A Chronology of Kolko’s Molesting & Lipa Margulies’ Protection

Some of you have asked me for the details that justified my calling Lipa Margulies a Rasha

on the day he was buried. So here is the chronology of just some of the events:

· 1967 – While working as Dormitory Counselor at Yeshivas Mir, Rabbi Yehuda Kolko calls a student (name withheld) out of his dormitory room and begins discussing matters of a sexual nature with him while rubbing up against him in an aroused state. This abuse continues for the remainder of the school year and into the summer season at Camp Agudah. This student is now a distinguished Manhattan attorney living happily with his partner in New York City and insists that his lifestyle choice has absolutely nothing to do with his abuse by Kolko.

· 1969 thru 1971 – Rabbi Yehuda Kolko begins abusing Dovid Framowitz in Yeshiva Torah Vodaas of Flatbush (now known as Yeshiva Torah Temimah) and Camp Agudah, the details of which abuse are now public knowledge. Mr. Framowitz, a grandfather living in Eretz Yisroel, has not gone a day since being abused without reliving the unspeakable agony he suffered at Kolko’s hands.

· 1972 – Rabbi Yehuda Kolko sexually abuses two young campers (names withheld at the request of the victims) in Camp Agudah who complain to their counselor. Their counselor reports the complaint to Rabbi Simcha Kaufman. The abuse of these two boys cease for the remainder of that summer. Rabbi Simcha Kaufman is a co-worker of Kolko in Yeshiva Torah Temimah (more on Kaufman below) and was a co-worker of Kolko in Camp Agudah until 1976 when Kolko voluntarily left Camp Agudah after he co-founded Camp Ma-Na-Vu with Rabbi Lipa Geldwirth, another co-worker of his at Yeshiva Torah Temimah.

· 1977 – Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, employed as a rebbe in Yeshiva Torah Temimah in the morning, is employed in the afternoons by Yeshiva Karlin Stolin as Secular Studies Principal. During the course of his short tenure in Yeshiva Karlin Stolin numerous complaints are lodged by both students and parents (names withheld at the request of the victims) accusing Kolko of sexually abusing boys in the yeshiva. Rabbi Shmuel Dishon asks Kolko to leave the employ of the yeshiva.

· 1977 on – Eyewitness testimony and accusations of sexual abuse by Rabbi Yehuda Kolko of students at Yeshiva Torah Temimah and Camp Ma-Na-Vu reach a crescendo which culminates in several businessmen approaching Rabbi Lipa Margulies in 1984 and offering to fund a retirement package for Rabbi Yehuda Kolko provided he seeks employment away from children. Rabbi Lipa Margulies steadfastly refuses to accept the offer and suggests that those parents who disagree with his decision remove their children from his Yeshiva Torah Temimah.

· 1981 – Rabbi Yehuda Kolko sexually abuses a twelve year old student of Yeshiva Torah Temimah (name withheld at the request of the victim.) This victim publicizes the abuse and acts out, vandalizing Kolko’s home and car. Rabbi Lipa Margulies calls this victim’s father and warns him that if this activity does not stop his other children would be expelled from yeshiva and the safety of his family could not be guaranteed. This victim is subsequently referred to Avrohom Mondrowitz for counseling.

· 1984 – As instructed by Rabbi Avigdor Miller, an askan calls for a meeting which takes place at the home of Rabbi Yakov Perlow (the Novominsker) and is attended by Rabbi Avrohom Pam, Rabbi Elya Svei, Rabbi Chaim Dov Keller, Rabbi Aharon Schechter, Rabbi Moshe Scheinerman, Rabbi Shia Fishman and Rabbi Yankel Bender. At this meeting, chaired by Rabbi Perlow, the askan discusses what is transpiring to innocent boys at the hands of Rabbi pedophiles and requests that Torah Umesorah and the rabbonim issue a statement calling for their removal from chinuch. Rabbi Svei informs this askan that Torah Umesorah has consulted their attorneys who advised that for Torah Umesorah to admit knowledge of such abuse would subject Torah Umesorah, its staff, all its member schools and their staff to liability for not having reported their knowledge to the authorities earlier. Accordingly, Rabbi Elya Svei informs the askan, neither he nor Torah Umesorah will do anything about this problem.

· 1984 thru 1985 – At directed by Rabbi Avrohom Pam an askan approaches Rabbi Moshe Scheinerman and the two meet with Rabbi Shia (Joshua) Fishman in the office of Torah Umesorah. Both Scheinerman and Fishman neglect to inform this askan that Fishman had been instructed by Torah Umesorah’s lawyer to do nothing about this issue. Rabbi Fishman requests the names of Kolko’s victims and promises absolute confidentiality. Names are provided to Rabbi Fishman who begins his own investigation of the allegations. He meets with and speaks with several victims who pour their hearts out to him after he guarantees them confidentiality. Rabbi Shia Fishman promptly discloses all he has learned to Rabbi Lipa Margulies who in turn publicly disparages and discredits each and every one of those boys who were brave enough to step forward.

· 1985 – A follow up meeting takes place at the home of Rabbi Simcha Kaufman and includes Rabbi Kaufman, Rabbi Lipa Margulies, Rabbi Shia Fishman, an askan and an eyewitness. The eyewitness recounts his personal knowledge of Rabbi Kolko’s sexual abuse of boys and discusses the information he had gleaned from others. Rabbi Lipa Margulies insists that the charges are all fabrications and attacks the reputations of everyone involved in seeking the removal of Kolko from his Yeshiva Torah Temimah. Rabbi Shia Fishman subsequently informs anyone who asks that he can not deal with this issue as he is old (50 at the time) and will lose his job if he pursues this matter.

· 1985 – Rabbi Moshe Scheinerman is offered a lucrative and prestigious position as rav of a shul (a position he holds to this day) and is told that he must cease and desist from his actions against Yeshiva Torah Temimah rabbeim (his own words) which he promptly does. Scheinerman abandons ship explaining that it is not appropriate for a rabbi of his stature to deal with these matters. Rabbi Yehoshua Leiman takes over.

· 1985 – Rabbi Yehoshua Leiman and others continue their quest for a solution and convene a bais din for this purpose. This bais din, consisting of Rabbi Menashe Klein, Rabbi Yechezkel Roth, Rabbi Aharon Stein, Rabbi Moshe Stern and Rabbi Chaim Yankel Tauber, is scheduled to hear testimony for two days after which they will rule on how to proceed. This panel meets and hears testimony for one day. Shortly thereafter, Rabbi Moshe Stern states that he is unable to participate in any more sessions and this bais din is disbanded without further explanation. In a private conversation with one of the askanim, Rabbi Stern disclosed that he had been approached by Rabbi Lipa Margulies which resulted in the discontinuance of the din torah.

· 1985 – Upon the dissolution of the above bais din, Rabbi Lipa Margulies retains Rabbi Pinchus Scheinberg to convene a second bais din for the purpose of clearing Rabbi Yehuda Kolko’s name. Rabbi Lipa Margulies then drafts Rabbi Friedman (the Tenka Rav) and Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Brown to serve on Rabbi Scheinberg’s bais din. Prior to convening the bais din, Rabbi Pinchus Scheinberg speaks with several of Kolko’s victims and asks them to describe what Kolko has done to them. Upon hearing the allegations Rabbi Scheinberg informs the boys that in the eyes of halacha they had not been molested. Rabbi Scheinberg also calls the askanim and tells them to cease and desist in their attempts to remove Kolko from chinuch. Rabbi Avigdor Miller disagrees and instructs the askanim in no uncertain terms to do whatever must be done to protect children from Kolko. Rabbi Pinchus Scheinberg convenes the bais din and takes the position that Rabbi Kolko has a chezkas kashrus absent any testimony by two adult witnesses to any single event. Rabbi Friedman takes the position that in light of the persistent rumors Rabbi Kolko must be kept away from children. Rabbi Brown ultimately concedes that there is no halachic evidence against Kolko and the din torah is concluded. Rabbi Lipa Margulies insists that he has a psak from this bais din but to this day has refused to produce it. Regardless, it is of note that no victims testified before this bais din.

· 1987 – Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, having groomed a former first grade student of his for years, begins systematically sexually abusing this boy (name withheld at the request of the victim) both in and out of the Yeshiva Torah Temimah building. When this boy complains to Rabbi Lipa Margulies that his grades are slipping because Kolko is removing him from class almost daily, Margulies responds by slapping the boy across the face and throwing him out of his office. This young man is now living down south where he is on leave of absence from the U.S. Army.

· 2001 – Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, takes a young Yeshiva Torah Temimah student under his wing (name withheld at the request of the victim) and begins removing him from class for “special projects.” These special projects include the boy being sexually molested by Kolko in the basement of the yeshiva, in Rabbi Kolko’s car and in Rabbi Kolko’s private office, which Rabbi Lipa Margulies has conveniently equipped with its own private bathroom. This young man is currently in therapy and hopes to be able to recover enough to be able to get married and start a family.

· 2005 – Dovid Framowitz, after years of searching on the internet, chances upon a post written by a blogger calling himself “Un-Orthodox Jew” which makes reference to Rabbi Lipa Margulies harboring Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, a known pedophile, in his Yeshiva Torah Temimah. Dovid begins communicating with this blogger via e-mail who in turn posts Dovid’s story on his blog. Over the course of several months other victims of Kolko begin to step forward with their stories.

· January 2006 – Several askonim decide that this four decade long chillul hashem must stop and approach both Rabbi Yehuda Kolko and Rabbi Lipa Margulies with a demand that Kolko be removed from Yeshiva Torah Temimah and Camp Silver Lake and further commit to spending the rest of his life in treatment and away from children. Both Kolko and Margulies refuse.

· February 2006 – A letter is drafted informing the public that Rabbi Yehuda Kolko is a dangerous pedophile and that Rabbi Lipa Margulies continues to employ him despite his knowledge of this fact. Copies of this draft letter are delivered to Kolko and Margulies. Both Kolko and Margulies are offered the opportunity to deal quietly with the issue and are informed that if they continue to refuse, the letter would be mass mailed to the entire community. Kolko responds by stating that “the matter has been taken care of” and Margulies responds by asking if anyone “thinks Kolko is still a threat” and declares “if anyone does not like the way I run my yeshiva let them not send their children to my yeshiva.” They refuse to comply and the letter is sent out in a mass mailing.

· February 2006 – Eli Greenwald, a graduate of Yeshiva and Mesivta Torah Temimah, son of one of the founders of the yeshiva and a parent in the yeshiva receives the letter and spends a few days investigating the matter. He calls Rabbi Yaakov Applegrad, the yeshiva’s Administrator, and requests a meeting of the Vaad Ha’horim in order to address this serious issue. Rabbi Applegrad informs him that there will be no meeting as the allegations are false and that he and Rabbi Margulies have the matter under control. Mr. Greenwald called Rabbi Lipa Margulies and makes the same request of him. Rabbi Margulies responds by shouting at him.

· February 17, 2006 – Eli Greenwald is served with a hazmana issued by Rabbi Yisroel Belsky calling him to a din torah to answer the charge of hotzoas shem rah allegedly committed against Rabbi Yehuda Kolko. Mr. Greenwald responds on February 21, 2006, that he will appear for a din torah before the Bais Din of America. To this day there has been no reply to Mr. Greenwald’s response by either Kolko or Rabbi Yisroel Belsky.

· February 2006 – An askan meets with Rabbi Yaakov Perlow and pleads with him to get involved in this matter. Rabbi Perlow refuses on the basis of his being a yuchid and this being a tzibur matter. After being pressed further Rabbi Perlow takes his final stand that this is a Flatbush matter and as he is a Boro Park rabbi it would be unseemly for him to get involved in this matter.

· March 2006 – Rabbi Lipa Margulies reaches a standstill agreement with the askonim by committing to appear before a panel consisting of two rabbonim and one frum lawyer, all three of whom had been chosen by him. Rabbi Lipa Margulies reneges on his promise to appear before this panel.

· March 23, 2006 – A hazmana to a din torah is sent to Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, Rabbi Lipa Margulies and Yeshiva Torah Temimah summoning them to a din torah before the Bais Din of Mechon L’Hoyroa or a bais din of ZBLA. The hazmana is ignored by all the defendants.

· March 30, 2006 – A second hazmana to a din torah is sent to Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, Rabbi Lipa Margulies and Yeshiva Torah Temimah summoning them to a din torah before the Bais Din of Mechon L’Hoyroa or a bais din of ZBLA. By fax sent on April 5, 2006, Rabbi Lipa Margulies responds to this hazmana stating he will not appear for a din torah “without a prior determination of the charges against Rabbi Kolko.” Rabbi Kolko continues to ignore the hazmanas.

· April 6, 2006 – A third hazmana to a din torah is sent to Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, Rabbi Lipa Margulies and Yeshiva Torah Temimah summoning them to a din torah before the Bais Din of Mechon L’Hoyroa or a bais din of ZBLA. By fax sent on April 10, 2006, Rabbi Lipa Margulies responds to this hazmana by stating “the Hazmonah that you sent to us was not a valid Hazmonah.” Rabbi Kolko does not respond at all. It is of note that Rabbi Yehuda Kolko is still teaching in Yeshiva Torah Temimah while these exchanges are taking place.

· May 4, 2006 – A lawsuit is filed in United States District Court: Eastern District of New York, naming Rabbi Yehuda Kolko; Yeshiva & Mesivta Torah Temimah, Inc. and Camp Agudah as defendants. Rabbi Yehuda Kolko remains in the classrooms of Yeshiva Torah Temimah.

· May 5, 2006 – Rabbi Simcha Kaufman approaches Dovid Framowitz and with tears in his eyes tells him that if only he had known what Rabbi Kolko was doing to him he would have put a stop to it. Of interest was Rabbi Simcha Kaufman’s complete denial of any prior knowledge of any accusation before Dovid Framowitz brought his lawsuit. Rabbi Simcha Kaufman pleads with Dovid to withdraw his lawsuit lest he hurt Rabbi Lipa Margulies and the Yeshiva.

· May 10, 2006 – After being approached for comment on several occasions by Robert Kolker, a reporter for New York Magazine, and with a 5:00 printing deadline looming, Rabbi Lipa Margulies issues a statement through his attorney at 4:30 PM. Beginning with a proclamation that Yeshiva Torah Temimah is the preeminent yeshiva in the world followed by an absolute denial of all the allegations, the statement concludes with an announcement that Rabbi Kolko has agreed to a “leave of absence” pending resolution of this matter. Despite this claim, Rabbi Yehuda Kolko remains in the classrooms of Yeshiva Torah Temimah.

· May 12, 2006 – A second lawsuit is filed in United States District Court: Eastern District of New York naming Rabbi Yehuda Kolko; Yeshiva & Mesivta Torah Temimah, Inc. as defendants. Still, Rabbi Yehuda Kolko remains in the classrooms of Yeshiva Torah Temimah.

· May 15, 2006 – “On the Rabbi’s Knees – Do the Orthodox Jews Have a Catholic Priest Problem” a feature article in New York Magazine, a publication with a circulation of three million, is published. Within days of the publication of the article and after thirty-eight years of committing unspeakable acts of perversion in Yeshiva Torah Temimah, Kolko leaves the classrooms of Yeshiva Torah Temimah. It was only after the magazine hit the newsstands that Margulies succumbed to pressure and removed Kolko from the classrooms of Yeshiva Torah Temimah.

· July 2006 – Over the vocal protest of many residents and with the help of his friend Rabbi Yaakov Applegrad, Rabbi Yehuda Kolko takes up summer residence at a home in Regency Estates in the Catskills. Despite the claim that Kolko was on a leave of absence from Yeshiva Torah Temimah, he continues working for Camp Silver Lake, Yeshiva Torah Temimah’s summer home. In addition, Kolko initiates and organizes a multi-camp excursion to Lake Compounce, a water park located in Connecticut, where he is seen frolicking with young boys in bathing suits. A secular media outcry ensues resulting in Kolko being banned from the park by its non-Jewish management. Astonishingly, in August Kolko organizes a second trip to Lake Compounce, which is attended by the same frum boy’s camps who participated in the July trip.

26 thoughts on “A Chronology of Kolko’s Molesting & Lipa Margulies’ Protection

  1. Thank you for this column. As a survivor, I appreciate all efforts on the behalf of all survivors.

    Am in law school now. May I live to help survivors!

  2. Any news about Gabriel Bodenheimer of Monsey? I heard a rumor that he is once again acting as principal for Bais Mikvah.

    • Just walk in and you see him. It doesn’t look like they’re trying to hide anything. He’s not there as much as he used to but that’s because he is older and the owner of yeshiva has his family fill more roles but he’s involved in all decisions and even interviews potential new students.

        • Seventy-nine years old but as dangerous as ever.

          The lawyer and psychologist in me say: Those of us who don’t hurt others, don’t get in trouble with the law, think, “If I were him, with what he’s gone through, I’d stay clean,” but the reality is, criminals don’t change.

          Bodenheimer is a malignant sociopath. Sociopaths don’t change for the better. They just get better at hiding their crimes.

          • When will the Charedi community wise up and stop protecting/supporting these beasts? Or at least stop giving them access to our children?!

  3. What happened to Margulies, was he kicked out of TT eventually? Do his kids hold any positions?

    Why do parents still send their kids there? Are they nuts, in denial, what’s the deal?

    Although the charedi media praised him and ignored everything as usual, you could tell that it was somewhat muted. Still, why does a newspaper like FJJ feel the need to give him the front cover and try to overall promote Torah temimah in it’s paper with pictures and the like? Do you think the yeshiva pays Torah temimah as a sort of pr firm?

  4. Even during probation, Bodenslimer was invited to give guest shumzen in yeshivos gedolos by sympathetic, corrupt roshei yeshiva, who bellyached that he’d been dealt a raw deal by overzealous prosecutors. This mindset was bolstered by the usual propagandists like anti-vaxx guru Shmuel Kaminetzky who demanded that Bodenslimer fight the charges. This avenue was the decision reached at the Agudah Fresser meeting chaired by the guru when they met with Bodenslimer. Cooler heads prevailed however after the meeting. Rav AL Steinman & Rav D Feinstein told Bodenslimer to ignore Kaminetzky & plead guilty before the jury likely gives him a harsh sentence.

    Margulies was ganged up on by a group of baal habatim & forced out of the original Torah Temimah in Brooklyn a few years ago when not a single family applied for the next year’s new incoming class. In the Yated’s revisionist history that was unsigned by the author, this significant detail was played down. Margo apparently remained in control of the Staten Island & Lakewood branches.

    • Where can I read more about Bodenheimer, about what he is up to? I used to teach under him, once upon a time, and I know he is evil.

      I need to know where he is and what he has been doing since his initial arrest. This information is not available via internet or newspapers. The community protects this SOB.

      How can I document the situation and fight him legally if I cannot know where he is and what he is doing?

      • The only answer is to check with locals in the know. I did a few phone calls this week but have not yet gotten definitive info. You could ask he yeshiva if they have a formal policy of not allowing people on staff with any prior sex offender conviction. Good luck getting an honest answer. But asking might heighten their awareness about this issue.

        • Locals are unlikely to tell me anything. I am known: An ex-teacher, a terrible person who protects Jewish children from abusers and contacts the police when I run across such a situation.

          Might call BM as you suggested but, like you said, good luck in getting a straight answer.

          I did send an email to Jewish Community Watch in NYC (JCW). Bodenheimer is still on their Wall of Shame. Hopefully, I can get some info from them.

  5. Even immediately after his conviction, Bodenslimer was going into the Mikra office on the quiet and was heavily involved in admissions, at least monitoring for personal input, and was busy with other aspects. Depending on who he dealt with he was more stealth or less stealth. Officially, his kids were put in charge. But good luck trying to pry any information out of them. They need a crash course in basic manners that they never learned at home. They’ve been known to not even return phone calls of important rabbonim who did big favors for the ingrate father. Rotten apples don’t fall very far from the tree.

    After the conviction, Bodenslimer lied to an adam gadol regarding a Mikra issue. Nothing to do with violating probation, but shortly after the lie, a government agency raided Mikra & exposed the lie. They came down pretty hard on Mikra with fines & more. The timing of this was incredible hashgocho protis. Bodenslimer had not just lied to the gadol but was doing something immoral, which he didn’t want the gadol to pressure him into doing a good deed instead. For crying out loud! Even one of the murderers in “The Many Saints of Newark” wanted to do a good deed!

    (Apologies to the jokester who comments on the UOJ blog under the title “The Many Saints of Agudah Fresserville”.)

  6. Why, oh why, did the parents ever allow Bodenheimer to return to the school after arrest, let alone after conviction? The parents may have felt they had no power, but they could have, at the very least, withdrawn their kids from BM.

    Yeshivas need money – badly. Withdraw some kids, and the parents have power.

    I will never, ever understand why the parents failed to act to ensure he could not return.

    • Ben’s sentiment is admirable and would work in a perfect world. But we have to deal with the reality. First let’s exclude the vast majority of parents who are convinced Bodenslimer is innocent. There are a bunch of corrupt rabbonim who pushed this to become group think. They practically sit around having melancholy kumbayas with the masses to maximize sympathy that Bodenslimer is nebich such a scapegoat that he nebich even had his passport marked under a new law as a sex offender so that the evil government can be mevayesh him every time he has to travel.

      Now what of the yechidim who see through the agitprop & know or suspect that Bodenslimer is a monster? There is a cartel in Monsey of corrupt imposters in rabbinical garb who have hijacked the elementary yeshivos & girls schools. They of course know Bodenslimer is a piece of garbage but if they know that you know, you are now blacklisted as an enemy of the State. You are too dangerous to be allowed to survive because if you are a threat to Bodenslimer, you could next be a threat to them. Voice one concern they don’t like & all your children could be expelled. And once you are expelled or even not accepted at any single Monsey institution, the rest of the institutions treat you like a pariah. There is a monumental crisis in Monsey of kids without yeshivos that far exceeds that of the much ballyhooed Lakewood crisis. There is no Vaad in Monsey except for 2 separate ones headed by Shmuel Kaminetzky (all the way from Philly) for the purpose of internally covering up scandals. Even if there was a Vaad to assist families, the empty suit administrators would ignore them just as they brazenly ignore the elder gedolim of Eretz Yisroel who protested how Monsey yeshivos are operated. There are large numbers of kids in Monsey with no yeshiva thanks to these degenerates. Even the kids who are now way past the point of being able to function in a yeshiva after so much time has passed, don’t have much hope in other kinds of structures. The program to work on Franklin’s cholov Yisroel farm with a bit of learning has long had a waiting list that is probably up to 2000 boys by now.

      • Is Lakewood any better? I’ve visited but don’t know anyone who lives there.

        I am retired and without kids, so I needn’t worry on my family’s behalf, but I’d hate to relocate only to find the situation worse there. Lakewood has issues, no doubt, but is it better than Monsey? At least for a single adult w/o kids?

        • Lakewood is relatively better because they have a Vaad who keeps track of kids & finds them a place. When there are a few stragglers left that the chadorim & BYs don’t want, usually due to pettiness of the chadorim & BYs, the gedolei Eretz Yisroel have stepped in and assered all the schools from opening until they sort out where the remaining kids will be accepted. As bad as some of those Lakewood admins are, they still reluctantly do not give those gedolim the middle finger. Monsey institutions however are run by a bunch of incorrigible lowlives who do not listen to any gedolim. They beat their chests & boast how they answer to no one. Their in house rabbinical boards are a farce to impress rhe parents. It’s a wonder those rabbis don’t resign. Shmuel Kaminetzky’s role is to assist in covering up scandals & to instruct in the ways of anti-vaxx & pro-covid infection. Zaks in north Monsey / Pomona has arrogantly said he is on the same level as all gedolim & therefore argues on them. Scumbag Lazar who used to be in YSV & Darkei Nowhere (& currently making a muck of things in the Norfolk cheder) has tut tutted out of his foul pie hole that he will also argue on Moshe Rabbeinu plus the Beis Din shel Maalah – very foolish & dangerous to challenge them if I may add.

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