Krishevsky Replaced by Wachsman “Due to Family Emergency”

Izchak Kreshevsky, anti-internet kanoi who was arrested for soliciting sex for money from a 16 year girl, is no longer the scheduled speaker tonight in a satmar shul in a Monticello Satmar bungalow colony.

He has been replaced by Rabbi Ephraim Wachsman (or perhaps spelled Waxman). EW is also an internet kanoi.

I suppose without the internet nobody would have known and he could have shown up just fine. And he does have a family emergency: explaining to his family what he was doing and how this is affecting all of them.

15 thoughts on “Krishevsky Replaced by Wachsman “Due to Family Emergency”

            • After reading your introduction, and rules of this blog, I am very turned off by the way you hypo crimp your own rules. If you are a person understanding the ethical point of view to such an extend – how do you take upon yourself to publicizes such a false poster with an English written comment to a yidish speaking crowed. I mean this is no doubt false. The only way I can be you “dan lecaf zechis” is by saying you understood this being appropriate for the time to demonstrate the horror that was done. But aren’t you the first one to criticize the establishment for doing such kind of thigs when they find it appropriate?…

      • you write it as if now you verified it… I have verified that you are wrong and proves to me as how trustworthy your article’s are..

  1. Wachsman isn’t a Internet Kanai. He’s a wonderful person who happens to be was chosen to speak at many Internet Asifos. That doesn’t define his whole personality.

  2. Krishevski was arrested because of a bilbul that a smartphone yid (goy) made on him by hiring a 16 yo girl to bake a store on him. Don’t worry the truth will come out.

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