeting in hopes they would pick up the cause, but they did not. It seems they then agreed to have some focus on abuse of girls only. A Holocaust survivor at that meeting was beside herself, she had no idea. She told me, “This is worse”. (I have since left Hadassah over this inaction and for other reasons.) A male survivor had offered to speak as requested, and was denied by both Hadassah and a local, liberal Shul. (I admit, he warned me people want this hushed-up…) This is clearly a pervasive, vile problem but I indeed hardly ever hear anything about it. For shame. More horror of a different type (as far as I know), documented at Some Jews should be excommunicated to the fullest extent, besides imprisoned. Shouldn’t we all be protesting for more protection for Our Children, and accountability for perpetrators?? Aren’t children in more danger during this virus lock-down period? What can we do?

  3. Here’s something which is often missed: It is precisely the horrific scandal of Mondrowitz escaping justice by fleeing to Israel (or rather, the laws passed in its aftermath), which “opened the door” to there being the potential for Malka Leifer to now face justice.

    Bizarre and shocking as it sounds, back when Mondrowitz fled to Israel, Israel had NO laws against male-on-male rape/sexual assault! (There might have been general “anti-homosexuality” laws still on the books from back in the Ottoman/British days, but those would be deemed practically obsolete, and not grounds for extradition). By virtue of the fact that his shocking crimes would not be illegal in Israel(!), Mondrowitz walked free! (Yes, this is a shocker, DO correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s my understanding).

    I can pretty safely say, that if Israel had no laws regarding male-on-male sexual assault, it almost certainly had no laws regarding female-on-female sexual assault! If the laws would still be the same now as they were then, Malka Leifer would almost certainly NOT be facing extradition.

    In the wake of the scandal, Israel overhauled its sexual assault laws, and made them gender-neutral. Sadly, it was too late for Mondrowitz’ victims; the court ruled that the laws could not be made retrospective. But now, more than a decade later, it is these very legal changes which mean that the victims of a different offender, Leifer, have a chance of seeing justice.

    Yerachmiel, can you tell me if what I wrote here meets your understandng of the situation?

    • Actually, the laws were changed and extradition would have been possible but then the Brooklyn DA, Charles Joseph (Joe) Hynes & the US State Department failed to follow up for years. By the time they did follow up the Israeli Supreme Court ruled too much time had passed.

    • That may be the case… but is the rest of what I wrote correct? Did Israel really have no laws against male-on-male sexual assault?! Had this issue never arisen before?
      (Adult men getting raped is relatively rare; but pre-teen and teenage boys get molested very often – so if this huge gap in the law was allowed to remain for so long, I’m puzzled as to how)

      • I don’t know the status of Israeli law at the time of the first extradition request. What mattered through is not whether such acts were illegal in Israel, but whether they were called “rape” for purposes of extradition agreement. Apparently they were not at the time.

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