F-I-L of Malka Leifer, Rabbi Baruch Leifer, Is Charged w/ multiple Sexual Assaults on a Girl of 12.

The charge is a few weeks old but his name was embargoed till now by Israeli courts. This is the usual Israeli practice either when an investigation is in earlier stages and or when the victims are relatives since naming the offender often implicitly identifies the victim. In this case the victim consented to disclosure of the charges to encourage other victims to come forward.

According to Israeli news outlet Kan there are additional charges which are out of statute.

The alleged offender, Rabbi Boruch Pinchos Leifer is the father-in-law of Malka Leifer who is jailed in Australia pending trial on 74 charges of molesting 3 sisters while she was principal of the Haredi Adaas girls HS in Melbourne. Her extradition from Israel took 9 years because of extended tampering with the process by then head of the health ministry, Yaakov Litzman. He pressured mental health professional to proffer false diagnoses of Malka. These diagnoses of severe mental illness were used to postpone her extradition hearings. The logjam was broken when Shana Aaronson of Magen hired a private investigator who shot videos of a very active and functional Malka Leifer which completely contradicted her claims of disability.

Baruch Leifer is a descendent of the Spinka Rebbe of Hungary and uses the Hasidic title Chuste Rebbe (pronounced Chisteh by Hungarian Chasidim). His reputation for child molesting has followed him for decades and led him to move out of Jerusalem and then from one town to another. It seems he barely has any chasidim.

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