Menuval Kovod Fresser, Ukraine’s Yaakov Bleich, Claims He Quit Prestigious Organizations Because He Is Slowing Down.

In response to Haaretz reporter, Sam Sokol‘s questions about his no longer being on the executive committees of the Conference of European Rabbis and the World Jewish Congress, self proclaimed Chief Rabbi of Ukraine, Yaakov Bleich said,

“Anyone in public life, over five to six years, you’re going to make changes, especially at my age, where I am less active.”

This from a guy who has been schnorring up a storm for Jews in Ukraine on his own since major Jewish groups will no longer pass through $ to him.

The only reason that he hasn’t quit the European Jewish Congress is because he seems to be in with their executive committee and they take the position that there is no need to investigate allegations if there are no legal suits or criminal prosecutions. But anyone involved in child sexual abuse knows that only a tiny percentage of victims/survivors ever take such actions and the responsible thing to do is to conduct investigations when allegations come to light.

Sam Sokol says that Bleich “currently resides in Monsey, New York, but frequently travels back to Ukraine.” From what I hear from folks in Monsey, he spends most of the year in Monsey. He tried to fool the world at the beginning of the February Russian invasion by doing an online interview with a big Ukrainian flag in the background and posting pre-war pics of him and President Zelensky. But unlike most of Ukraine’s rabbis he was neither in the country or at least right outside assisting refugees. He claimed at the time that he was on the russian hit list but that was never confirmed.

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3 thoughts on “Menuval Kovod Fresser, Ukraine’s Yaakov Bleich, Claims He Quit Prestigious Organizations Because He Is Slowing Down.

    • I will admit that I find it hard to go after Biden for stuff raised during an election campaign against a credibly accused rapist whose own words include the idea that he can and does get away with groping women.

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