At Last, Israeli Supreme Court Eliminates Leifer’s Fake Illness Claims

After 70 hearings over 5 years, the way is clear for Leifer to face extradition hearings. She can no longer claim mental illness prevents her from participating in hearings to determine if she should be extradited to Australia on charges of sexually abusing three sisters in her school in Melbourne.

It never should have taken this long. But the head of the Health Ministry, Yaakov Litzman put the fix in on evaluations and the Israeli system allowed Leifer to get away for years with faking mental illness.

But for the actions of Shana Aronson, head of Magen, the fraud might still be going on. But she had a PI who produced videos of Leifer engaging in all sorts of social and commercial activities even though her lawyers and the government mental health experts claimed she was severely debilitated.

The process is still not over. But at last the court sessions will involve the evaluation of Australia’s brief for extradition. A hearing on extradition is set for September 21.

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