Magen is the Best Way to Give Money to Fight Child Sex Abuse in Israel

I only solicit donations for three organizations fighting sex abuse, Zaakah in the US, Migdal Emunah in the UK, and Magen in Israel. No other organization in Israel works on all fronts to fight sex abuse from providing services, facilitating action by police, protective services and others, and exposing the problem.

Shana Aaronson, their director was responsible for exposing the sham mental illness that allowed Malka Leifer to evade extradition to Australia for 9 years. Leifer, thanks to Magen’s SA is now awaiting trial in an AU jail. Magen has done many more things that I am not free to disclose but I can say it is an awesome list of accomplishments.

The frum world spans continents, especially between the US and Israel. Magen is our go to resource for Israeli aspects of cases for me and my American anti-abuse colleagues. In turn we help her and refer facts and cases to her.

I am asking for more than giving. I am asking those of you who support my work and the cause to give generously. The Walder case has brought a dramatic increase in survivors and victims contacting Magen. They need to staff up to help those clients. Because they advocate for change those clients, with Magen’s help we can put many more abusers in prison and out of positions where they can harm more children.

Please give, and give big

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