How the Non-Frum World Was Better than Satmar in Responding to a Menuval Like Krishevsky

Earlier today (7/17/22) I posted about the arrest of Izchak Krishevsky, a zealot against the internet, a prominent Satmar magid shiur and mashpiah. He also had a reputation for cruelty to his students.

But now I want to focus on how he came to be arrested. According to the Mid Hudson News:

Krishevsky allegedly approached a 16-year-old girl who was sitting at a table at the softball field at Monticello High School and offered to pay her for sex.

The victim immediately walked away from the suspect at around 7:30 Thursday evening, called family members by phone, who then alerted Monticello Police.

Responding officers located Krishevsky on Forestburgh Road where he was being detained by a family member of the victim. (emphasis added)

When have we ever heard of such a thing from a frum victim? When have we ever heard of a child immediately contacting a trusted adult, them immediately calling the police, and them holding the menuval until the police showed up?

Hayadayim, yedei eisav is a good trait in this case. And the fake kol Yaakov of Krishevsky was brachah livataleh.

Also, think about it. The girl being educated about evil in the world and having a smartphone is what made it possible to arrest him and maybe protect some frum children from him.

ACTION: If you have additional information about similar illegal child sex solicitation contact the Monticello police at (845) 794-8422

4 thoughts on “How the Non-Frum World Was Better than Satmar in Responding to a Menuval Like Krishevsky

  1. There is always two sides to a story and the truth who knows this girl might be a huge lier but come to think what does a rabbi being on a field a late afternoon but unfortunately they always believe a female over a male

  2. Krishevski was arrested because of a bilbul that a smartphone yid (goy) made on him by hiring a 16 yo girl to bake a store on him. Don’t worry the truth will come out.

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